Book Showcase: Word Magic — The Power and Occult Definitions of Words

Word Magic, Pao Chang, Feb 4, 2021

Just got another new book in the mail! Word Magic is a pretty short read providing a powerful punch to reality. Think you know the meaning of the word, “grammar” or “Easter”? How about “Christmas” or “shipping”?

This little book is explosive with the hidden meaning behind seemingly ordinary every day things. And worth a quick read!

American History and Moorish History, know the difference—Know “Your” History

As I’m finishing up my degree and taking a few classes outside my institution to apply toward credit I was bombarded with historical ideology and doctrine with terms such as “racial slavery” “chattel slavery” “commodification” and more.

“Traditional” Class Notes and Terms: Colonization of the New World, the Age of Exploration, French and Dutch Contact, Maritime Exploration, African Empires, English Settlers, Southern Colonies; Indentured Servants, Plantations, Northern Colonies, Native American Wars… I’m reverted back to the fifth grade with the “Africans” were the American Slaves rhetoric.

Well (“Happy Black History Month!”)—-

February Books 📚: The Moorish Empire, The Land of the Moors — Budgett Meakin

Thank god I’ve been reading, learning and taking notes on American and global history and can differentiate the difference between bias and facts. True I tend toward an utopian type of historical analysis but low and behold history is far from utopian. The consorted academic effort to repaint and omit the “African” “influence” from the pages of history prior to Columbus arrival and the fall of Moorish empires is a weight that plagues the American Academic system leaving its “citizens” wayward, child-like and easily governed (manipulated).

Ancient and Modern Britons Book by David MacRitchie

I’ve been reading Ancient and Modern Britons which you can get on the internet in PDF by the way which illustrates the Moorish influence and society (both noble, royal and common) existing in the English (Britain), Wales and Scottish regions! The “brute” moors ( a term I kept hearing in various circles when explains the behaviors and attitudes of Moors) existing all over Iberia particularly in what we know as Europe today is a common theme I’ve been reading about in various books about Moors— moorish life (culture), religion, commerce, trade, — all facets of Moorish life — there existed the Brute Moor.

Ancient and Modern Britons, David MacRitchie, 1884

I grew up on Northumberland Road in Springfield, Virginia, traveled through Annandale and Dumfries, had I known their Moorish lineage, histories, nobility’s, clans, families I would have seen the world quite differently than I did and even had a large sense of pride and global understanding. American streets and towns are bombarded with the very names of families, kingship, clans, cities, towns, provinces and regions of Moorish lineage originating from Europe! Annandale, Dumfries, Wordsworth, Marshall, Galloway, Jordan, Hirschhorn, Murray, Murdoch, the “Dales,” “De’ils/Dyke, Dunn, Donald, Mackenzie, Graemes, The “Dubhs, Scott’s Douglass, Wallace, Falkirk, Picts(British Indians), early Danes, Cimbri, Welsh, Celtic Gaelic Irish, Normans, — all derive or connect to and from the “baillie” Egyptian “Faws” (232) [hmmm “Fas”?!]!where etymological reference supposes “Bey” and “El” distinction — further origins illustrate origins of Balckamoors, Saracens, ancient Scot-Egyptians, Tartari, Sarmatians, Agathyrsi, to be of same (similar) lineage and these clans and their lineage are expressed and on and on!

It’s mind blowing!!

The book even mentions Indigenous nations and tribes such as the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Osage— as wild “Tartar” Indians (183). It’s also mentions Scythia, the British Islands, the Black Danes, indigenous Picts of the Spanish Peninsula, the Black Scots, the Bruce’s, Wallace’s, the Stewarts, Normans and Fleming’s, knighthoods and Gypsies!! All for the making of an in incredible documentary or motion blockbuster film! Yet this like much of our global history is kept and buried from our American textbooks and education system.

Question: How can you call yourself a History Teacher and NEVER teach REAL history?

New Book 📚 arrival: The Land of the Moors

Meakin, 1901

Now let’s shift gears and look at the Moorish culture from a different perspective or rather different regional location — from the Iberian Spanish peninsula to North African city of Morocco to its “White House” Casablanca (Dar el Baida) in Marrakesh and it’s ancient city Saf rebuilt and later known as Fas or Fez!

How many of us know that Alphonso V of Portugal was called Alfonso “the African”?

How blindsided are we to take American history at face value and fact? There is a massive complex history that includes Moorish -African – Indigenous lineage from Europe, what we call Africa today, the Americas and so much more!

According to one DNA testing service, my own DNA 🧬 markers show Moorish lineage to regions of Spain, Sardinia, and the indigenous Guanches off the coast of North Africa near Mauritania and Morocco!! Let alone mysterious Ireland, Britain, Welsh markers whom we can now question our admixture of so called “race” as the later entrenched legal color status classification system. It’s no wonder we have such high concentrations of “African” country- region specific mixture — Mali, Senegal, Nigerian, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Zulu and on and on!

Many of these stem originate from Kingdoms and Clans that later fell into slavery a long with the mixture of an already assimilated American territories -nations- kingships— (Pana Amaraca, And-Amaraca, Cata-Amaraca, Cax-Amaruca, Pult-Amaraca) nations— states, tribes, clans, (ports, forts) and on and on!

DID YOU KNOW: Lord Aromaia, uncle of Morequito from the valley of Amariocapana inhabitants of the Guianians (ancient Guyana) or the Brazilian Maraca and Tamaraka who worshiped their god “Hua Amamacan.” (Citation, forthcoming)

The truth will blow your mind. And we owe it to ourselves to be far less biased when reporting these facts! For instance, stating that Moors and Jews kicked out of Europe started the Atlantic Slave Trade is misleading, slant and biased without ALSO showing cultural -religious- economic factors also affecting this complex history. Not all moors were Huguenots or Jews — as some according to my books — distinguished themselves far removed from Jewery residing in their cities, towns and states – kingships. Yet there are Youtube Scholars out here promoting this biased -one sided narrative to invoke that Moors were solely responsible for the Atlantic Slave Trade and enslaving Indigenous American tribal nations. This is wholeheartedly bias and untrue or rather half/truths.

Yes “some” Moors and Huguenots did partake in enslaving Africans and Natives (Americans) but don’t be fooled into thinking that one they were not already in many of these regions and populous empires and two many fought against slavery of their brethren and their own oppression! Is this logical cultural and behavioral analysis or simple emotional optimism? No one to date has made this very powerful and much needed detailed analysis to the point of authorship. However there are indeed many oral and video accounts of this historical Moorish paradox.

Disclaimer and Commitment to Truth

Again because I have an admixture of many of these tribes, clans, nations, kingship etc from many different countries, regions and continents— I have a duty to be FAIR AND UNBIASED in my historical discoveries — most likely my Ancestors were on both sides of history!!

Truth be told we, so called “African- Moorish- Indigenous” nations actively and intentionally waged war against and with our “brethren” nations! There is no escaping this fact! And when it’s all said and rewritten we must hold ourselves accountable for our own “cause ans effect.”

I haven’t read many books on Moorish history but the few I have read are powerful beyond measure. We in America have swallowed the dirty moor narrative and thus allowed the omission of our global history to our detriment and collective ignorance.

My favorite parts of this book lean towards proving the Moors practiced and designed from ancient sciences, modern day permaculture and advanced technology focusing on agricultural and water systems! Since visiting Mexico, Quintana Roo, Tulum in the Yucatán!!! When I swam in the cave Cenotes and learned that these Olmec Mayans architecture included vast underground water systems and aqueducts tied to their religious cult motifs! Their aqueduct systems nearly identical to the original Roman and Persian (Phoenician) architectural design systems.

Some of my favorite parts of this book

Agricultural-Botany and foods, plants, trees, herbs, Waterway and Irrigation systems, Education (Universities and Colleges), ancient City and Town names, geography and their population demographics and names of kings (kingships, royalty, nobility ) and cultural behaviors!

I’ll share some notes from what I read last night while finishing my US History course!

Fez (Fas)

Education: Colleges and Universities

Irrigation and Agriculture

Note: Water systems in housing which filtered throughout the town architecture AND energy used as Grain Windmill

This book notation illustrates various towns which were set up architecturally different depending on their founder, status and sciences used in the planning. There are thus discrepancies between town water systems and availability, some houses had fully functional water systems in their homes while the outside towns had a few and relied on rainwater ans storage while instead providing public Bathhouses for their residents.

Read below the description of Moorish homes with bubbling water and pillars with tile work ans huge horseshoe doorways(255) in the city of Fez where many rich Morocco families swelled!

I will return to post on the granary mill run by the towns water supply! I’ve got much to do …

Until then,

Love ❤️ Empowerment and Truth Family

Metaphysical Studies – Akashic Teachers

As I stated so much has been happening tuning out of social media to tune into Singing Bowls, “Prayers,” Rituals, Dreams, Tarot Divination and other Metaphysical Studies! My Ix’chel Oracle Card reading was a major milestone ushering in my Heart Chakra healing (even on some level) it was a major breakthrough showing me HOW these metaphysical tools can be used by anyone to heal and let go of old stagnant energy (and Elevate)!

I keep hearing so many people say “do the work!” Surely it’s great and “honorable” to follow these Instagram, YouTube ‘scholars’ and there are a few (handful) that are true scholars in this movement (if you call it that at all) but nevertheless it’s always about YOU doing YOUR work. I’m very thankful for all the insane humanity I’ve experienced and almost got swallowed up in. But I’m here … 🙂 (I survived that shyt!)

