Revisiting the Southeast Indigenous American Tribes—their lands, languages and ancient affiliations

Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors book

This book is a great resource shout out to Brother Kurimeo Ahua for sharing this in one of his presentations on YouTube! ( So much love, appreciation and gratitude —I love this brother and his works!) I’m particularly interested in this book as it illustrates the Southeast American Tribes and their group affiliations some of their language etymology (differences and similarities to ancient cultures), original geographic affiliations (states and regions), and more! The Early History of the Creeks and Their Neighbors, by John Reed Swanton (1922).

The table of contents include a list of Southeastern American Tribes as they were called during that time and documented by Europeans, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina Tribal Groups — not only the Creeks, but Muskogee groups of the Yamasee and the Guale , Seminole, Choctaw Group — including various Chatot Tribes of the Nanchez Branch from the Lower Mississippi Valley (those Moundbuilders, y’all)! It is noted that these tribes intermarried and were therefore diverse groups with all so called varied racial colors and skin tones — some near white, to various reds, copper colored, browns, caramels, dark brown, mahogany, to dark ‘negro’ colored skin tones — there was already a ‘melting pot’ on this Pre Columbian North American continent prior to the 1492 European colonial invasion! Let that sink in for a moment. Please keep in mind these tribal names where given by the Europeans; their notes, documents, limited translations of tribal languages and their true meanings, etc,. I would suggest these are just ‘some’ of the tribes recorded and recognized by the Europeans settlers and colonizers. My theory is that there were other groups not recorded while some were /are presented in this book and others.

Southeastern Indigenous Tribal Nations (Listed below)

Atlantis (antediluvian nations)

My Anthropological Historical Theory

My theory (and ancestral memory) will prove there were very highly sophisticated tribal kingdoms that made up a form of government and spiritual temple systems and states prior to Columbus, the American-Indian Wars and formation of the American Constitution and Government! Many of the Southeastern Indigenous Tribal Nations made up these ancient governmental (Mound-building) tribes! This sophisticated governmental tribal system were the remnants of both the Central and South American Mayan – Inca Kingdom Systems and Atlantean (Ancient antediluvian) timelines.

A few quotes and excerpts from Atlantis – The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly 

  1. That it became, in the course of ages, a populous and mighty nation, from whose overflowings the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River, the Amazon, the Pacific coast of South America, the  Mediterranean, the west coast of Europe and Africa, the Baltie, the Black Sea, and the Caspian were populated by civilized nations. 

2. That it was the true Antediluvian world; the Garden of Eden; the Gardens of the Hesperides; the Elysian Fields; the Gardens of Alcinous; the Mesomphalos; the Olympos; the Asgard of the traditions of the ancient nations; representing a universal memory of a great land, where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness. 

3. That the oldest colony formed by the Atlanteans was probably in Egypt, whose civilization was a reproduction of that of the Atlantic island. 

4. That the implements of the “Bronze Age” of Europe were derived from Atlantis. The Atlanteans were also the first manufacturers of iron. 

5. That the Phœnician alphabet, parent of all the European alphabets, was derived from an Atlantis alphabet, which was also conveyed from Atlantis to the Mayas of Central America

6. That the mythology of Egypt and Peru represented the original  religion of Atlantis, which was sun-worship. ☀️

American BC – Ancient Settlers of the New World by Barry Fell

Ancient Semitic – Indigenous Tribes, Iberian Bronze Age – Mediterranean, Basque Spanish – Libyan Semitic, Andalusia – Phoenicians (Tartar-Punic), Ancient Libyan – Egyptian connections to the “New” Old World

I purchased this book during the Covid-19 Lockdown and was pleasantly confirmed that within this Northern American continent Phoenicians, Egyptians, Libyans, etc. States like (Moundsville) West Virginia, New England, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Hampshire, Vermont. Coincidently, looking for the exact states this book mentions, I also came across research showing ancient European Basque (Basque France and Basque Spain) influence in Iberian Bronze Age – Mediterranean, Basque Spanish – Libyan Semetic, Andalusia – Phoenicians (Tartar-Punic), Ancient Libyan – Egyptian connections in the Northern America states and regions among Native and Indigenous American lands, caves and mound building societies presented in this book! My initial intention was to find and research both Semitic “Lost Tribes” of the Old World in the so called New World, as well as, and ancient Egyptian-Libyan connections in the New World among the Tribal Nations! I had no intentions of discovering Basque influence or findings in this book.

