I wouldn’t say I’m an avid reader, but I do read books in this day and age of information overload. In addition, I don’t just read, I listen to YouTube lectures. But, I don’t just listen to Youtube lectures or uploads for mere entertainment without taking notes — either in my head (brain), on old fashioned paper via a journal, or computer. Today was one of those days, I’m flipping through Ivan Van Sertima’s books via Scribd and here it is Runoko Rashidi‘s chapter, African Goddesses Mothers of Civilization, in Black Women in Antiquity (1984). My personal notes and theories are confirmed! Again I had been stumped after listening last week or so to Mama Zogbe‘s lectures and seeking “The Why.”

I had been watching a lecture with Dr. Phil Valentine and inspired by opening comments by wife and husband team Mfundishi Jhutyms Hasan Salim (Kupigana Ngumi, 1994) and Seshatms MaatNefert El-Salim. I was astonished at their opening ritual of honoring the ancestors globally. (Instinctively I’ve known this and shared my deep “gospel” with close family but hadn’t heard many others with the same (similar) sentiment). Their libations honored the Ancestors from all four corners of the planet and recognized our melinated ancient ones and family ancestors from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. My heart was filled with happiness and I exhaled. I had cut the video short — while reading Van Sertima’s, Black Women in Antiquity (1984) and The Golden Age of the Moor (1991) when I stumbled on a Bobby Hemmitt video which put some of these fragmented histories into proper perspective (for me!!!).

Synchronicities and Studies

Sometimes the magic happens where one YouTuber (in this case Blue Pill and Red Pill) will spark a note of data that connects to a plethora of notes I’ve been gathering from many sources that seem, somehow, scattered and unconnected but obsessively interwoven from the most inner passages of my DNA only to find a truths ( or synchronicities) from master scholars like Bobby Hemmitt point to books while seemingly roll missing (lost) histories right off the tongue! These are the “Aha” moments that bring me to shaking my head in understanding and in agreement based on my own fragmented notes. Surely, I had heard this lecture before but how did all this information seem to float above my head without me truly “knowing” that this mythology (story) was also cloaked from our incredible human history- our black history.

A Few Books to Read, Study, Take Notes, and Contemplate:

Black Women in Antiquity (Ivan Van Sertima)

Golden Age of the Moors (Ivan Van Sertima)

Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire (Drusilla Dunjee Houston)

Ye are Gods (Annalise Scranton) 

The Sibyls, The Prophetess of Mami Wata (Mama Zogbe)

Mami Wata Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled (Mama Zogbe)

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