And my recent readings say it was all a part of my spiritual path to endure such harsh human experiences to get here and I’m still unpacking that under-[inner] standing. That all the fuckshit I endured in my life in this life was a necessary component to my Teacher Training. I had to tiptoe back to my days on Facebook as Ria Sweetraw back in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 — that I was dropping jewels and prophecy back then that is relevant to this day! Trust me when I share I am not ego-tripping in any way, I had to literally forget, listen to some of these brothers and re+member I said almost the same shyt almost 10 years ago! For the Love of Self+Love, I have to acknowledge my Self, realize who I am and what I bring to this realm. (smiling like a child)

Child Musings – the Old Soul Teachings

I taught myself to meditate (breathe and look within) when I was eight years old in Woodbridge Virginia (Marumsco, Powhatan Territory). I played in the backyard creeks of Quantico catching tadpoles and garden snakes; climbing sacred trees, and as an adult praying at the rivers of Occoquan, at the Potomac River, off the Atlantic Ocean! Those lands were always Sacred to me! And I never knew why! As a child, I would run through the woods with my eyes closed or keep my eyes focused at eye level and think or whisper “See, through Feeling, like the Old Ways!” What “old ways” was my pubescent and adolescent self knowing about?

I will share that one of my earliest meditation times, I was in Bayview and meditating outside when I found myself floating above the clouds! I floated for miles through many different terrains and lands. It was liberating — I could fly like a bird! (to this day I have vidid details as if it was a movies!) Then I found a tunnel full of darkness it was dark for some time and followed through this tunnel to find a tiny hole which I flew through and entered the inside of my own body. I could see blood, organs, cells, and hear my heart and this inner movement intimately. Years later, I shared this with my Aunt who said it sounded like one of the stories she had read from Don Juan, a shaman’s journey.

Many years later, I did find and confirm many shamans have had similar experiences and dream voyages. Because I was raised (indoctrinated) as a “Christian” and “black” “African American” for so many years, the teachings, memories, and psycho-spiritual shamanic (clairvoyant) experiences I was learning and awakening was a deep internal conflict for many years! No one around me – no familial adults– could guide me or confirm my experiences!

You can communicate with any of our deceased “Ancestors!”

But let me get back to the point of Akashic Teachers! I learned through a dream that you can access Akashic Teachers or contact any deceased person (being) using the Akashic realm. Right after my Ix’chel reading and Heart Healing, I had a dream of Empress Tunica El Bey of the Washitaw Nation. It was strange and still feels strange because it was immediately after my Heart Healing and for 2 days or more I was completely in this very ‘giddy’ light-hearted energy which felt very childlike. I have no idea how I returned to my “child” heart but it was a powerful energy!

Replication or use of Photos is for Educational Use ONLY!

In this dream, I was introduced to the Empress of the Washitaw by Dr. Alim Bey and his Wife! The Empress Washitaw sat me down in a room and we talked almost like family; very much like an elder grandmother to a daughter! She was old but youthful and spiritually strong! She told me many things for a long time, we talked in this room for a long time. Her words were sober and subtle. So subtle that I wondered if this ‘dream’ was real at all. Her words long but seemed to reach not my ears but my subconscious mind! It was unlike other dreams I have had before so it felt strange and although I was light hearted in the dream I felt more guarded in my waking state. But it moved me to create for her living memory, a small shrine of thanks – An Altar!

And it hit me B’ING — You can communicate with any of our deceased “Ancestors!”

I know I’ve said this before (I’ve written this before), but this dream showed me or ignited within me this particular understanding (not just deities or so called mythological gods), but Ancestors, or the Dead.

Akashic + Psychic Metaphysical Studies

It further prompted me to start reading and researching Akashic, Psychic, Clairvoyance books that deal with and teaches this kind of sacred communication! In all my years, I had never really taken this ‘gift’ seriously. I either ignored it or took it for granted based upon external conditioning and programs; mainstream cultural definitions, ideologies, indoctrination (religious and psychological).

But I know that our Ancient Way was always to give Honor to the Dead! Honor the Dead! That our Ancestors are capable of speaking to us through dreams! Last night, I read through Rudolf Steiner‘s, Cosmic Memory, and found a passage about the Atlanteans and the Lemurians! Graham Hancock’s “Messenger of the Gods” title found in the passage about how these ancient Atlanteans taught, learned, and remembered. For a few, (I know now), this was never forgotten but embedded in the DNA!

So Thankful for this Teaching!

Short Definition:

Empress Verdiacee “Tiari” WashitawTurner Goston ElBey of the The Washitaw Nation (Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah) Indigenous Moor recognized tribe lineage of the Ancient The Mound Builders.

Ix’Chel — Rainbow Medicine Jaguar Goddess

First, I have to add this short post as part of my personal journal so much is happening so quickly that I don’t want to leave out moments in this ‘dream’ that is both significant and impactful on my spiritual (journey) development. Ix’chel whom I would post as one of the many lists of Goddesses and Deities on my old Facebook page back in the day. Although I would get her readings many years ago with the Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards back then she was merely one of the many gods, goddesses, and dieties I was researching and learning! When my app died I put the idea to the side and moved on. Then in my Mexico trip, I climbed Ixmoja step pyramid temple and was obsessed with the whole “Ix” etymology – name and energy!

I did a reading using my new oracle cards, the EARTH WARRIORS ORACLE CARDS  (which I completely love!) and drew the Ix’chel one night. It was followed by another reading from another new deck, the ANIMAL SPIRIT ORACLE CARDS, I drew a Dragonfly card from this deck.

The first time I opened this deck I drew the Turtle card and opened the book directly to the Turtle page, so I can only say that it is 100% true that using these metaphysical tools like tarot cards, pendulums, and other divination systems provide deeper (insight) inside (impact on the “IN” side and “IN” sight) meaning to go and find EVERYTHING within because therein are the real treasures (answers)! Everything is symbology to be decoded speaking to the subconscious mind.

Animal Spirit Oracle Cards — Kim Krans

The Turtle symbology was impactful to me beaus it spoke to my previous dreams.

Turtle Oracle Card – Animal Spirit Oracle Cards

DragonFly Oracle Card – Animal Spirit Oracle Cards

These images are out of order (so to speak) because I drew the Ixchel card first then the dragonfly card second. No actually it was the Warrior cards then the Animal Spirit cards! Funny, because after the Dragonfly card upon reading the Ixchel card it was revealed that the dragonfly was one her totems. (strong synchronicities)

Earth Warriors Oracle Cards

#13. Ix’Chel Medicine of the Rainbow Jaguar Oracle Card – Earth Warriors Oracle Cards
Indigenous Goddess Ix’chel Rainbow Medicine Woman

Honor to the Indigenous Autochthonic Mayan Ixchel (Ix’chel) whos power is imminent (past, present, future!) The evening this card came to me, (Her energy came to me), it was in the evening, and it rained for 3 days straight, but the night it rained initially, I awoke with a light heart!

Healing with Goddess Ix’chel Rainbow Goddess Jaguar Medicine

I awoke with a light heart! I had been using and experimenting with my new Singing Bowls; a Nepalese B Brass Hammered Bowl, a 10 inch F Heart chakra Crystal Bowl, and a 12 or 14 inch C Root Chakra Crystal Bowl! Prayers and Rituals up to this point have been to heal any and all leftover -Ish that is in need of letting go during this 2020 frequency year.

When I awoke from the Ixchel reading, my heart was light and I had forgiven my half sister of some nonsense I had been holding onto! Just like that — feelings of anger and hurt — gone!

Perhaps it’s all the genealogy and DNA studies people think is cooky bullshit but has been helping me (and Healing me) in my personal spiritual journey. Once I realized, accepted and confirmed my identity–Ix’chel seemed to awaken on a whole new level. I do believe that the Rain was from her energy and my healing of the heart is from her (my) energy as well in tandem.

We are our Ancestors Family 🙂 !

In Love, Empowerment and Eternal Freedom!

It’s the day after the politically corrected “Indigenous Day” —

It’s the day after the politically corrected “Indigenous Day” —

All week I’ve had very intimate mystical synchronicities involving indigenous ancestors of the Americas, Ix’Chel healing aspects of my heart, seeing codices in the darkness of my dreams, kinnecting to star families of the Mayan and Aztec lineage— all quietly experienced and absorbed through this silence of filtering out mainstream media and group think to reconnect with my Higher Self. The magical goddess self unplugged and breathing looking inward listening to Ancestors spiritual guides — from Tarot, dreams, journals, from hammered Nepalese Brass singing bowls and oversized crystal bowls, candles and rituals, qigong and yoga — symbols and decoding, knowing and confirmations from inner sources. “Cleaning my House” sorta speak.

My DNA Overview & Discoveries

One of the collages I added to my wall was a photo I reclaimed from JA Rogers, Sex and Race, “Bedouin Arab Ladies” of a group of woman non dated probably from a photo in the 20s or 30s — She and the Arab ladies fit snuggly next to a photo of me at 15 years old w my sisters under a map of the Americas and my DNA matches — also strangely showing up in several cities in Mexico, near the 4 corners (Arizona, New Mexico, etc), my birth région (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware), Guadeloupe (Antilles Islands) and South America (Suriname)! Above them all my DNA matches to Rameses III and European Monarchy! (Exhale. That’s a lot!)

