American History and Moorish History, know the difference—Know “Your” History

As I’m finishing up my degree and taking a few classes outside my institution to apply toward credit I was bombarded with historical ideology and doctrine with terms such as “racial slavery” “chattel slavery” “commodification” and more.

“Traditional” Class Notes and Terms: Colonization of the New World, the Age of Exploration, French and Dutch Contact, Maritime Exploration, African Empires, English Settlers, Southern Colonies; Indentured Servants, Plantations, Northern Colonies, Native American Wars… I’m reverted back to the fifth grade with the “Africans” were the American Slaves rhetoric.

Well (“Happy Black History Month!”)—-

February Books 📚: The Moorish Empire, The Land of the Moors — Budgett Meakin

Thank god I’ve been reading, learning and taking notes on American and global history and can differentiate the difference between bias and facts. True I tend toward an utopian type of historical analysis but low and behold history is far from utopian. The consorted academic effort to repaint and omit the “African” “influence” from the pages of history prior to Columbus arrival and the fall of Moorish empires is a weight that plagues the American Academic system leaving its “citizens” wayward, child-like and easily governed (manipulated).

Ancient and Modern Britons Book by David MacRitchie

I’ve been reading Ancient and Modern Britons which you can get on the internet in PDF by the way which illustrates the Moorish influence and society (both noble, royal and common) existing in the English (Britain), Wales and Scottish regions! The “brute” moors ( a term I kept hearing in various circles when explains the behaviors and attitudes of Moors) existing all over Iberia particularly in what we know as Europe today is a common theme I’ve been reading about in various books about Moors— moorish life (culture), religion, commerce, trade, — all facets of Moorish life — there existed the Brute Moor.

Ancient and Modern Britons, David MacRitchie, 1884

I grew up on Northumberland Road in Springfield, Virginia, traveled through Annandale and Dumfries, had I known their Moorish lineage, histories, nobility’s, clans, families I would have seen the world quite differently than I did and even had a large sense of pride and global understanding. American streets and towns are bombarded with the very names of families, kingship, clans, cities, towns, provinces and regions of Moorish lineage originating from Europe! Annandale, Dumfries, Wordsworth, Marshall, Galloway, Jordan, Hirschhorn, Murray, Murdoch, the “Dales,” “De’ils/Dyke, Dunn, Donald, Mackenzie, Graemes, The “Dubhs, Scott’s Douglass, Wallace, Falkirk, Picts(British Indians), early Danes, Cimbri, Welsh, Celtic Gaelic Irish, Normans, — all derive or connect to and from the “baillie” Egyptian “Faws” (232) [hmmm “Fas”?!]!where etymological reference supposes “Bey” and “El” distinction — further origins illustrate origins of Balckamoors, Saracens, ancient Scot-Egyptians, Tartari, Sarmatians, Agathyrsi, to be of same (similar) lineage and these clans and their lineage are expressed and on and on!

It’s mind blowing!!

The book even mentions Indigenous nations and tribes such as the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Osage— as wild “Tartar” Indians (183). It’s also mentions Scythia, the British Islands, the Black Danes, indigenous Picts of the Spanish Peninsula, the Black Scots, the Bruce’s, Wallace’s, the Stewarts, Normans and Fleming’s, knighthoods and Gypsies!! All for the making of an in incredible documentary or motion blockbuster film! Yet this like much of our global history is kept and buried from our American textbooks and education system.

Question: How can you call yourself a History Teacher and NEVER teach REAL history?

New Book 📚 arrival: The Land of the Moors

Meakin, 1901

Now let’s shift gears and look at the Moorish culture from a different perspective or rather different regional location — from the Iberian Spanish peninsula to North African city of Morocco to its “White House” Casablanca (Dar el Baida) in Marrakesh and it’s ancient city Saf rebuilt and later known as Fas or Fez!

How many of us know that Alphonso V of Portugal was called Alfonso “the African”?

How blindsided are we to take American history at face value and fact? There is a massive complex history that includes Moorish -African – Indigenous lineage from Europe, what we call Africa today, the Americas and so much more!

According to one DNA testing service, my own DNA 🧬 markers show Moorish lineage to regions of Spain, Sardinia, and the indigenous Guanches off the coast of North Africa near Mauritania and Morocco!! Let alone mysterious Ireland, Britain, Welsh markers whom we can now question our admixture of so called “race” as the later entrenched legal color status classification system. It’s no wonder we have such high concentrations of “African” country- region specific mixture — Mali, Senegal, Nigerian, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Zulu and on and on!

Many of these stem originate from Kingdoms and Clans that later fell into slavery a long with the mixture of an already assimilated American territories -nations- kingships— (Pana Amaraca, And-Amaraca, Cata-Amaraca, Cax-Amaruca, Pult-Amaraca) nations— states, tribes, clans, (ports, forts) and on and on!

