It’s the day after the politically corrected “Indigenous Day” —

All week I’ve had very intimate mystical synchronicities involving indigenous ancestors of the Americas, Ix’Chel healing aspects of my heart, seeing codices in the darkness of my dreams, kinnecting to star families of the Mayan and Aztec lineage— all quietly experienced and absorbed through this silence of filtering out mainstream media and group think to reconnect with my Higher Self. The magical goddess self unplugged and breathing looking inward listening to Ancestors spiritual guides — from Tarot, dreams, journals, from hammered Nepalese Brass singing bowls and oversized crystal bowls, candles and rituals, qigong and yoga — symbols and decoding, knowing and confirmations from inner sources. “Cleaning my House” sorta speak.

My DNA Overview & Discoveries

One of the collages I added to my wall was a photo I reclaimed from JA Rogers, Sex and Race, “Bedouin Arab Ladies” of a group of woman non dated probably from a photo in the 20s or 30s — She and the Arab ladies fit snuggly next to a photo of me at 15 years old w my sisters under a map of the Americas and my DNA matches — also strangely showing up in several cities in Mexico, near the 4 corners (Arizona, New Mexico, etc), my birth région (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware), Guadeloupe (Antilles Islands) and South America (Suriname)! Above them all my DNA matches to Rameses III and European Monarchy! (Exhale. That’s a lot!)

Truth or The Lie of African American History

But it’s all perplexing and seemingly complex because so called African Americans are told that we have a very simple history: the American history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, coming to America not coming from America! Well even that is merely one-sided and half truth if truthful at all. Yes many of our family lineages come from America. Many of my Ancestors come from America as Autochthonic Americans and Indigenous Americans. Yet I have to also wonder that surely some of my Ancestors came by force to America?! But I’m not so sure of this “historical tale” I have yet to find an Ancestor manifest from a slave ship. And I’d love to be proven wrong — meaning all the tears I’ve cried for my Ancestors’ pain in America I’m emotionally (and spiritually) prepared to find records with slave names or plantation affiliation. Surely someone in my tree has suffered this American horror. Even if they were once free autochthonic Americans natives and indigenous Americans who were “tricked” into the American Slave Trade and Apartheid system of Jim Crow, Slave Codes to be reclassified on census records as “negro, black, colored, mulatto, African American.” I’m prepared and ready for any history any outcome that is plausible. I am not here to debate a specific ideology or preference— only to learn and know the truth as I learn it.

What I have found this far, however, are enormous contradictions in American history! [egregious] errors. DNA 🧬is a story wrapped around timelines and kingdoms, regions and tribal affiliations marked by the plagues of warring kingdoms and genetics of disease– coded and embedded in time.

What is African American History—Really!!

So how does such a human journey get passed down or through an “African American” woman like me? And surely I can not be the only woman with such amazing cultural historical tribal-kingdom genetics.

Perhaps starting w the 2 genetic lines out of Egypt, of the “Two Lands” — the land of America and Africa ( though not called Africa in those days!!) The land where my ancestors DNA left Egypt to the Levant from Northern Africa, from Eastern Africa into Asia. This is where my genetic story gets REALLY interesting!

Sorry for The Dis — (I think)

First, I will admit I know nearly nothing of Moorish, Arabic, Caliphate history accept a few comments made on YouTube videos which may have offended staunch “Aboriginal” “Indigenous American” teacher-researcher YouTubers. I absolutely spoke of “superior, cosmic races” who ruled over “aboriginal” tribes and now I can see how this may have offended others. It was not a “dis” or slight of disrespect on any level!! I spoke of cosmic origins; Chaldean, Olmec, Xi, Dogon, Sumerian, Egyptians, and Phoenicians — of Lee Cummings Black swarthy Europeans found in his ship manifests who came to North America and the Caribbean! Of Scotts and Black Englanders (Highlanders ) and Nobility who claimed ancient Egyptian royal bloodlines all of whom were originally “black” Autochthonic and mixed Moorish ancestry—- wait i wasn’t wrong at all but my sincere apologies for any “hurt” feelings in what I shared in my initial comments! Truth be told, I was brimming happily w newfound pieces to my “global family” history. The theories I was proving to myself about our collective global history. I had no intentions of being a Youtube Researcher or seeking clout under (underneath) anyone when I can do my own research. The more I dig through the books, I had discovered in my own research pointing to ancient tribes and kingdoms who brought “civilization” to regions such as Mexico(the Americas), Peru, China, even Europe and other nations. “These bearded ones!” I sought out to “find” would eventually find me! And I would share books and titles to others but not make Youtube videos because it was never about the debate or notoriety just finding and proving what I know from within myself to myself — my visions, feelings, strange coincidences and synchronicities!

Statements Made Prior To DNA and Genealogy Discoveries

Ironically these statements were made prior to discovering any of my own genealogy and DNA discoveries. This is what makes everything so much more bizarre (and ironic!).