Truth or The Lie of African American History

But it’s all perplexing and seemingly complex because so called African Americans are told that we have a very simple history: the American history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, coming to America not coming from America! Well even that is merely one-sided and half truth if truthful at all. Yes many of our family lineages come from America. Many of my Ancestors come from America as Autochthonic Americans and Indigenous Americans. Yet I have to also wonder that surely some of my Ancestors came by force to America?! But I’m not so sure of this “historical tale” I have yet to find an Ancestor manifest from a slave ship. And I’d love to be proven wrong — meaning all the tears I’ve cried for my Ancestors’ pain in America I’m emotionally (and spiritually) prepared to find records with slave names or plantation affiliation. Surely someone in my tree has suffered this American horror. Even if they were once free autochthonic Americans natives and indigenous Americans who were “tricked” into the American Slave Trade and Apartheid system of Jim Crow, Slave Codes to be reclassified on census records as “negro, black, colored, mulatto, African American.” I’m prepared and ready for any history any outcome that is plausible. I am not here to debate a specific ideology or preference— only to learn and know the truth as I learn it.

What I have found this far, however, are enormous contradictions in American history! [egregious] errors. DNA 🧬is a story wrapped around timelines and kingdoms, regions and tribal affiliations marked by the plagues of warring kingdoms and genetics of disease– coded and embedded in time.

What is African American History—Really!!

So how does such a human journey get passed down or through an “African American” woman like me? And surely I can not be the only woman with such amazing cultural historical tribal-kingdom genetics.

Perhaps starting w the 2 genetic lines out of Egypt, of the “Two Lands” — the land of America and Africa ( though not called Africa in those days!!) The land where my ancestors DNA left Egypt to the Levant from Northern Africa, from Eastern Africa into Asia. This is where my genetic story gets REALLY interesting!

Sorry for The Dis — (I think)

First, I will admit I know nearly nothing of Moorish, Arabic, Caliphate history accept a few comments made on YouTube videos which may have offended staunch “Aboriginal” “Indigenous American” teacher-researcher YouTubers. I absolutely spoke of “superior, cosmic races” who ruled over “aboriginal” tribes and now I can see how this may have offended others. It was not a “dis” or slight of disrespect on any level!! I spoke of cosmic origins; Chaldean, Olmec, Xi, Dogon, Sumerian, Egyptians, and Phoenicians — of Lee Cummings Black swarthy Europeans found in his ship manifests who came to North America and the Caribbean! Of Scotts and Black Englanders (Highlanders ) and Nobility who claimed ancient Egyptian royal bloodlines all of whom were originally “black” Autochthonic and mixed Moorish ancestry—- wait i wasn’t wrong at all but my sincere apologies for any “hurt” feelings in what I shared in my initial comments! Truth be told, I was brimming happily w newfound pieces to my “global family” history. The theories I was proving to myself about our collective global history. I had no intentions of being a Youtube Researcher or seeking clout under (underneath) anyone when I can do my own research. The more I dig through the books, I had discovered in my own research pointing to ancient tribes and kingdoms who brought “civilization” to regions such as Mexico(the Americas), Peru, China, even Europe and other nations. “These bearded ones!” I sought out to “find” would eventually find me! And I would share books and titles to others but not make Youtube videos because it was never about the debate or notoriety just finding and proving what I know from within myself to myself — my visions, feelings, strange coincidences and synchronicities!

Statements Made Prior To DNA and Genealogy Discoveries

Ironically these statements were made prior to discovering any of my own genealogy and DNA discoveries. This is what makes everything so much more bizarre (and ironic!).

Indigenous to America’s & Indigenous to Asia — What The F$%!?

In this lifetime I have uttered nothing but and breathed “Indigenous” — everything. But there have been strange inconsistencies like serving avocado with Kalamata olives to my children at dinner! That I find delicious! I even thought somewhere in my DNA I had some South France Mediterranean blood but nothing prepared me for what I found!

In this lifetime I have not been attracted to anything Islamic (or Christian) and only learning of Nobel Drew Ali or Moors within the last few years. But these past few years It was as if something came “online”. I’d whisper certain words or they’d pop up outta no where. Eventually I’d look up the meaning which began to snowball; post information about my so called “French”creole genealogy only to find discoveries leading to Basques or Huguenots or Punic Carthaginian symbology and meaning. Hhmmm, a connection, I thought. I felt so strongly and obsessive that I began telling my Mom how I thought “we” were in Spain by way of the Basques. That perhaps the many Leon’s in the family pointed to the Leon region or kingdoms of Portugal or Spain. It was far fetched but my mother entertained my outlandish genealogy theories! While she kept getting Portugal and Spain in her DNA on Ancestry, I got Basque, France, Scotland, ( The Yucatán and North American Indigenous Americans). We had a crazy mix of lineage (or so I thought)!

Then while on Facebook one of my French Creole cousins DNA popped up on Ancestry. I was curiously blown away by his France, India, and Sardinia regions! Sardinia I thought and noted it in my brain computer. But I didn’t give it much thought.

Not A Follower

First I will say I’ve never been one to blindly follow anyone or anything. In the 5th grade, I called my social studies teacher a liar! I challenged my Jewish English teacher that Christianity originated in Africa! I refused to join a sorority just because the pretty girls like myself was pledging. All my high school college friends got government jobs I stayed on the outs. I’ve been intentionally outside looking in my whole life. I’ve never “joined” anyone or anything “just because.” For me it could never be a fad because everyone is doing it. I was à végetarian and vegan for healing reasons in the late 80s , thé decided not to be vegan for the same reasons! I did yoga and studied Tantra for spiritual reasons when few thought it was the “woke” instagram fad!! Everything I do must have deeper meaning— signs, symbols, omens and even “memory” of some past life or strong familiarity. There must be a kind of alignment that feels right prior to action. I’ve never moved w sheep.

I had only one dream in my teens or early 20s of being in the so called Middle East and I (the me I know) wasn’t even there! I only saw a “cavalry” of men both light and dark complexions on horseback with Arabian swords in their long dress and dark silver colors. They were at what looked like a church or mosque and rode off out into the desert region in a massive war cry. The war cries and riding was so fierce I awoke from my sleep and never entertained any dream of its kind! Whereas I’ve had many, many, many dreams and visions of “Egypt” — Egyptian Gods, past lives, temple walls —very vivid details of past lives in Egypt and Native American, indigenous Autochthonic American lifetimes.

But then I found this image (again): showing it to my sons, my daughter, my mother who all agreed “it’s you!— but how?”

J.A. Rogers, Sex & Race Volume 1
the Old World, 1940

Who is this Arab Bedouin Woman?

And why on earth does she look like me or me like her? Why is this photo in this book—written in (1940)? Why is this so called Arab woman wearing a Christian cross? Was she indigenous to that region? So many questions! What is most perplexing is neither Islam or Christianity appeal to me in this lifetime. With all due respects to either religion I only see the divisiveness these belief systems have waged upon humanity as tools for separation and superiority when there is none. But here my face was captured in another time in another region living between both Arab and Christian worlds. It could only be explained as a situation of quantum paradox! “Look Woman You Been Here (there) and Done That!” Now you move along now…

Love 💗 the Only Way Out

My DNA story unfolds with this and I realize I am here faced with immense “Love Energy” because I am the burden and pride of a complicated lineage! That can only be reconciled with and in Love— it is the fall, fate and future of our humanity. And indeed our secret to the only true way out!

More Ancient European History DNA Lineage

Exhaling what can is say that I haven’t already felt deep within? Here’s to new (future) studies on ancient Asiatic kingdoms, history, books 📚lectures and videos (just to understand the other parts of myself– lineage and ancestry)!

I will have to research the history of the:

• Caliphate Moors in Córdoba Spain

• Al Andalusia

• Egyptian — Canaanite Amorites Semites

• Sardinia (Ancient Phoenicians)

• Tuscany Knights — Lebanon

• Lebanon (Ancient Sidon) (Ancient Phoenicians)

• Guanches of the Canary Islands (Autochthonic Indigenous )


Autochthonic Guanches of the Canary Islands

Until next time! Our “truth” is becoming stranger than fiction but oh what an amazing human journey!

In Love, Healing and Empowerment

Ria (Daria)

DNA Studies | Nobility and Royalty Confirmed in My Bloodline ⚜️

Peace Earth Family!

As the saying goes “bring receipts!” Well, I’m not a fan of DNA companies honestly, nor Henry Louise Gates, Jr. who’s Black mantra is “Ooh, someone was creeping in the slave quarters!” (Something to that condescending tone) Mr. Harvard Professor what about the myriad of “Black” Kingdoms and Civilizations; the ones in Africa, the Americas, and Asia (we call Europe)? Hmmm ok. Back in July I discovered and announced that my Creole family oral history revealed that I have both AmerIndian and Noble “French” European bloodlines but there’s been new discoveries much to my surprise (excerpt from my last post, below):

In fact, my own genealogy has proven my initial claim that I do indeed come from Amerindian Carib ancestors. Further research in my mother’s father’s lineage proved that I come from French European Basque royalty (Giraud du Poyet, Giraud du Poyet d’Orzon, Giraud du Poyet de Crezol (Cursolle) Giraud du Poyet de la Charbonniere). Quite remarkably, the direct Giraud – Girault lineage kept my direct descendants from slavery on the island of Guadeloupe resulting in the Giraud du Poyet to lose his inheritance and family name (Giraud du Poyet to Girault). While other ancestors who married into the Girault bloodline where engrossed in slavery, code noir, miscegenation laws  between ‘whites’ and mulattos, brown and african blood until the 1800s.

