Egyptian-Maya Panthers in the Two Lands, America and Egypt

STATUES - Pre-Columbian/Olmec
Pre Columbian Olmec brown jade kneeling anthropomorphic figure

Begin to See Yourself and Your Ancestors as Global!

Quick note:

As you read and research this information yourself you will begin to find your face and your ancestor lineage all along this globe we call earth! We can not continue to keep the small-minded 'minority' pseudo theory we were indoctrinated in the educational system.  This is not only NOT your (our) history but its deceptive, misleading, and leaves the mind fragmented and scattered. You are NOT a minority!  When you research and discover Egyptian kingdoms reorient your mind  from merely one continent to the Americas (for a start). 

Cats, Deities, Dreams – Sacred Communication with the Spirit

Ancestors always speak to you, if you just listen. Through dreams, there is a gateway and platform for mystical teachings from Ancestors, Guides, Deities, the Higher Mind, the Universe, whatever you wish to call the higher forms of consciousness that are within you and around you. Cats have always been a significant part of my incarnation. In Queen Afua’s, Sacred Women initiation the goddess Sekhmet was my guardian while my communication and pull has always been the god Ptah in his many forms. As a child, I had a cat I named Shawnee not realizing how key this name was to my own familial genealogy.

Image result for sekhmet and bast
Egyptian Goddess and Deity Sekhmet

On a Quintana Roo, Cancun morning, the day I’d visit my first Mayan jungle in Tulum cats both showed themselves physically and orally. One strange-looking cat came out of nowhere had a black coat which appeared to have another coat of spots underneath then disappeared just as quickly as it showed itself. While in the jungle I heard a panther’s roar never looking back as my bike zoomed over the ancient terrain. These supernatural occurrences were powerful in Mexico.

Image result for bast statue
Bast, Egyptian Goddess holding Sistrum instrument

Modern Native Americans call these animal totems spirit animals having the power and direct communication to not only protect, but teach important information, individual and collective information. Long before, the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, the goddess Bast both intrigued me and was my familiar. Would she, however, be the domesticated house cat or in other states or dimensions be displayed as a ferocious panthera species?

Facebook Post and Species Debate

With all respects, I don’t debate. It’s big business I get it providing huge Twitter, Instagram and YouTube attention and revenue but on a deeper level in my opinion, it’s full of theatrics, entertainment, and Ego. I take an occult or gnostic view that every side is the truth. That our world, planet Earth, this Universe, these quantum dimensions are not only holographic and perceptual and dependent on ones individual experience, incarnation, purpose and lifetime consciousness that we ‘should be’ beyond the triviality of human debate and bias we think is fact or fiction. The Mind makes things real and everything is mental.

Facebook post, 9-2018

Nevertheless, in one Facebook post I had a small disagreement with another researcher and student who said that my post about Egyptian panthers was not only incorrect by a gross error. “There were no leopards in America” so my statement about leopards was wrong, they ONLY existed in Africa, while jaguars only existed in Central America to be exact. We went back and forth until we finally departed and unfollowed each other. I was convinced that Egypt and the word Panther did at one time in our massive global historical timeline exist! Only at the time I couldn’t prove it. I laughed in our departure. In my heart, the melanated panthera in my opinion was the Bast worshipped in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and spilled over into the Americas. Well in all ‘truth’ the brother was right, but so was I.

The American Cheetah originated in North America-Facts!

Thanks to a super researcher on YouTube named Kurimeo Ahu who has documented and supported the theories of Horace Butler, Ivan Van Sertima, Churchward and other scholars who have proved that not only were the original Native Americans Black but the descendants of these people in part largely the very African Americans walking on this planet to date! He was one of the first researchers I saw to show and prove the Hebrew lineage are Aboriginal Black Indians and Native Tribes that I was able to confirm through my own studies. Kurimeo also provided data on the Americas being the “real old world” and the hidden histories locked in history books of European scholars, explorers, conquistadors, conquerors, Jesuits, and others who recorded physical traits, cities, tribal mannerisms, oral legends, histories, and behaviors, of the first Americans throughout North, Central and South America. In on video Kurimeo showed and proved that many of the animals we associated and were taught came from Africa originally came from North America.

Thanks to Brother Kurimeo’s research I will present to you the American Cheetah!

Unfortunately Linnaeus (a member of Darwin’s scholarly peers (philosophy) and formed The Linnean Society) , did a great job fragmenting and grouping the very complex species of felidae cat species around the world providing each region of cat with a different name so even if a cat similar in size, shape, characteristics is found in one continent it would absolutely be classified as a different cat species based on geography. This is why you have species in North America, different from New Hampshire species, different from African species different from Asian species; panthera onca (jaguar), Acinonyx jubatus  (cheetah), Prionailurus bengalensis (leopard cat), Panthera pardus (leopard), etc. In all due respect and science, these cats ARE different in many ways.

Critical Thinking Question: Origin of the Mayan felidae

So can we say that the Olmec Mayan brought the African Cheetah to the Americas? Or was the North American Cheetah already here? Is the Mayan Olmec Egyptian kings venerating and wearing the fur of the Jaguar or early North American Cheetah, or African Cheetah that later became reclassified as the Jaguar? Perhaps that another time for research and post.

