What is Our Story? Where is the true Old World? Why has our history been suppressed and hidden for hundreds of years? Who are we really? 

What is Your Genealogy Story? This blog is intended and serves to not only share information and data that I’ve learned (am learning) but to “make you think”, provide empowerment, and a greater understanding of our global ‘Autochthonic’ presence and our indigenous and so called African presence  “out of Africa” in all parts of the world; the Americas, Central America, South America, North America, all of Asia (India, China),  the Melanesia and Polynesia countries, Eurasia; Greece and the Mediterranean, Italy, Europe, and even Russia!

If you keep digging and reading older text by colonial explorers you will find the people they encountered were dark-skinned, copper-colored original peoples of the land. Keep reading and searching you will find that these Ancestors looked just like you and people you know and recognize today! You will find your own face in history, you’ve always been here!

Chief Warhorse, autochthonic AmerIndian Chatahs Tribal Nation  (Tchefuncte Louissiana – Florida region) 

This blog will share an all-inclusive, non-dualistic approach to seeing so called “Africans” (labeled in America as negros, coloreds, blacks, African Americans)  as autochthonous  around our planet.  It is understood/innerstood that the “root” of all civilization on this planet is from the womb of the “black” autochthonic woman in all honesty (as evidence-based artifacts/archeology/DNA prove) and as Africa  is the center of the earth as it was measured and mapped to the Giza pyramids this will not be debated on this blog. Instead we will celebrate our individual and collective origins and the many branches of civilizations The Mother birthed as our brothers and sisters traversed the globe raising up kingdoms, tribal nations, religions, klans, dynasties, and more!

I am not a historian, but I am a student of anthropology seeking the truth through expression and purpose. So much love, self-discovery upon your own inner /outer journeys of awakening to your truest self. May our Ancestors rest in power and smile upon our courage!

So much love!


Ria (Daria)