Well, since then, I’ve researched and discovered with the assistance of both Brother Aseer Duke of Tiers and Brother Kurimeo Ahau that Europeans were first an amalgamation of autocthonic (aboriginal) bloodlines and other bloodlines. In my own research I found that these earliest European nations, communities and kingdoms were not only derived first from Autocthonic Aboriginal bloodlines but very specific ancient “out of Africa” bloodlines that migrated from Central and Southeast African regions into North Africa through to Europe and other nations (regions). I have so many questions still to answer and don’t take the same position as most of my family for one who are these unknown unnamed autocthonic indigenous AmerIndians? What is the bloodline of the so called European bloodlines? Who did they marry? What is the real history of those nations and kingdoms? Who are these people truly?

It amazes me that my overwhelming mantras “goddess,” “royal,” “ancient,” feelings have come to pass with genealogical confirmation and DNA records to further support these claims I always joked about yet felt with conviction.

According to another DNA company, matching DNA with timelines and historical periods through DNA samples from Vikings, Royal Egyptian Mummies, Indigenous Americans, African Pygmies, Royal European families, etc. The company compares ‘like’ DNA samples and matches to these to people, regions, and timelines in global history. Well, what did they find?

I will not divulge “all” of the findings in this post but add to where I left off from my last Yucatan Peninsula, Central American DNA post from my discovery from Ancestry [dotcom]. For the many of us non-believers in ancestry com and other websites, as Ive stated in other posts they do share ‘some’ information on DNA even if they refuse to disclose complete DNA data due to a collusion of institutional racism and indoctrination of a false global history — I get it! But I’m not complaining here, I’m rather thankful that all of these “awakenings” feel like pieces to a puzzle that continues to point toward deep internal truths and self-realization. So here we go!

E1b1b = E-M125 ( Paleolithic Red Sea Region)

This company not only confirmed that I do indeed have said “noble” and “royal” blood lineage but that my DNA is linked to the infamous Rameses III. I almost passed out when I saw this again dreams and communication with so called Egypt for decades and one in particular most recently about Rameses III specifically I mentioned to Brother Dr. Alim Bey upon returning from Mexico!

Fascinating Facts!

  • **What is also fascinating is also having 2 royal or noble Ancient Egyptian DNA matches; E1b1a (Subsaharan-Ancient African) , and E1b1b (Paleolithic Red Sea Region).
  • I also have Haplogroup R1b (R1b1) and Haplogroup H with almost a dozen matches to almost all European Royal family houses! This includes the following European Royal Families DNA matches;
  • Romanovs Royalty
  • Greek Royalty 
  • Austrian Royalty 
  • Swedish Royalty 
  • Norwegian Royalty
  • Danish Royalty 
  • English Royalty
  • Austrian Royalty
  • Romanian Royalty
  • Polish Royalty
  • Portuguese Royalty
  • Spanish Royalty
  • Sardinian Royalty
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany
  • French Royalty 
  • Belgian Royalty
  • Prussian Royalty
  • Bohemian Royalty
H– H1, H2, H, HV Haplogroup — Connected to Southwest Asia — European Royalty Bloodlines

R1b Haplogroup — Connected to Congo Bloodline [Ancient Caribbean Autochthonous Indigenous Kar] and European Royalty Bloodlines
  • Moreover, I have both Subsaharan -Ancient African- (E1b1a)  and Paleolithic Red Sea – Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches!
  • Furthermore, the DNA marker matches show direct links to Mexico and Central America where skin color and ancestral heritage in that region where under attack by alien power. I will have to investigate this history further! Mexico City is near the Teotihuacán ruins and temple mounds. E1b1b1b1a (M81). The map details DNA matches to North, South, Central Americas, as well as, the Caribbean Islands.
  • R1b1 and R1b1c-V88 is very significant! Here is where we put on the detective hat or rather feathers and get to undo what we’ve been taught! — It is my “greater understanding” in research that this bloodline is a missing link to the so called “Natives” “Indigenous AmerIndians” in the Caribbean prior to the 1700s! In the book America and Coba and other resources which I will come back to in another article post, I will show evidence that both the so called “pygmies” spoken about as ancient ancestors of the Olmec and Mayan lineage were the Subsaharan and Congo tribes who had the same practice of “sharpening their teeth” among the Precolumbian AmerIndians, particularly the original Guadalupe — Carricueira. Many tales include tribes of small brown ‘canibals’ who sharpened and chiseled their teeth as a ritualistic and cultural practice. In America (Ogilby, 1671) it named Guadeloupe (Guadelupe) island as the “noble” and most “abundant” of all the islands in the Caribbean. Why is this? I don’t for a second believe that this was due to the flora, agriculture or amount of lizards on the island! It is also to mention that in Christopher Columbus’ journals he mentioned that one island where the women and men were separated, where Columbus and others sought these specific islands out for legends of their gold and pearls, where the island was known for its viscous tribal combat and warriors, other myths included tribes of Cannibalism with sharp teeth who guarded the gold and pearls. The islands mentioned were both Guadelupe (Guadeloupe) and Matanino (Martinque) where the women cohabited on a separate island. Legend has it that the Amazons also mentioned among Columbus’ journals were not only in Africa or in the mythological Mediterranean, but among ancient tribes among nations in the America, specifically the Caribbean. Cannibalism, however, was not practiced but the legend proved worth keeping for the autochonous warrior tribes to safeguard and keep order! For the Carricueira and Matanino, who among them practiced teeth filing? If not the whole tribe, what tribe did? I don’t believe this practice was exclusive to so called “African” sub-Saharan pygmies! If R1b has a European (Eurasian) Noble bloodline surely the root is from these so called Sub-Saharan Pygmies who were also the same ancient bloodlines of AmerIndian Autochthonous Caribbean Americans!

More DNA Marker Matches to Regions of North, South, Central America:
*AmerIndians along the Gulf of California (Baha California) also called the Red Sea on older maps! *AmerIndians Aztec- Mayan near Mexico City. * Aztec AmerIndian DNA match. *Suriname, South America DNA. *2 markers in the Caribbean Island (which overlap indecipherable). *AmerIndians of the modern 4 Corner region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah region. *AmerIndians of the South East (Florida-Georgia-South Carolina-North Carolina-Virginia)
and Northeast DC – Delaware -New York region.
  • Ancient Subsaharan (Ancient African) (E1b1a)  and Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches are linked to the following (below) E-M81, Ancient Libya Magreb, Tunisia, Morocco, North Africa and Northwest Africa Berber groups and European specifically Spain, here goes the Basque connection again, Andalusia and here’s a new one Canary Islands (which is VERY important and I will add more about later):

E-M81 is found at an average frequency of 45% in the Maghreb and Libya, with peaks at over 60% in Tunisia as well as central and southern Morocco. It is especially common among Berber populations all over Northwest Africa, including the Tuaregs. Frequencies of over 75% have been reported among the Tuaregs of Burkina Faso and Mali.

In Europe, M81 is most common in Portugal (8%), Spain (4%), as well as in France (0-6%) and Italy (0-4%), where strong regional variations are observed. M81 is especially common in western Iberia, notably Extremadura (15.5%), Andalusia (13.5%), southern Portugal (11%), the Canary Islands (11%), north-west Castille (10%) and Galicia (10%). The highest percentage of E-M81 in Europe is found among the Pasiegos (30%, n=101), an isolated community living in the mountains of Cantabria. Note the resemblance between the distribution of E-M81 and the African admixture from the Dodecad project (citation).

 More About Het-Ka-Ptah Rameses III

#44 Mystery Ancient Egyptian DNA — Khnum-N’Ankh

I will add, I have a 2nd [Mystery] Egyptian lineage [#44 DNA Lineage] which I haven’t confirmed yet which I believe is the Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) (4-thousand year old mummy), Middle Egypt and originates from the 12th Dynasty (c.1985-1773 BC), son of governorson of the son of a governor and waab-priest of Khnum. Each man was described as the son of a woman named Khnum-aa. Most likely during the Ptolemy Period. Which follows with other ancestors involved in the Crusades, Moorish, and North Africa DNA lineage to name a few.

What makes things even more interesting and weird at the same time is that I have mention of DNA matches to what appears to be a ‘modern’ subsaharan pygmy which boggles my mind! Why? Because both the Caribbean, Arawak-Kalinago Indigenous of the Antilles — Karukera (Guadeloupe) and the Autocthonic Indigenous Canary Islanders are markers in my DNA lineage — Indigenous (Aboriginal) AmerIndians on both sides of the Atlantic! Again my mind was and is blown away!

Chest from Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) tomb.

I will stop today with this but I will close to add that the above image of the chest found in the tomb of Khnum N’ankh immediately brought me back to my childhood visiting my favorite Aunt and Uncle in the Bronx, New York! Why? My Aunt Tiye had an afro pick carved in beautiful detailed color with the eyes you see above from the chest. So many amazing sychronicities to mention but I had to share this one!

Peace, Love, and Empowerment Family!

Yucatan Peninsula – Central American Lineage – Ancestry [dot com] + Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx — [research & notes]

Greetings and Salutations

So much has been happening family! Will be so glad when I’m done with this degree to devote some full time research with my genealogy and do some much needed travel along with these discoveries. [First—Peace Love Healing and Empowerment to You All during these times and always!] ⚜️💛 and the most sacred forms of rainbow and high frequency.