Researchers dated the first· known M. inexpectatus fossil , found in modern-day Texas , to the Pliocene , between 3.2 million and 2.5 million years· ago , according to the zoo· . They went extinct about 12 , 000 years· ago ( Geggel, 2015).


The African cheetah is commonly recognized as the world’s fastest land· mammal — but few people· have· heard of the American cheetah ( Miracinonyx ) , an extinct genus of two· feline·species that were endemic· to North America during the Pleistocene period .  

Ellis, 2019

Cat – Gods, Deities, Supernatural Beings of the Ancient Mayan Olmec Egyptian Kings

Ek Balam, The Black Jaguar

Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Ek Balam, The Black Jaguar (Panthera onca)

Egyptians in Africa and the Americas

Then I came upon Horace Butlers’, When Rocks Cry Out book and which confirmed my visions, dreams and independent research; The Egyptians were in the Americas. Not only were the Egyptians in the Americas after the fall of Atlantis, their lands, i.e., kingdoms were in the two lands of Africa on the Nile and the Americas (North, South and Central)!

Meriamom-Piankhi, of the Two Lands, Eastern Brazil on the Amazon Orinoco River, and Egypt on the Nile

Egyptian Pharaohs had the kingdoms of the Upper and Lower Egypt united! How many times have you read about this uniting of the upper and lower lands of Egypt? One of the lands was called “Tameri, the Beloved Land” referenced to be in the West.

Butler had found two antique maps dated in the 1800s of Brazil and South America. One was very detailed with the words “Maranham Piauhi” on the eastern geography of Brazil in the Americas. While the second map, displayed “Seregipe Del Rey.”

Image result for Seregipe Del Rey
two antique maps dated in the 1800s of Brazil and South America

The excerpt from Butler’s book reveals: “The map showed the name “Egypt” on the area right below Piauhi’s name! It was written “Seregipe Del Rey.” My comprehension quickly pushed the prefix “Ser” away from “egipe.” When I looked again, at the first map, Seregipe, was printed on it too.” (Butler, 2009,p.19-110). Egipe (Egypt) perhaps but “Del Rey” means “Of the King.” Most of the old maps provide truth hidden beneath foreign names. Truth in plain sight!

Image result for Seregipe Del Rey
South American Map

“How would I prove that I had seen the old, rare maps that showed a land called Egypt, in South America?”

Butler, 2009, p. 110 (When Rocks Cry Out)

Reading The Piankhi Victory Stele

This got me to thinking. Had I ever read the Piankhi stele? The answer was a solid no. So I googled it. The Victory Stele of Piye I found on Real History. The translation, however, omits specific geographic locations, and I’m not sure if this was merely copied from other translations. Piankhi travels from Kush to Memphis and other cities or nomes in the West.

source: Realhistory

Piye goes north himself

They sent to report· to the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt , Meriamon-Piankhi , given life· , on every conflict· which they had fought , and on every victory· of his majesty .

Then his majesty was enraged thereat like a panther (saying): “Have they allowed a remnant of the army of the Northland to remain· ? allowing him that went forth· of them to go· forth· , to tell· of his campaign ? not causing their death· , in order· to destroy· the last· of them ? I swear: as Re loves me ! I will myself go· northward , that I may destroy· that which he has done , that I may make· him turn· back from fighting , forever . ”

Then his majesty went forth· . . . . . . . . to hate· his soldiers , enraged at them like a panther (saying): “Is the steadfastness of your fighting this slackness· in my affairs ? Has the year reached its end· , when the fear· of me has been inspired in the Northland ? A great· and evil· blow· shall be· smitten them . ” (Capture of Oxyrhynchus, Tetehen, Hatbenua)

When day broke , at early morning , his majesty reached Memphis . When he landed on the north of it , he found that the water· had approached to the walls , the ships mooring at [the walls of] Memphis . Then his majesty saw it was strong· , and that the wall· was raised by a new rampart·, and battlements manned with mighty men· . There was found no way· of attacking it . Every man· told his opinion· among the army of his majesty , according to every rule· of war . Every man· said; “Let us besiege· [it] . . . . ; lo , its troops are numerous . ” Others said: “Let a causeway be· made against it , let· us elevate· the ground· to its walls . Let us bind together a tower; let· us erect masts and make· the spars into a bridge to it . We will divide· it on this (plan) on every side· of it , on the high· ground· and . . . . . on the north of it , in order· to elevate· the ground· at its walls , that we may find· a way· for our feet .

Then his majesty was enraged against it like a panther; he said: “I swear· , as Re loves me , as my father· , Amon [who fashioned me] , favors me , this shall befall it , according to the command· of Amon . This is what men· say: ‘[The Northland] and the nomes of the South , they opened to him from afar , they did not set Amon in their heart· , they knew not what he commanded . He (i . e . Amon) made him (i . e . Piankhi) to show·forth· his fame· , to cause· his might to be· seen . ‘ I will take· it like a flood· of water· . I have· commanded . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “(The Storming of Memphis)

Mayan Olmec – Egyptian Pre Columbian Art

Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Bonampak Mural Art
Bonampak is an ancient Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas, border of Guatemala
Image result for jaguars in mayan art
Justin Kerr. Photograph. (For educational purposes only).
supernatural jaguar god of drum and offering
Justin Kerr. Photograph. (For educational purposes only).


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