Who were the Bearded Ones in the Americas & Gnosis Schisms the split of Atlantis

More Notes and Theories:

There is much to consider here with these few accounts and narratives alone. They seem to also speak or poke at some of the stories written in the Bible. Again we must ask ourselves Could the Old World really have come from the Americas and not the so called Middle East and African region?

The more I research I find this theory to be more truth than theory. America in fact had the first horses, camels, elephants, tigers, and even lions. As an independent anthropological researcher these facts can not be overlooked.

The Bearded Ones and the Aboriginals in the Americas

Since reading about Quetzalcoatl in Mayan legend where similar folklore exists throughout the Americas. Visiting Mexico myself, I’ve been fascinated and almost obsessed with who the bearded God-figures are in our history. Another anomaly I cannot ignore is that there seems to be an interesting culture within the midst of aboriginal (autochthonous) inhabitants of these lands. You have aboriginals or so called indigenous tribes and nations and then you have these other hierarchal classes, i.e., “the bearded ones” who come as ‘gods’ to teach humanity, civilization, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and thus saves humans from themselves. This is repeated on many of the so called continents around the globe!

Throughout the book “America” (Olgiby, 1691) it is revealed that Peru and other regions shared ancient Egyptian ‘rituals’ and customs, even wearing what sounds like moslem fez hats, and wearing long robes like the Phoenicians (Ancient Persians).

The City of Cuzco which was the Royal Seat of the Peruvian Kings

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is america_book_peruvians_moors_beys_-copy.png
“America” (Olgiby, 1691, 414)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is america_book_peru_egypt_kings_queens_cuzco-copy.png
The City of Cuzco which was the Royal Seat of the Peruvian Kings. “America” (Olgiby, 1691, 414)

Here is an excerpt from the Book America describing the Royal Peruvian Cuzco Kings.

The Succession the Incas was after this manner: 

The incas keeping many Concubines had many children by them, none of which cold lay claim to the Peruvian Crown, but only the Son begotten on the Coya or Queen being generally the kings own Sister (whom they accounted lawful for them to Marry, as in Ancient times did the Egyptian kings) inherited the Realm, unless the Inga (Inca) had a lawful Brother who inherited before the Sun, though born of a Coya…the Same succession was also observed by the other Governors which the Peruvians called Curacas. (Olgiby, 1691, 414)

It’s time I dig further in my own research to answer the question of “Who were these bearded people? Canaanites, Libyans, Hyksos, Moabites, Cushites, Elamites, Amorites, broken from the crown and kingdom of out of Old Egypt? Where they an older class of Egyptians themselves? Where they from an older Chaldean or Phoenician Persian people or even Atlantis or Lemurian originated? Where there different tribal nations or different nations under one main system? Or was their constant schisms after the fall of the older world Atlantis? Which further fragmented these different ‘tribes’ and nations? (in one instance I remember Plato speaking of this tribal split and the Atlantean moving to populate in separate groups to all corners of the planet perhaps this is why these tribal nations seem to look alike and have similar features, clothing, and even customs. (The photos below and the various tribes, countries, or civilizations share this beard theme from the kings, to their depictions of gods even their enemies looked just like them wearing beards.)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is canaan_assyrian_king_fez_headdress.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mural_priest_headdress_elam_sumer.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sobekhotep_4_hyksos_cananite.jpg
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oxus_1_persia_look_westafrican_asian.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is elam_bearded-ones.jpg
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shepherd_kings_2_beard_persians.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is persian_wall-soldiers.jpg

The photos above are merely presented to show the variety of beards existing among many autochthonous tribal civilizations on the planet in the so called Old World. We can research further to find out which tribe was present on which lands with deeper study.

For now, one thing is certain, these other ruling classes seemed to “coincide” with the aboriginal tribal nations. I find this information fascinating because it rips out the history we were taught and replants the seed of a history long lost to our memory.

I, in no way, perceive a kind of utopia of brown, black, or copper colored faces all working hand in hand for the common good of the all. (I know better!) Although I have read some accounts that prior to 1492 in Spain the Moslem Moors lived along the Christians and the Jews in total peace and could only be distinguished by religious practices. (citation to come)

It would be naive and scholastically negligent of me to think or state that the kingdom in Spain reflected the same kind of energy in or throughout the Americas. According to the book America it did not.