Ancestry and Updates (swapped regions)

Just a tidbit on sharing my “latest updates from Ancestry [dot com] — this website often irks me on so many levels! As I’ve stated prior they refuse to add my Caribbean DNA when I have a whole island off the main island of cousins and bloodlines! Nevertheless, my oral story stands and my recent cousins who reside in the Les Saintes have contacted me reminding me of the Oral Genealogy with emailed family genealogy trees surnames, etc. I plan to take a personal trip to confirm more names and complete this side of my Family Genealogy Tree! I’m not merely concerned with the “Royal” side of my bloodline from those European Patrilineal bloodlines but equally eager to confirm, names and locate the Patrilineal Indigenous Caribbean bloodline. Some of my family in Guadeloupe appear to think one is more valid or important over the other where I could never agree as I’ve always felt most connected to the heavily melinated and indigenous side of my family and thus considered my Self as such even when my physical avatar is a caramel, copper-colored hue. I want all of my Ancestors to be treated equal none above the other. And perhaps that’s part of the Healing we all need on this planet, especially right now! But I must add this is but one small aspect of my DNA marker and it gets crazier which I will share in a later post!

I could never have any oppressive judgement over one side of my family line over the other because these genealogy trees are not what they seem! I see it similar to the dilemma we are experiencing right now between the moorish lineage. The rift when one hears the word “moors” brings a host of emotion and distorted history. “Moors” betrayed my Aboriginal Indian ancestors! Phrases like, “The Dirty Moors,” or “Blackamoors” only means a color of the time not a religion, not a nation, etc! What about the word “Black” used today? Who and what is that people? How on earth could the Blacks be classified as one way or the other? It’s like family members where one sister of the same mother may be ‘woke’ while the other not, one wishing her skin was white and grabbing sun screen, while the other rubbing cocoa butter on her skin to active vitamin D under the extreme heat of the sun, one sister wrapping her head with cloth and wearing nappy locs while the other wears straight wigs; two sisters born of the same mother in the same family but with very different hearts, actions, and memory of self! How can we say all this or that was this or that? It’s impossible and infantile. This shit gets real deep and complex and thus my own DNA lineage is complex as hell! No matter what the outcome I continue to dig deep to find out “the truth” as best as I can perceive it to be and ask for forgiveness, empowerment, peace, love, and healing for everyone! This is the only way I can make peace and be at peace with my self!

So how did I get this Yucatan lineage from In their update, they swapped out the Basque but added Scottish, took out my African Hunter Gatherer with a higher percentage of Yoruba and pushed Yoruba 2nd to Cameroon! But I googled Cameroon which is just another “Mystery Ancient DNA” label, I will revisit this later. Because parts of my DNA have been swapped doesn’t mean they didn’t or don’t exist. My theory is that they absolutely exist to date only there are too many to place on the timeline that Ancestry is willing to reveal. Why? Because so called “African Americans” are some of the Oldest Humans on this planet earth! We are not 6000 years old, family. We are hundreds of thousands of years old and even millions of years old! I have new data I will share in a new post that proves almost everything I’ve ever felt in my bones is coming to pass and confirmed in this DNA data! It gets more exciting family!

Lizards, Turtles, and the Ancient Snake Klans of the Americas in the Yucatan and the Americas

No one can tell you who or what you are!
You just know. You can feel it deep in your bones.
From your Dreams! From Visions!
Your preoccupations and obsessions with the past and your people! Don’t believe the lies they tell you, because your history has been kept from you! Honor Your Ancestors, Accept Your Truth!
And Love All—Your Heart is Yours!

When I went to Mexico in 2018, I immediately had a deep connection to this region! I had dreamed of Mexico years prior swimming in secret healing cenotes where more modern Native American Maya secretly showed me through caves and lakes the magical healing properties of the trees and plants there in those regions. When I finally visited Mexico, particularly the Yucatan, I was blown away by the deeply spiritual “kinnection” I had and dreams and visions that quickly escalated while in this region. First, there were lizards everywhere! Small lizards in my AirBnB in the courtyard, in Tulum at the Mayan Ruins the larger lizards were like ancestral guardians watching over the physical temple. They seemed to have a kind of royal animism pointing to the invisible world. These lizards, Black Spiny Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura similis), had a “weight” about them, a kind of subtle power. They spoke to me saying they were the guardians of this old world region and I could feel the presence of the gods mighty past in the faint


It felt similar to a dream I had about my family in Georgia—a distant Ancestor met me on the shores of Coastal Georgia when a huge Turtle swam from the Atlantic Ocean and walked upon the salt of the Earth. This ancient Ancestor informed me with no words at all (telepathically) that our people were here before any other people came to the land or shores! This ancient Ancestor looked similar to a male cousin on my father’s mothers side of the family I found on Ancestry. I discovered this Paternal Matrilineal cousin only after my dream and was again surprised that this kind of mystical synchronicity happens in our realities! This is when I learned that so called “Black” African Americans are the true Indigenous Americans, the Paleo AmerIndians of the Americas! But back to Mexico and the Yucatan, I had a very incredible magical synergy with the environment in the Mayan Yucatan region. Just as I had in the Arizona (4 corners) mesa and Sedona regions I felt very much at “home!” My journal stamped with the Montezuma Castle National Monument, Camp Verde, Arizona with notes, poetry, and the word “Home” sketched in the black ink which both bewildered me and amazed me. Below is a photo my 2005 Sedona, Phoenix, Arizona quest out west from Washington, DC wearing my homemade turquoise and copper jewelry. Again I visited Arizona based on a dream of the black mesas and other amazing details I almost wouldn’t believe but saw the very sites (I saw in my dream) on a tour bus in Sedona!

Recent 2020 — – DNA Update showing Yucatan Peninsula, Central America DNA

Yakub the Father of Mankind Book
(researching man-kind origins)

So during this time I also read and reread many books. I read Yakub: the Father of Mankind (Elijah Muhammad, 2002) and reread it to myself and my sun a few weeks later! The timing was perfect– unfortunately California had been burning, fires spilled up into Oregon, to Idaho and through part of Washington State leaving the worst air quality in the world for weeks!

During this time it was reported that Satellite Laser Weapons had also struck California causing these fires – simultaneously I had seen a video from a meteorologist YouTuber Duchinese AND brother Dr. Alim Bey who also mentioned it in his video! The dates had overlapped and although both of these men had the same news their distribution or post dates varied between my own book reading, spiritual realizations, and finally watching and hearing this data. Ironically brother Dr. Alim Bey had mentioned the Yakub story [from National Geographic] but only after I had watched Baba Bobby Hemmitt’s Human Artificial I and II , watching Human Artificial II – 2 to 3 times! Then reading the Yakub book on Scribd! Then listening to Dr. Alim, then Duchinese, and Dr. Alim again as he had a few new videos with new and deeper information that was absolutely synchronistic! The Brother is a Master Teacher and highly respected I have to honor and celebrate his genius and teachings! I will go deeper in on this and share some photos in the next short article.

Revisiting Mayan Dreams September 2018

Mayan Dreams — Youtube Video – While visiting Mexico I wrote pages of notes about the mythology and history of that region. It is one of favorite places to visit and deeply spiritual.
Ha! Now I know why — I’m sure my family thought I was bonkers but then it only took 2020 to reveal that “we” do have Central American family lineage. Furthermore, in my next reading I reread Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Le Plongeon, MD.

YouTube URL:

This is a small video about my esoteric dreams while in Mexico about Lizards and Family in the “Land of the Gold Snakes” Cancun “Kankun” (Khan Kun) where I later visited Tulum the pyramid of Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent) Wind God, climbed Coba Ixmoja (Ximoja/ Xiamoja/Xaimoja) Pyramid, and swam the 130 foot deep Cenote, Multum – Ha.

Campeche, Quantana Roo, Mar Caribe Map (2018)
Tulum Ruins Temples. El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulcan, is a Mesoamerican step-pyramid that dominates the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán.
Coba, Tulum, Mexico

Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Le Plongeon — Book

I read the Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx the last few weeks and will share more on this—Ohh I actually added this to my presentation! I will share more below as cited. While Atlantis was the “The Land of Moo,” the ancient Mayan Yucatan Peninsula was called “Mayach,” “The Land of the Beb — “Mulberry Tree” the Mayan Empire,” and the Caribbean was mapped and called the Antilles, “Zinaan,” “Land of the Scorpion” (Plongeon, xli), the “Lands of the West” was called “Atlan. ”

Queen Moo as Plongeon tells it in his book came to the Yucatan by way of the cataclysmic Atlantis and Lemuria sank below the sea! She wandered through many lands before coming to the Yucatan and Egypt where she was called “the Little Sister,” “Isis” or “Ast” as she would have been called in ancient Kemet.

