First, I have to add this short post as part of my personal journal so much is happening so quickly that I don’t want to leave out moments in this ‘dream’ that is both significant and impactful on my spiritual (journey) development. Ix’chel whom I would post as one of the many lists of Goddesses and Deities on my old Facebook page back in the day. Although I would get her readings many years ago with the Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards back then she was merely one of the many gods, goddesses, and dieties I was researching and learning! When my app died I put the idea to the side and moved on. Then in my Mexico trip, I climbed Ixmoja step pyramid temple and was obsessed with the whole “Ix” etymology – name and energy!

I did a reading using my new oracle cards, the EARTH WARRIORS ORACLE CARDS  (which I completely love!) and drew the Ix’chel one night. It was followed by another reading from another new deck, the ANIMAL SPIRIT ORACLE CARDS, I drew a Dragonfly card from this deck.

The first time I opened this deck I drew the Turtle card and opened the book directly to the Turtle page, so I can only say that it is 100% true that using these metaphysical tools like tarot cards, pendulums, and other divination systems provide deeper (insight) inside (impact on the “IN” side and “IN” sight) meaning to go and find EVERYTHING within because therein are the real treasures (answers)! Everything is symbology to be decoded speaking to the subconscious mind.

Animal Spirit Oracle Cards — Kim Krans

The Turtle symbology was impactful to me beaus it spoke to my previous dreams.

Turtle Oracle Card – Animal Spirit Oracle Cards

DragonFly Oracle Card – Animal Spirit Oracle Cards

These images are out of order (so to speak) because I drew the Ixchel card first then the dragonfly card second. No actually it was the Warrior cards then the Animal Spirit cards! Funny, because after the Dragonfly card upon reading the Ixchel card it was revealed that the dragonfly was one her totems. (strong synchronicities)

Earth Warriors Oracle Cards

#13. Ix’Chel Medicine of the Rainbow Jaguar Oracle Card – Earth Warriors Oracle Cards
Indigenous Goddess Ix’chel Rainbow Medicine Woman

Honor to the Indigenous Autochthonic Mayan Ixchel (Ix’chel) whos power is imminent (past, present, future!) The evening this card came to me, (Her energy came to me), it was in the evening, and it rained for 3 days straight, but the night it rained initially, I awoke with a light heart!

Healing with Goddess Ix’chel Rainbow Goddess Jaguar Medicine

I awoke with a light heart! I had been using and experimenting with my new Singing Bowls; a Nepalese B Brass Hammered Bowl, a 10 inch F Heart chakra Crystal Bowl, and a 12 or 14 inch C Root Chakra Crystal Bowl! Prayers and Rituals up to this point have been to heal any and all leftover -Ish that is in need of letting go during this 2020 frequency year.

When I awoke from the Ixchel reading, my heart was light and I had forgiven my half sister of some nonsense I had been holding onto! Just like that — feelings of anger and hurt — gone!

Perhaps it’s all the genealogy and DNA studies people think is cooky bullshit but has been helping me (and Healing me) in my personal spiritual journey. Once I realized, accepted and confirmed my identity–Ix’chel seemed to awaken on a whole new level. I do believe that the Rain was from her energy and my healing of the heart is from her (my) energy as well in tandem.

We are our Ancestors Family 🙂 !

In Love, Empowerment and Eternal Freedom!

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