Prior to learning of my Basque lineage I knew absolutely nothing about this region, its history or its people. My ancestry (dot com) blip on my Basque lineage summizes a “shrouded with mysterious history.” Leaving me to have taken their historical accounts , with a grain of salt until I found out about my French royalty lineage was factual. Prior to this it all seemed to make little sense to me and something I had simply skimmed through in my reading and research! The impression that Ancestry (dot com) provided was the Basque were purely an isolated European group with no Moorish influence! This is hardly the truth! I set a prayer into the universe for greater clarity and first heard Aseer the Duke of Tiers on one of his latest videos speak directly about the Basque. He mentioned Napolean saying they were of “African Moorish origins.” I was in shock and excited– But I had to confirm this fact immediately!

“Africa begins in the Pyrenees,” Napoleon and Alexandre Dumas quote!


“Africa begins in the Pyrenees,” Napoleon and Alexandre Dumas quote! I immediately sent this to my mother whom I share any and all Genealogy findings with! Note words like “Mystery, Mysterious” and “Exotic” is always substituted for various “African” or Authochthonic Aboriginal anthropological words, definitions, meanings, descriptions.

I will share with you the Ancestry (dot com) definition of the Basque I screenshot from my iPhone looking up my DNA Story section. This ‘data’ shifted from my first results back in late 2017, early 2018! Ironically as my cousins revealed my French European ancestry, Ancestry (dot com) also added France to my DNA results which I smirked sarcastically since I had argued with one representative that the company was not allowing my chart to show my Caribbean Guadeloupe roots! I was furious and though he tried his best to justify that I had no DNA from the Caribbean his claims were ridiculous, unscientific, and pro ponderous! Just to note my DNA story chart does not include ANY Guadeloupean French Antilles connections while my mother’s is added, in addition, to her Portuguese Iberian Peninsula DNA connections! Please tell me what is wrong with this picture? While another DNA company provided me with Mediterranean Spanish – Portuguese DNA?!!

My theory is that companies like Ancestry (dot com) do not provide full test results to so called African American because we have the oldest DNA on this planet and are uniquely mixed with almost all DNA due to our admixture, and unique historical global histories. It is a phenomena they are not willing to admit to the world lest to African Americans. How can you continue to legally sanction forms of White Supremacy and apartheid to an ancient people? How can you have a theory of superiority over a people whose DNA is older than you can admit in academic books and institutions of learning? The core of that system would fall! But I digressed going on a slight tangent.

Back to my new Basque Research and data:

When I visited Tulum Mexico the parking lot was full of Elephants and Yoga items.
Gomphothere, the extinct elephantidae elephant ancestor found in the Americas!

Elephants in the New Old World

Gomphothere, the extinct elephantidae, elephant ancestor found in the Americas!

I’ll share a small expert from an article I wrote about ancient yogic practices and traditions in ancient Olmec Mayan archeological – anthropological artifacts. There are dozens if not hundreds of artifacts showing Olmecs in Yogi asana positions.

National Geographic article “Ancient Native Americans ate Pachyderms; Site Challenges Theory of Where New World Culture Began” in smaller print it further reads “ Bones of the four-tusked gomphothere turned up at ancient site” ( Dickie, 2014). So what is a gomphothere? An extinct elephantidae found in South America, Central America, Beringia, Eurasia and Africa dating back 11-2.6 Million years ago this would be the Clovis – Pleistocene period. There were small elephant statues found in Western Mexico of the Olmec culture where the ancient Mayans practiced so called ancient Indian Yoga. 

“Multilingual inscriptions attest to the Mixed Racial and Linguistic Structure of the Early American Colonies.”

Barry Fell, America B.C.

Egypt – Libyan, Libyan – Punic Iberian writings found in the North American states among the Indigenous Tribal Nations — “Multilingual inscriptions attest to the Mixed Racial and Linguistic Structure of the Early American Colonies.”

One last bit of data I found which was something rather older I had posted on one of my facebook profiles helped prove my Atlantis theory. Off the shores of Cuba, there were pyramids, and temple structures found under water! Unfortunately, I have more homework due today that I must complete and short of time, but I will leave these images right here to ponder!

Cuba Underwater Pyramid City
Photos: For Educational Use Only!

I will do another article on this more in-depth. And provide earlier images I posted on my Facebook page a few years ago!

Photos: For Educational Use Only!

In Rising and InLove Family,

Daria Danielle


Dickie, Gloria. Ancient Native Americans Ate Pachyderms; Site Challenges Theory of Where New World Culture Began. 16 July 2014,

Hilleary, Cecily.œNative Americans Call For Rethink of Bering Strait Theory. Voice of America, 15 June 2017, 12:42pm,

Swanton, John Reed. 1922. “Early history of the Creek Indians and their neighbors.” Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin. 73:1–492.

Wayman, Erin. The Clovis Weren’t the First Americans., Smithsonian Institution, 17 July 2012,

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