Now I was extremely kinencted to the Ixmoja temple in Coba the giant one many people actually climb. It is left obscure by way of very little information provided by archeologists via the site, its tour guides, and online websites which say very little about its ancient Mayan function or provide true name etymology. Yet how could such a site be omitted from the other ruins? While it stands as the highest of all temples in Mexico? I was struck with the site because it felt ‘feminine,’ i.e., gave off “divine feminine energy” equally obscure by the collective ‘silence’ the temple seemed overshadowed by Chichan Itza and it perplexed me. This is NOT how ancient Indigenous or African nations and kingdoms functioned mentally! For one, each temple had its sacred name or title, and high function that was part of a whole of the united Kingdom just as above the cosmos has the stars, constellations and planets where each has its signature and energy functioning within a complete and connected natural cosmic system. Ancient Indigenous Ancestors upheld their women, daughter, mothers, and the concept of the divine feminine as halves of the complete “one” of and within themselves. Nature itself both Male and Female and this was intrinsically understood through science, magic, religion, daily life and so on. Any perversion of this ‘whole mind’ would inevitably produce a schism or ‘duality’ within the psyche and thus destroy or fragment the nation first from within then without through conquered domination of other nations who further indoctrinated the fall of woman as god (goddess), deity, divine, or sacred equal to man as god, sacred, noble, etc.

Xia, Xi, Ix, Itza — Names of Ixmoja Temple and Its Function

The name also made me think of the Xia people who claim to be the ancient Olmec Asiatic Ancestors who also civilized ancient China and whose statues and temples are quite similar or identical. The Xia or Xi names and the Xi or Ix names in Mayan language, the left to right, right to left brained reading of the ancient Egyptians and practiced in Islamic language today. When I discovered the temple was Ixmoja all of the etymology of language came to mind. Also Ixmoja brings (Brazilian) orixá Iemanjá and Yoruba (Yemọja) to mind if we take into account that Queen Moo was called “little Sister, little Isis.” Isis is the equivalent to the goddess Yemaya (Yoruba) and Iemanja (Candomblé). Let alone the name Maia (which sounds similar to Maya) is one of the Pleiades Sisters.

Research proved that the Mayan of the Yucatan had incredible ancient Trade routes as masters of commerce, status, and prowess within this region and temples. These temples were dedicated to Deities and were both Deity – “Nomes” (where Kings became Gods) with particular rites performed at said temples. Among some of the trade currency was honey, wax, cloth, cocoa, feathers, pottery, jade and obsidian.

What I find most striking is that most scholars and researchers won’t divulge the entire contents or truth of the Queen Moo and the Sphinx story theorized in Augustus Le Plongeon book! The book reveals much historical data about timelines and culture. There are similarities and geographic, religious, cultural connections that are also omitted from the Cultural Dialogue altogether. Ancient Maya called the peninsula the Mayach “the Land the Emerged from the Bottom the Deep” (Plongeon, 52).

The land mass included the whole of the Caribbean Islands which represented a scorpion, the whole continent of the Americas (north, south and central), the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea was the symbol of the number 8 which is designated as “the snake and the tree” (Plongeon, 47).

The Egyptians themselves claimed their Ancestors were strangers who, in very remote ages settled on the banks of the Nile, bringing there, with the civilization of their Mother Country, the art of writing and a polished language; that they had come from the direction of the setting sun and that they were the “most ancient of men.” (Plongeon, 52).

According to Plongeon the original Maya people traveled through lands to the Nile in Egypt to the District of Nubia settling to call their kingdom Maiu (Ma’i-oo) in temperance of their birthplace. He further states, ”

Coba: A Classic Maya Metropolis by William J. Folon — Book

Another book I found about Coba is through the book Coba: A Classic Maya Metropolis by William J. Folon. It references the Coba pyramid and the ancient ruins in Tulum, original names, identifying original humans who birthed and raised the civilization and lost civilizations, and temple (mound) cultural usage of the time.

This book spoke about the Pre columbian Mayan civilization or empire who actually built the pyramids called the Olmecs as the Moors have claimed as their own lineage and heritage. Their oral and written historical accounts also reveal that these Olmecs were from the ancient race of pygmies who at one point in time were ‘giants’ when the air held both a different chemistry and age or timeline.

Let’s go back to the Coba region and the map

The Mound in the Middle of the Lake

Notice the statement in the passage above about the mound I the middle of the lake that was reported by Don Rafael Regil of Merida visiting Coba in 1897. Note that in Coba Classic Maya Metropolis book, a “Sacbeob” structure is a temple or a mayan ruin called today. In my tiny library, I grabbed the book When Rocks Cry Out, page 90, I have to add a passage that seems to fit here with the passage above about the “mound in the middle of the lake.”

“A crocodile in the Lake of the Moon” — Egypt’s priests had revealed to Herodotus how the flood-prone, swampy site in the Valley of Mexico had been drained; how the land was dug out to form artificial lakes; and how a mound of land was left standing to create the manmade island that became Memphis. Here was the great and secret “primeval mound” that had eluded the puzzled scholars for centuries.

Further references suggest the mound was in the shape of a crocodile could this also be considered the “lizard” noted in the Coba book that lives at the bottom of the Coba Lake?

The Tutelary deity of Coba is thought to be “Ah Muzen Cab. This individual is related mainly to the production of honey and is depicted in Coba by the Diving God adorning the upper facade of the Ixmoja Temple in the core area and on at least one urn. Here, honey producers of the region gathered in the past to give thanks for their production.

The Maya Merchant God M, known as Ek Chuah, is represented on murals within the city and on ceramic figures. He is closely associated with the Itza. This deity is often times depicted in the Maya codices as a traveler carrying a bag of copal [ incense]. In addition to commerce, he is strongly associated with cacao, an article of trade for which the Coba area was once well known. Chiribiras, a goddess possibly known as Itza, is presently associated with the large temple mound at the western edge of Lake Coba. Better known to the prehispanic Maya as IX CHEBEL YAX (Ix Chebel Yax), she is wife of the Itxamna, the Creator God, who may be represented by the large largarto “lizard” said to reside in Lake Coba (William J. Folon, 12).

Horace Butler further writes in When Rocks Cry Out about crocodiles in ancient Egypt by way of the Aztec (Maya) moorish descendants in Mexico:

“Looking at Prescott’s map, it was obvious that a the great lakes arrow the island were intentionally drug out to create the likeness of a crocodile. The lake at the north end formed the head of the crocodile. The lake called Texcoco formed the body of the crocodile, while the Lake Xochimilco was channel into the likeness of a crocodile’s tail.The Reason for the crocodile design of the lakes around this island was this: “The worship of the gods, the temple services, and the cult of Apis were introduced by Menes, who is said to have been devoured by a crocodile.” The builder of Memphis had been killed and eaten by a crocodile.”


Sobek Heru Ancient Egypt

It was amazing to see the Aztec histories also remember this disastrous attack by a crocodile on the ruler who had bile this island city in Mexico. The Aztecs gave this Amn the name “Tezcatilpoca” and they said of the this king: “The most powerful of the earthly spirits was Tezcatlipoca … In the night sky the symbol of he god Tezcatlipoca could be seen as the group of stars we call the Great Bear. To the Aztecs, this was the single foot print of the god who had lost his other foot when he drew the earth out of the waters in the titanic struggle before mankind was created. The god tempted the Earth Monster to come tot the surface of the waters and drew her on his enormous foot. The gigantic monster snapped off his foot, but he in turn tore off her lower jaw, and she never again sank back into the waters. On there rugged back all the tribes of the were created and lived.” 

It was this island— which appears to float on the “back” of the crocodile-shaped lake — that was meant by the Aztec expression, “on her rugged back all the tribes of men were created and lived.” The history of the Menes-Tezcatlipoca and the crocodile could explain why the district of Memphis was known as “Crocodilopolis” The history of the Aztec’s Tezcatlipoca mirror the history of Egypt’s Menes, just as the Aztec island city mirrored descriptions of Memphis. 

Sobek God of Egypt

Again according to the Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx, “The Egyptians themselves claimed that their ancestors were strangers who in remote ages, settled on the Nile, bring their civilization of their Mother Country, the art of writing and polished language; that they came from the direction of the setting sun, and that they were the “most ancient of men.”

It is however, easily explained if the Egyptians held “Mayach” “the Land first emerged from the bosom of the deep” as the cradle of their race. This statement, that the Egyptians pointed to the West as (more) . — The Mayas and the Egyptians did not teach one another the arts or civilization, they both learned them from the same Masters, at the same schools? And if Professor Max Muller’s assertion is true, that particularly in the early history of the human intellect there existed the most intimate relationship between language, religion, and nationality then there can be no doubt that the Egyptians and Mayas were branches of the same stem firmly roots in the soil of the “Land of Kui” in the Western Continent.

So they naturally called the country, “the Place of Crocodiles,” “Ain” which word is the name of Egypt on the monuments; and in the hieroglyphs the tail of the animal stood for it. But “Ain” is the Maya word for “Crocodile” (Plungeon, 45).

This book is rich with data and I haven’t touched the surface! But I have to quickly share more on the Coba people! The original people or ancient ones who were said to have constructed the amazing cities and kingdoms of the Mayach (ancient Maya). They were called the Olmec and Xi. Coba, Classic Maya Metropolis (Folon), “that a group of people referred to as the Pus’ob, or drawfs, are responsible for the stelae that dot the core area of the city. ”

I will stop here for before midnight! I am fascinated by this subject and will share more about these “original” pus’ob of Coba. Until then! Peace and Love Family!

Southeast Indigenous American Tribes—Atlantis (antediluvian nations), America BC, and Ancient Nations in America

Revisiting the Southeast Indigenous American Tribes—their lands, languages and ancient affiliations

Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors book

This book is a great resource shout out to Brother Kurimeo Ahua for sharing this in one of his presentations on YouTube! ( So much love, appreciation and gratitude —I love this brother and his works!) I’m particularly interested in this book as it illustrates the Southeast American Tribes and their group affiliations some of their language etymology (differences and similarities to ancient cultures), original geographic affiliations (states and regions), and more! The Early History of the Creeks and Their Neighbors, by John Reed Swanton (1922).

