In my research I found a photo gallery article on African American Victorian women in a long black hair online magazine! Reading the comments section, I found an argument between identifying African American and black Canadians and was in shock. Ladies, Are you kidding me right now? For one, I thought we were all on the same page that– “We” were all over this planet!” and so I wrote the comment below. I have no idea if this was “approved” or not but, I couldn’t leave it to chance and wanted to share my thoughts as a kind of final release of energy:

Young, Black and Victorian: Wonderful photographs of Victorian women of  color | Dangerous Minds
Victorian era images of Black “Negro/Colored” Women
(Dangerous Minds – For Educational Purposes Only!)

Very Beautiful visual histories of women of the diaspora! They are so regal for what they had to endure in this world not only in America but globally. White Supremacy (White Fragility) was/is an interconnected system of policies, laws, institutions, ideologies, within a collusion of not only states but nations. With that said, American history is not what we’ve been told in school and universities! New research proves many “European” “white” Indentured Servants of the 1700s and early 1800s where “Black” people coming into America with a highly skilled labor pool who were later reclassified as Negros, Colored and thus African American by law! To better understand and inner stand OUR American Culture and history we have to reposition our mind and remember that WE were (are) autochthonic indigenous people on all 4 corners of this globe (planet) not simply from out of Africa! Out of Africa propaganda was instituted by “White” anthropologists — during land grabs (redistribution of resources /wealth), federal and state laws and policies, and institutionalized miseducation, etc. (Like Native Americans to mission schools scenario).


For a broader innerstanding, East African Ethiopian Lucy might be ‎3.2 million years, (if you accept the Ape to Human Darwin theory), factor in the oldest DNA found in South Carolina, Albert Perry at 340,000 YEARS OLD, while the Lady of Guadeloupe found in the Caribbean is 28 MILLION YEARS OLD (a homo sapien, i.e., Modern Human). Further findings prove that a Chunk of Africa found underneath the Southeastern US states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, etc — 250 MILLION YEARS OLD! This makes us a very ancient people! Respectfully the Atlantic Slave Trade including immigration and migration must be revisited with an eye of research that is not biased in racism because most historical data and truths have been purposefully suppressed from public view and scholastic mainstream academia. Hence our loss of identity and spiritual connection to this planet on a larger global level! 

Lucy the Australopithecus Turns 41 (Plus 3.2 Million Years) | Smart News |  Smithsonian Magazine
Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis,
theorized by Academic Darwinist as a Human Ancestor,
Smithsonian (For Educational Purposes only!)
The Lady of Guadeloupe found in the Caribbean is 28 MILLION YEARS OLD
(a homo sapien, i.e., Modern Human) older than Australopithecus afarensis!

Gondwana - Wikipedia


Chunk of Africa found underneath Southeastern US | Fox News
African Rock discovered in Southeast States of America (Fox News – For Educational Purposes Only!)

These are gorgeous women of color – copper colored, brown, black skin tones from various tribal lineages — making up South, Central, North America continents, European countries, AND the African continent and her countries (let alone South Pacific islands and Asian countries)! This may be a lot to wrap our heads around but do the research and you’ll find your face on EVERY INCH OF THIS GLOBE and as progenitors of great civilization. As legitimate (or not) the Ancestry and 23andMe point out we have DNA from all over the world. (Don’t take my word for it— search and research yourself!) I personally recognize ‘all of that’ as having one common denominator — our autochthonous Mitochondrial DNA! These women represent this lineage (Mitochondrial dna) and I honor them- all! ♥

A few citations: 

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