DID YOU KNOW: Lord Aromaia, uncle of Morequito from the valley of Amariocapana inhabitants of the Guianians (ancient Guyana) or the Brazilian Maraca and Tamaraka who worshiped their god “Hua Amamacan.” (Citation, forthcoming)

The truth will blow your mind. And we owe it to ourselves to be far less biased when reporting these facts! For instance, stating that Moors and Jews kicked out of Europe started the Atlantic Slave Trade is misleading, slant and biased without ALSO showing cultural -religious- economic factors also affecting this complex history. Not all moors were Huguenots or Jews — as some according to my books — distinguished themselves far removed from Jewery residing in their cities, towns and states – kingships. Yet there are Youtube Scholars out here promoting this biased -one sided narrative to invoke that Moors were solely responsible for the Atlantic Slave Trade and enslaving Indigenous American tribal nations. This is wholeheartedly bias and untrue or rather half/truths.

Yes “some” Moors and Huguenots did partake in enslaving Africans and Natives (Americans) but don’t be fooled into thinking that one they were not already in many of these regions and populous empires and two many fought against slavery of their brethren and their own oppression! Is this logical cultural and behavioral analysis or simple emotional optimism? No one to date has made this very powerful and much needed detailed analysis to the point of authorship. However there are indeed many oral and video accounts of this historical Moorish paradox.

Disclaimer and Commitment to Truth

Again because I have an admixture of many of these tribes, clans, nations, kingship etc from many different countries, regions and continents— I have a duty to be FAIR AND UNBIASED in my historical discoveries — most likely my Ancestors were on both sides of history!!

Truth be told we, so called “African- Moorish- Indigenous” nations actively and intentionally waged war against and with our “brethren” nations! There is no escaping this fact! And when it’s all said and rewritten we must hold ourselves accountable for our own “cause ans effect.”

I haven’t read many books on Moorish history but the few I have read are powerful beyond measure. We in America have swallowed the dirty moor narrative and thus allowed the omission of our global history to our detriment and collective ignorance.

My favorite parts of this book lean towards proving the Moors practiced and designed from ancient sciences, modern day permaculture and advanced technology focusing on agricultural and water systems! Since visiting Mexico, Quintana Roo, Tulum in the Yucatán!!! When I swam in the cave Cenotes and learned that these Olmec Mayans architecture included vast underground water systems and aqueducts tied to their religious cult motifs! Their aqueduct systems nearly identical to the original Roman and Persian (Phoenician) architectural design systems.

Some of my favorite parts of this book

Agricultural-Botany and foods, plants, trees, herbs, Waterway and Irrigation systems, Education (Universities and Colleges), ancient City and Town names, geography and their population demographics and names of kings (kingships, royalty, nobility ) and cultural behaviors!

I’ll share some notes from what I read last night while finishing my US History course!

Fez (Fas)

Education: Colleges and Universities

Irrigation and Agriculture

Note: Water systems in housing which filtered throughout the town architecture AND energy used as Grain Windmill

This book notation illustrates various towns which were set up architecturally different depending on their founder, status and sciences used in the planning. There are thus discrepancies between town water systems and availability, some houses had fully functional water systems in their homes while the outside towns had a few and relied on rainwater ans storage while instead providing public Bathhouses for their residents.

Read below the description of Moorish homes with bubbling water and pillars with tile work ans huge horseshoe doorways(255) in the city of Fez where many rich Morocco families swelled!

I will return to post on the granary mill run by the towns water supply! I’ve got much to do …

Until then,

Love ❤️ Empowerment and Truth Family

DNA Studies | Nobility and Royalty Confirmed in My Bloodline ⚜️

Peace Earth Family!

As the saying goes “bring receipts!” Well, I’m not a fan of DNA companies honestly, nor Henry Louise Gates, Jr. who’s Black mantra is “Ooh, someone was creeping in the slave quarters!” (Something to that condescending tone) Mr. Harvard Professor what about the myriad of “Black” Kingdoms and Civilizations; the ones in Africa, the Americas, and Asia (we call Europe)? Hmmm ok. Back in July I discovered and announced that my Creole family oral history revealed that I have both AmerIndian and Noble “French” European bloodlines but there’s been new discoveries much to my surprise (excerpt from my last post, below):

In fact, my own genealogy has proven my initial claim that I do indeed come from Amerindian Carib ancestors. Further research in my mother’s father’s lineage proved that I come from French European Basque royalty (Giraud du Poyet, Giraud du Poyet d’Orzon, Giraud du Poyet de Crezol (Cursolle) Giraud du Poyet de la Charbonniere). Quite remarkably, the direct Giraud – Girault lineage kept my direct descendants from slavery on the island of Guadeloupe resulting in the Giraud du Poyet to lose his inheritance and family name (Giraud du Poyet to Girault). While other ancestors who married into the Girault bloodline where engrossed in slavery, code noir, miscegenation laws  between ‘whites’ and mulattos, brown and african blood until the 1800s.