The table of contents include a list of Southeastern American Tribes as they were called during that time and documented by Europeans, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina Tribal Groups — not only the Creeks, but Muskogee groups of the Yamasee and the Guale , Seminole, Choctaw Group — including various Chatot Tribes of the Nanchez Branch from the Lower Mississippi Valley (those Moundbuilders, y’all)! It is noted that these tribes intermarried and were therefore diverse groups with all so called varied racial colors and skin tones — some near white, to various reds, copper colored, browns, caramels, dark brown, mahogany, to dark ‘negro’ colored skin tones — there was already a ‘melting pot’ on this Pre Columbian North American continent prior to the 1492 European colonial invasion! Let that sink in for a moment. Please keep in mind these tribal names where given by the Europeans; their notes, documents, limited translations of tribal languages and their true meanings, etc,. I would suggest these are just ‘some’ of the tribes recorded and recognized by the Europeans settlers and colonizers. My theory is that there were other groups not recorded while some were /are presented in this book and others.

Southeastern Indigenous Tribal Nations (Listed below)

Atlantis (antediluvian nations)

My Anthropological Historical Theory

My theory (and ancestral memory) will prove there were very highly sophisticated tribal kingdoms that made up a form of government and spiritual temple systems and states prior to Columbus, the American-Indian Wars and formation of the American Constitution and Government! Many of the Southeastern Indigenous Tribal Nations made up these ancient governmental (Mound-building) tribes! This sophisticated governmental tribal system were the remnants of both the Central and South American Mayan – Inca Kingdom Systems and Atlantean (Ancient antediluvian) timelines.

A few quotes and excerpts from Atlantis – The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly 

  1. That it became, in the course of ages, a populous and mighty nation, from whose overflowings the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River, the Amazon, the Pacific coast of South America, the  Mediterranean, the west coast of Europe and Africa, the Baltie, the Black Sea, and the Caspian were populated by civilized nations. 

2. That it was the true Antediluvian world; the Garden of Eden; the Gardens of the Hesperides; the Elysian Fields; the Gardens of Alcinous; the Mesomphalos; the Olympos; the Asgard of the traditions of the ancient nations; representing a universal memory of a great land, where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness. 

3. That the oldest colony formed by the Atlanteans was probably in Egypt, whose civilization was a reproduction of that of the Atlantic island. 

4. That the implements of the “Bronze Age” of Europe were derived from Atlantis. The Atlanteans were also the first manufacturers of iron. 

5. That the Phœnician alphabet, parent of all the European alphabets, was derived from an Atlantis alphabet, which was also conveyed from Atlantis to the Mayas of Central America

6. That the mythology of Egypt and Peru represented the original  religion of Atlantis, which was sun-worship. ☀️

American BC – Ancient Settlers of the New World by Barry Fell

Ancient Semitic – Indigenous Tribes, Iberian Bronze Age – Mediterranean, Basque Spanish – Libyan Semitic, Andalusia – Phoenicians (Tartar-Punic), Ancient Libyan – Egyptian connections to the “New” Old World

I purchased this book during the Covid-19 Lockdown and was pleasantly confirmed that within this Northern American continent Phoenicians, Egyptians, Libyans, etc. States like (Moundsville) West Virginia, New England, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Hampshire, Vermont. Coincidently, looking for the exact states this book mentions, I also came across research showing ancient European Basque (Basque France and Basque Spain) influence in Iberian Bronze Age – Mediterranean, Basque Spanish – Libyan Semetic, Andalusia – Phoenicians (Tartar-Punic), Ancient Libyan – Egyptian connections in the Northern America states and regions among Native and Indigenous American lands, caves and mound building societies presented in this book! My initial intention was to find and research both Semitic “Lost Tribes” of the Old World in the so called New World, as well as, and ancient Egyptian-Libyan connections in the New World among the Tribal Nations! I had no intentions of discovering Basque influence or findings in this book.

Prior to learning of my Basque lineage I knew absolutely nothing about this region, its history or its people. My ancestry (dot com) blip on my Basque lineage summizes a “shrouded with mysterious history.” Leaving me to have taken their historical accounts , with a grain of salt until I found out about my French royalty lineage was factual. Prior to this it all seemed to make little sense to me and something I had simply skimmed through in my reading and research! The impression that Ancestry (dot com) provided was the Basque were purely an isolated European group with no Moorish influence! This is hardly the truth! I set a prayer into the universe for greater clarity and first heard Aseer the Duke of Tiers on one of his latest videos speak directly about the Basque. He mentioned Napolean saying they were of “African Moorish origins.” I was in shock and excited– But I had to confirm this fact immediately!

“Africa begins in the Pyrenees,” Napoleon and Alexandre Dumas quote!


“Africa begins in the Pyrenees,” Napoleon and Alexandre Dumas quote! I immediately sent this to my mother whom I share any and all Genealogy findings with! Note words like “Mystery, Mysterious” and “Exotic” is always substituted for various “African” or Authochthonic Aboriginal anthropological words, definitions, meanings, descriptions.

I will share with you the Ancestry (dot com) definition of the Basque I screenshot from my iPhone looking up my DNA Story section. This ‘data’ shifted from my first results back in late 2017, early 2018! Ironically as my cousins revealed my French European ancestry, Ancestry (dot com) also added France to my DNA results which I smirked sarcastically since I had argued with one representative that the company was not allowing my chart to show my Caribbean Guadeloupe roots! I was furious and though he tried his best to justify that I had no DNA from the Caribbean his claims were ridiculous, unscientific, and pro ponderous! Just to note my DNA story chart does not include ANY Guadeloupean French Antilles connections while my mother’s is added, in addition, to her Portuguese Iberian Peninsula DNA connections! Please tell me what is wrong with this picture? While another DNA company provided me with Mediterranean Spanish – Portuguese DNA?!!

My theory is that companies like Ancestry (dot com) do not provide full test results to so called African American because we have the oldest DNA on this planet and are uniquely mixed with almost all DNA due to our admixture, and unique historical global histories. It is a phenomena they are not willing to admit to the world lest to African Americans. How can you continue to legally sanction forms of White Supremacy and apartheid to an ancient people? How can you have a theory of superiority over a people whose DNA is older than you can admit in academic books and institutions of learning? The core of that system would fall! But I digressed going on a slight tangent.

Back to my new Basque Research and data:

When I visited Tulum Mexico the parking lot was full of Elephants and Yoga items.
Gomphothere, the extinct elephantidae elephant ancestor found in the Americas!

Elephants in the New Old World

Gomphothere, the extinct elephantidae, elephant ancestor found in the Americas!

I’ll share a small expert from an article I wrote about ancient yogic practices and traditions in ancient Olmec Mayan archeological – anthropological artifacts. There are dozens if not hundreds of artifacts showing Olmecs in Yogi asana positions.

National Geographic article “Ancient Native Americans ate Pachyderms; Site Challenges Theory of Where New World Culture Began” in smaller print it further reads “ Bones of the four-tusked gomphothere turned up at ancient site” ( Dickie, 2014). So what is a gomphothere? An extinct elephantidae found in South America, Central America, Beringia, Eurasia and Africa dating back 11-2.6 Million years ago this would be the Clovis – Pleistocene period. There were small elephant statues found in Western Mexico of the Olmec culture where the ancient Mayans practiced so called ancient Indian Yoga. 

“Multilingual inscriptions attest to the Mixed Racial and Linguistic Structure of the Early American Colonies.”

Barry Fell, America B.C.

Egypt – Libyan, Libyan – Punic Iberian writings found in the North American states among the Indigenous Tribal Nations — “Multilingual inscriptions attest to the Mixed Racial and Linguistic Structure of the Early American Colonies.”

One last bit of data I found which was something rather older I had posted on one of my facebook profiles helped prove my Atlantis theory. Off the shores of Cuba, there were pyramids, and temple structures found under water! Unfortunately, I have more homework due today that I must complete and short of time, but I will leave these images right here to ponder!

Cuba Underwater Pyramid City
Photos: For Educational Use Only!

I will do another article on this more in-depth. And provide earlier images I posted on my Facebook page a few years ago!

Photos: For Educational Use Only!

In Rising and InLove Family,

Daria Danielle


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Oldest Mitochondrial DNA on the Planet


In my research I found a photo gallery article on African American Victorian women in a long black hair online magazine! Reading the comments section, I found an argument between identifying African American and black Canadians and was in shock. Ladies, Are you kidding me right now? For one, I thought we were all on the same page that– “We” were all over this planet!” and so I wrote the comment below. I have no idea if this was “approved” or not but, I couldn’t leave it to chance and wanted to share my thoughts as a kind of final release of energy:

Young, Black and Victorian: Wonderful photographs of Victorian women of  color | Dangerous Minds
Victorian era images of Black “Negro/Colored” Women
(Dangerous Minds – For Educational Purposes Only!)