Indigenous to America’s & Indigenous to Asia — What The F$%!?

In this lifetime I have uttered nothing but and breathed “Indigenous” — everything. But there have been strange inconsistencies like serving avocado with Kalamata olives to my children at dinner! That I find delicious! I even thought somewhere in my DNA I had some South France Mediterranean blood but nothing prepared me for what I found!

In this lifetime I have not been attracted to anything Islamic (or Christian) and only learning of Nobel Drew Ali or Moors within the last few years. But these past few years It was as if something came “online”. I’d whisper certain words or they’d pop up outta no where. Eventually I’d look up the meaning which began to snowball; post information about my so called “French”creole genealogy only to find discoveries leading to Basques or Huguenots or Punic Carthaginian symbology and meaning. Hhmmm, a connection, I thought. I felt so strongly and obsessive that I began telling my Mom how I thought “we” were in Spain by way of the Basques. That perhaps the many Leon’s in the family pointed to the Leon region or kingdoms of Portugal or Spain. It was far fetched but my mother entertained my outlandish genealogy theories! While she kept getting Portugal and Spain in her DNA on Ancestry, I got Basque, France, Scotland, ( The Yucatán and North American Indigenous Americans). We had a crazy mix of lineage (or so I thought)!

Then while on Facebook one of my French Creole cousins DNA popped up on Ancestry. I was curiously blown away by his France, India, and Sardinia regions! Sardinia I thought and noted it in my brain computer. But I didn’t give it much thought.

Not A Follower

First I will say I’ve never been one to blindly follow anyone or anything. In the 5th grade, I called my social studies teacher a liar! I challenged my Jewish English teacher that Christianity originated in Africa! I refused to join a sorority just because the pretty girls like myself was pledging. All my high school college friends got government jobs I stayed on the outs. I’ve been intentionally outside looking in my whole life. I’ve never “joined” anyone or anything “just because.” For me it could never be a fad because everyone is doing it. I was à végetarian and vegan for healing reasons in the late 80s , thé decided not to be vegan for the same reasons! I did yoga and studied Tantra for spiritual reasons when few thought it was the “woke” instagram fad!! Everything I do must have deeper meaning— signs, symbols, omens and even “memory” of some past life or strong familiarity. There must be a kind of alignment that feels right prior to action. I’ve never moved w sheep.

I had only one dream in my teens or early 20s of being in the so called Middle East and I (the me I know) wasn’t even there! I only saw a “cavalry” of men both light and dark complexions on horseback with Arabian swords in their long dress and dark silver colors. They were at what looked like a church or mosque and rode off out into the desert region in a massive war cry. The war cries and riding was so fierce I awoke from my sleep and never entertained any dream of its kind! Whereas I’ve had many, many, many dreams and visions of “Egypt” — Egyptian Gods, past lives, temple walls —very vivid details of past lives in Egypt and Native American, indigenous Autochthonic American lifetimes.

But then I found this image (again): showing it to my sons, my daughter, my mother who all agreed “it’s you!— but how?”

J.A. Rogers, Sex & Race Volume 1
the Old World, 1940

Who is this Arab Bedouin Woman?

And why on earth does she look like me or me like her? Why is this photo in this book—written in (1940)? Why is this so called Arab woman wearing a Christian cross? Was she indigenous to that region? So many questions! What is most perplexing is neither Islam or Christianity appeal to me in this lifetime. With all due respects to either religion I only see the divisiveness these belief systems have waged upon humanity as tools for separation and superiority when there is none. But here my face was captured in another time in another region living between both Arab and Christian worlds. It could only be explained as a situation of quantum paradox! “Look Woman You Been Here (there) and Done That!” Now you move along now…

Love 💗 the Only Way Out

My DNA story unfolds with this and I realize I am here faced with immense “Love Energy” because I am the burden and pride of a complicated lineage! That can only be reconciled with and in Love— it is the fall, fate and future of our humanity. And indeed our secret to the only true way out!

More Ancient European History DNA Lineage

Exhaling what can is say that I haven’t already felt deep within? Here’s to new (future) studies on ancient Asiatic kingdoms, history, books 📚lectures and videos (just to understand the other parts of myself– lineage and ancestry)!

I will have to research the history of the:

• Caliphate Moors in Córdoba Spain

• Al Andalusia

• Egyptian — Canaanite Amorites Semites

• Sardinia (Ancient Phoenicians)

• Tuscany Knights — Lebanon

• Lebanon (Ancient Sidon) (Ancient Phoenicians)

• Guanches of the Canary Islands (Autochthonic Indigenous )


Autochthonic Guanches of the Canary Islands

Until next time! Our “truth” is becoming stranger than fiction but oh what an amazing human journey!

In Love, Healing and Empowerment

Ria (Daria)

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