Well, since then, I’ve researched and discovered with the assistance of both Brother Aseer Duke of Tiers and Brother Kurimeo Ahau that Europeans were first an amalgamation of autocthonic (aboriginal) bloodlines and other bloodlines. In my own research I found that these earliest European nations, communities and kingdoms were not only derived first from Autocthonic Aboriginal bloodlines but very specific ancient “out of Africa” bloodlines that migrated from Central and Southeast African regions into North Africa through to Europe and other nations (regions). I have so many questions still to answer and don’t take the same position as most of my family for one who are these unknown unnamed autocthonic indigenous AmerIndians? What is the bloodline of the so called European bloodlines? Who did they marry? What is the real history of those nations and kingdoms? Who are these people truly?

It amazes me that my overwhelming mantras “goddess,” “royal,” “ancient,” feelings have come to pass with genealogical confirmation and DNA records to further support these claims I always joked about yet felt with conviction.

According to another DNA company, matching DNA with timelines and historical periods through DNA samples from Vikings, Royal Egyptian Mummies, Indigenous Americans, African Pygmies, Royal European families, etc. The company compares ‘like’ DNA samples and matches to these to people, regions, and timelines in global history. Well, what did they find?

I will not divulge “all” of the findings in this post but add to where I left off from my last Yucatan Peninsula, Central American DNA post from my discovery from Ancestry [dotcom]. For the many of us non-believers in ancestry com and other websites, as Ive stated in other posts they do share ‘some’ information on DNA even if they refuse to disclose complete DNA data due to a collusion of institutional racism and indoctrination of a false global history — I get it! But I’m not complaining here, I’m rather thankful that all of these “awakenings” feel like pieces to a puzzle that continues to point toward deep internal truths and self-realization. So here we go!

E1b1b = E-M125 ( Paleolithic Red Sea Region)

This company not only confirmed that I do indeed have said “noble” and “royal” blood lineage but that my DNA is linked to the infamous Rameses III. I almost passed out when I saw this again dreams and communication with so called Egypt for decades and one in particular most recently about Rameses III specifically I mentioned to Brother Dr. Alim Bey upon returning from Mexico!

Fascinating Facts!

  • **What is also fascinating is also having 2 royal or noble Ancient Egyptian DNA matches; E1b1a (Subsaharan-Ancient African) , and E1b1b (Paleolithic Red Sea Region).
  • I also have Haplogroup R1b (R1b1) and Haplogroup H with almost a dozen matches to almost all European Royal family houses! This includes the following European Royal Families DNA matches;
  • Romanovs Royalty
  • Greek Royalty 
  • Austrian Royalty 
  • Swedish Royalty 
  • Norwegian Royalty
  • Danish Royalty 
  • English Royalty
  • Austrian Royalty
  • Romanian Royalty
  • Polish Royalty
  • Portuguese Royalty
  • Spanish Royalty
  • Sardinian Royalty
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany
  • French Royalty 
  • Belgian Royalty
  • Prussian Royalty
  • Bohemian Royalty
H– H1, H2, H, HV Haplogroup — Connected to Southwest Asia — European Royalty Bloodlines