Very Beautiful visual histories of women of the diaspora! They are so regal for what they had to endure in this world not only in America but globally. White Supremacy (White Fragility) was/is an interconnected system of policies, laws, institutions, ideologies, within a collusion of not only states but nations. With that said, American history is not what we’ve been told in school and universities! New research proves many “European” “white” Indentured Servants of the 1700s and early 1800s where “Black” people coming into America with a highly skilled labor pool who were later reclassified as Negros, Colored and thus African American by law! To better understand and inner stand OUR American Culture and history we have to reposition our mind and remember that WE were (are) autochthonic indigenous people on all 4 corners of this globe (planet) not simply from out of Africa! Out of Africa propaganda was instituted by “White” anthropologists — during land grabs (redistribution of resources /wealth), federal and state laws and policies, and institutionalized miseducation, etc. (Like Native Americans to mission schools scenario).


For a broader innerstanding, East African Ethiopian Lucy might be ‎3.2 million years, (if you accept the Ape to Human Darwin theory), factor in the oldest DNA found in South Carolina, Albert Perry at 340,000 YEARS OLD, while the Lady of Guadeloupe found in the Caribbean is 28 MILLION YEARS OLD (a homo sapien, i.e., Modern Human). Further findings prove that a Chunk of Africa found underneath the Southeastern US states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, etc — 250 MILLION YEARS OLD! This makes us a very ancient people! Respectfully the Atlantic Slave Trade including immigration and migration must be revisited with an eye of research that is not biased in racism because most historical data and truths have been purposefully suppressed from public view and scholastic mainstream academia. Hence our loss of identity and spiritual connection to this planet on a larger global level! 

Lucy the Australopithecus Turns 41 (Plus 3.2 Million Years) | Smart News |  Smithsonian Magazine
Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis,
theorized by Academic Darwinist as a Human Ancestor,
Smithsonian (For Educational Purposes only!)
The Lady of Guadeloupe found in the Caribbean is 28 MILLION YEARS OLD
(a homo sapien, i.e., Modern Human) older than Australopithecus afarensis!

Gondwana - Wikipedia


Chunk of Africa found underneath Southeastern US | Fox News
African Rock discovered in Southeast States of America (Fox News – For Educational Purposes Only!)

These are gorgeous women of color – copper colored, brown, black skin tones from various tribal lineages — making up South, Central, North America continents, European countries, AND the African continent and her countries (let alone South Pacific islands and Asian countries)! This may be a lot to wrap our heads around but do the research and you’ll find your face on EVERY INCH OF THIS GLOBE and as progenitors of great civilization. As legitimate (or not) the Ancestry and 23andMe point out we have DNA from all over the world. (Don’t take my word for it— search and research yourself!) I personally recognize ‘all of that’ as having one common denominator — our autochthonous Mitochondrial DNA! These women represent this lineage (Mitochondrial dna) and I honor them- all! ♥

A few citations: 

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Genealogy, Covid-19 Lockdown Black Lives Matter – White Supremacy Reading List 2020

Since my last post in February, it would appear that I have not taken interest in genealogy, historical and anthropological studies — however, this is the farthest from the truth. On the contrary, I am almost studying daily, reading books on history, laws, listening and watching historical research videos and adding to my collection of books and resources. In fact, my own genealogy has proven my initial claim that I do indeed come from Amerindian Carib ancestors. Further research in my mother’s father’s lineage proved that I come from French European Basque royalty (Giraud du Poyet, Giraud du Poyet d’Orzon, Giraud du Poyet de Crezol (Cursolle) Giraud du Poyet de la Charbonniere). ⚜️ Quite remarkably, the direct Giraud – Girault lineage kept my direct descendants from slavery on the island of Guadeloupe resulting in the Giraud du Poyet to lose his inheritance and family name (Giraud du Poyet to Girault). While other ancestors who married into the Girault bloodline where engrossed in slavery, code noir, miscegenation laws  between ‘whites’ and mulattos, brown and african blood until the 1800s.

There has been great and lengthy research done by history gurus like Kurimeo Ahau, Dr. Alim Bey, Dane Calloway, Aseer the Duke of Tiers, and the anonymous researcher from I am so thankful for these brothers for their life work helping to prove and shed light on our remarkable history around this planet! First let me say I am not an “Out of Africa” Pan-Africanist, nor Moor, nor Aboriginal, or African-American (ADOS) ideologist —I set out to only learn the truth! None of these labels keep me in any box from learning the truth or exploring theories that prove life on this planet and life beyond earth which connects our ancient ancestors to the stars!

Let me also state that “if” I choose Moorish doctrine or identity or Aboriginal Autochthonic identity that I personally see them as the same with a common core or nucleus being the original autochthonous Mitochondrial DNA that the so called ‘black’ woman today possesses. My initial goal and reasoning stemmed and started at the age of 16 when I vowed to “learn the truth” and took that vow to read and find proof and confirmation to that which I already knew within! In conclusion, I also see and bare witness that there is an inherent problem when dealing with the legality of birthright and land in this country and ‘why’ Moorish doctrine is so important when claiming land and identity — due to the way in which reclassified “white” Europeans usurped land and resources in America and in Europe. This is not conjecture but fact!

Since this Covid-19 Lockdown, I started reading books (listening on audiobook) as well on my libby app through eBooks from my local library. It first started as a supplement to my Creative Writing course to add to my knowledge of poetry, novels, and other creative writing— authors I wanted to connect with in literature. As protests (especially in Portland, Oregon) escalated my gaze turned toward ‘understanding’ White Supremacy (White Fragility) and racism in America! This has been a daunting task! Emotionally, intellectually and spiritually —understanding and researching racism is difficult on the mind, body, and spirit! Racism is a mental illness and can devour the attention and occupy the spirit!

What I’m Currently Reading!

The Color of Law Audiobook
The Color of Law. A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.Richard Rothstein.

I am currently ‘reading’ the Color of Law book and listening to the Audio version! Although it is a must read and should be on your book shelf, it will piss you off. It will infuriate you and leave you screaming that America owes its ‘Black’ citizens reparations for the 400 years of slavery, followed by its reconstruction (redistribution of their authochthonic Indigenous land), and the subsequent years (to date!) of forced segregation, migration, and imposed poverty which was mandated by laws, public and state policy.

Gentrification is but the fruit of this legal apartheid in America; it is a willful act of collusion in which federal, state, grassroots efforts, and institutional bodies work together to ensure the legacy of white supremacy thrives. White privilege is not coincidence to some long time ago “I’m not responsible for the slavery of your people” dismissal — it is a thriving act of collusion built in and on top of a false and misrepresented identity abetted hierarchal system to ensure wealth of one race over another. Then blames the ‘victim’ (or prisoners of war) for years of oppressive genocide without regard to personal responsibility in its willful compliance and silence.

In my creative writing course, I addressed these issues and wrote the most painful poetry about the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor martyrs then apologized for speaking my truth! I was so uncomfortable in facing my caucasian Professor and peers that I withheld my poetry and even writing my poetry for weeks risking failure! Ironically the events, the protests, the fires were metaphors for the generations of pain and our end of complacency in American society. But as I looked closer into “The Why” I even felt so uncomfortable speaking my truth that it almost caused physical and mental illness I was forced to examine the system of White Supremacy and Racism, its root causes and its detrimental effect on the mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing on ‘African Americans.’

In my research I came upon a video from Dr. Joy DeGruy! I sat on my sofa and for hours absorbed the brilliance of this sociologist- -not only that she was right here in Portland having taught at Portland State University! But when I looked on my local library staff picks for study “Black Lives Matter” “Antiracist books” that coined almost all companies chiming in on this branded retribution, her books were buried under others that spoke less to the mental effects of this oppressive biased system than its historical recounts!

Me and White Supremacy
Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor is a book by Layla Saad published on January 28, 2020.

Why wouldn’t a local scholar who put in over  12 years of academic research receive promotion in her local towns library? It seemed strange to me! While I have and will share ebooks on the subject of White Supremacy, Racism and inequality non fiction I have yet to get a copy of DeGury’s book in ebook form or in print from my local library. I will instead order one from Amazon or her website to add to my collection!

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing (PTSS) is a 2005 theoretical work by Dr. Joy DeGruy.

I’m going to share some of the books I’ve ‘read’ and reading until July 30! Then I’m taking an intensive yoga and fasting program ❤️ to release this trauma.

Reading Now!- more books

The Color of Law Book
The Color of Law. A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.
White Fragility Books
White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism is a 2018 book written by Robin DiAngelo
So you want to talk about race book
So You Want to Talk About Race is a 2018 non-fiction book by Ijeoma Oluo.
White Rage Book
How We Fight White Supremacy: A Field Guide to Black Resistance
Book by Akiba Solomon and Kenrya Rankin.
White Rage Book, The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide. Carol Anderson.

Burden Books and Ta-Nehisi Coates Books
Between the World and Me is a 2015 nonfiction book written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and published by Spiegel & Grau.
The Burden: African Americans and the Enduring Impact of Slavery.

On Hold to Read

The Invention of the White Race book
The Invention of the White Race Book by Theodore W. Allen.
Argues that before the 18th century, there was neither a white nor any other colour-determined race in North America. Allen traces the history of plantations and slavery to show that it was the degradation of African-bonded labourers into slaves that produced racism based on colour.

The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help You Deserve Book by Rheeda Walker.
Medical Apartheid Book by Harriet A. Washington.
Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 Book by Eric Foner.
Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do Book by Jennifer Eberhardt.

I hope this adds to your professional and private research library and book reading list. I will be adding a few more articles this month in closing prior to my Summer hiatus. Until then fellow researchers, genealogist and free thinkers!

In Rising and InLove,