R1b Haplogroup — Connected to Congo Bloodline [Ancient Caribbean Autochthonous Indigenous Kar] and European Royalty Bloodlines
  • Moreover, I have both Subsaharan -Ancient African- (E1b1a)  and Paleolithic Red Sea – Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches!
  • Furthermore, the DNA marker matches show direct links to Mexico and Central America where skin color and ancestral heritage in that region where under attack by alien power. I will have to investigate this history further! Mexico City is near the Teotihuacán ruins and temple mounds. E1b1b1b1a (M81). The map details DNA matches to North, South, Central Americas, as well as, the Caribbean Islands.
  • R1b1 and R1b1c-V88 is very significant! Here is where we put on the detective hat or rather feathers and get to undo what we’ve been taught! — It is my “greater understanding” in research that this bloodline is a missing link to the so called “Natives” “Indigenous AmerIndians” in the Caribbean prior to the 1700s! In the book America and Coba and other resources which I will come back to in another article post, I will show evidence that both the so called “pygmies” spoken about as ancient ancestors of the Olmec and Mayan lineage were the Subsaharan and Congo tribes who had the same practice of “sharpening their teeth” among the Precolumbian AmerIndians, particularly the original Guadalupe — Carricueira. Many tales include tribes of small brown ‘canibals’ who sharpened and chiseled their teeth as a ritualistic and cultural practice. In America (Ogilby, 1671) it named Guadeloupe (Guadelupe) island as the “noble” and most “abundant” of all the islands in the Caribbean. Why is this? I don’t for a second believe that this was due to the flora, agriculture or amount of lizards on the island! It is also to mention that in Christopher Columbus’ journals he mentioned that one island where the women and men were separated, where Columbus and others sought these specific islands out for legends of their gold and pearls, where the island was known for its viscous tribal combat and warriors, other myths included tribes of Cannibalism with sharp teeth who guarded the gold and pearls. The islands mentioned were both Guadelupe (Guadeloupe) and Matanino (Martinque) where the women cohabited on a separate island. Legend has it that the Amazons also mentioned among Columbus’ journals were not only in Africa or in the mythological Mediterranean, but among ancient tribes among nations in the America, specifically the Caribbean. Cannibalism, however, was not practiced but the legend proved worth keeping for the autochonous warrior tribes to safeguard and keep order! For the Carricueira and Matanino, who among them practiced teeth filing? If not the whole tribe, what tribe did? I don’t believe this practice was exclusive to so called “African” sub-Saharan pygmies! If R1b has a European (Eurasian) Noble bloodline surely the root is from these so called Sub-Saharan Pygmies who were also the same ancient bloodlines of AmerIndian Autochthonous Caribbean Americans!

More DNA Marker Matches to Regions of North, South, Central America:
*AmerIndians along the Gulf of California (Baha California) also called the Red Sea on older maps! *AmerIndians Aztec- Mayan near Mexico City. * Aztec AmerIndian DNA match. *Suriname, South America DNA. *2 markers in the Caribbean Island (which overlap indecipherable). *AmerIndians of the modern 4 Corner region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah region. *AmerIndians of the South East (Florida-Georgia-South Carolina-North Carolina-Virginia)
and Northeast DC – Delaware -New York region.
  • Ancient Subsaharan (Ancient African) (E1b1a)  and Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches are linked to the following (below) E-M81, Ancient Libya Magreb, Tunisia, Morocco, North Africa and Northwest Africa Berber groups and European specifically Spain, here goes the Basque connection again, Andalusia and here’s a new one Canary Islands (which is VERY important and I will add more about later):

E-M81 is found at an average frequency of 45% in the Maghreb and Libya, with peaks at over 60% in Tunisia as well as central and southern Morocco. It is especially common among Berber populations all over Northwest Africa, including the Tuaregs. Frequencies of over 75% have been reported among the Tuaregs of Burkina Faso and Mali.

In Europe, M81 is most common in Portugal (8%), Spain (4%), as well as in France (0-6%) and Italy (0-4%), where strong regional variations are observed. M81 is especially common in western Iberia, notably Extremadura (15.5%), Andalusia (13.5%), southern Portugal (11%), the Canary Islands (11%), north-west Castille (10%) and Galicia (10%). The highest percentage of E-M81 in Europe is found among the Pasiegos (30%, n=101), an isolated community living in the mountains of Cantabria. Note the resemblance between the distribution of E-M81 and the African admixture from the Dodecad project (citation).

 More About Het-Ka-Ptah Rameses III

#44 Mystery Ancient Egyptian DNA — Khnum-N’Ankh

I will add, I have a 2nd [Mystery] Egyptian lineage [#44 DNA Lineage] which I haven’t confirmed yet which I believe is the Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) (4-thousand year old mummy), Middle Egypt and originates from the 12th Dynasty (c.1985-1773 BC), son of governorson of the son of a governor and waab-priest of Khnum. Each man was described as the son of a woman named Khnum-aa. Most likely during the Ptolemy Period. Which follows with other ancestors involved in the Crusades, Moorish, and North Africa DNA lineage to name a few.

What makes things even more interesting and weird at the same time is that I have mention of DNA matches to what appears to be a ‘modern’ subsaharan pygmy which boggles my mind! Why? Because both the Caribbean, Arawak-Kalinago Indigenous of the Antilles — Karukera (Guadeloupe) and the Autocthonic Indigenous Canary Islanders are markers in my DNA lineage — Indigenous (Aboriginal) AmerIndians on both sides of the Atlantic! Again my mind was and is blown away!

Chest from Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) tomb.

I will stop today with this but I will close to add that the above image of the chest found in the tomb of Khnum N’ankh immediately brought me back to my childhood visiting my favorite Aunt and Uncle in the Bronx, New York! Why? My Aunt Tiye had an afro pick carved in beautiful detailed color with the eyes you see above from the chest. So many amazing sychronicities to mention but I had to share this one!

Peace, Love, and Empowerment Family!