The Schisms, Gnosis Mythology & the Book of the Dead

On a deeper metaphysical level, according to gnosis research there was always on this planet a kind of schism or duality that existed since the first of creation. This so called ‘archon’ thing has been a constant among the first peoples of this planet, the first inhabitants, the first humans, the first gods, and on and on, and on to date. Tribal wars, gang wars, even so called political wars are nothing more than the by product of an age old (ion old) war steeped in duality. And even now as I know deeply this essential truth, I struggle on another level to ‘get’ this ‘truth’ in the context of knowing the dynamics of the consciousness within proper civilizations, kingdoms, and rulerships as they pertain to history. The question I ask often is “Who were the Archons and Who were the humans with the God Particle or Soul?” In my interpretation they existed then and they exist here on this planet to date because energy never dies. Furthermore, one can stay trapped on a dimension or chakra or even a group mind or return or free oneself as the Ancient Egyptians wrote about in the Book of the Dead, “The Book of Coming Forth by Day and Night.” Another question to ponder is “Why?! where the Egyptians obsessed with death? Why did they write these books on how to escape in the Underworld? How to keep ones heart? How to not be trapped by enemies? How to use Words of Power? How to fight off snakes, and other beasts? Truth be told I’ve been fascinated by these questions since my early 20s. When I first purchased my copy of Wallis Budges, “The Book of the Dead.”

Amazing Adventures & Fantastic Facts in the Book America

Tonight my twin son came to visit and somehow I blurted out I was working on my undergrad degree in Anthropology but had already completed my minors in both communications and creative writing. A very tight smirk grimaced his face as he scalded “Why on earth would you even consider a degree in anthropology Mom? What can you use with that?”

He had little to no idea that I had my desktop covered in digital artifacts from ancient Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Americas or that I had folders and files full of snapshots from first source books and notes on lectures and readings! The secret truth was I was obsessed with history from a very different lens. I was very much steeped in anthropology through my love of cultures, folktales and mythology, histories, and artifacts and so much more. A small part of me had downloaded so much information it seemed emotionally exhausting to translate into blog or book form. The book shared remarkable accounts of what has been turned into folklore, mythology, and extracted from religious cult motif artifacts.

Often times during my research, I was so overwhelmed, startled, and shocked I was put into an emotional overwhelm and overload of what was a reality some 500 years ago. Only 527 years ago?! I’d take notes and copy photos, file them away to post and by the morning I’d be onto the next “channel” and “download” of historical information. Most of this information was blended with dreams and a kind of knowing that I’d later find in books (as confirmation) or feel as if I was discovering through the dreamworld– all of which seemed fantastic and profound. What a very different world our Ancestors lived only 500 plus years ago! It all seemed so fantastic and even outer worldly against the man made reality we live today.

Who would believe for instance that Oliby’s 1671 narrative disclosed an island in the Caribbean deserted by humans but ravaging with bat-like dragons and other weird creatures?

(Olgiby, 1671, 65)

“with abundance of Sweet Water, high Trees, Sea-spiders, and horrible Dragons, which have a sharp head, round fiery eyes, and wide mouths, wings not unlike a Bats, a speckled breast, curled tail, blew back, and two bags like a drawn satchel triangular, were under their bellies” (Olgiby, 1671, 65)

Or that in that same narrative there was a River Daria?

Seriously? Daria, whose name I share seemed to be passed down through more than mere coincidence of my mother? It was the very name I had found in my matrilineal genealogy record (research). A (Daria Vala) whose original origin I have yet to confirm marrying into the “free” “mulato” “Creole” family in Guadeloupe. This name had confirmed deeper feelings to this mysterious family members’ possible “South American” origins further sealing connection to my family’s South-Central-Caribbean connection and lineage and oral geneaological history. Furthermore, ancient maps proved that the River Daria predated the River Darian (Darien) or the Darien.

“The Spaniards which Encamp’d near the River Daria, on Uraba, perceiving this, and knowing they had no manner of supply from Hispaniola, and having already”
(Olgiby, 1671)

Ancient maps and first source book readings also provided evidence that a few Persian (Phoenician) Kings were called King Daryus and recorded in Ancient Egypt (but we will revisit this later).

If you look closely you can read that not only was there a River Daria but it was “on Uraba”. Uraba is noted as being part of the Kingdom of Tera Firma which included several countries or regions in South and Central America prior to colonization and paper genocide. This struck a deep chord within me as many of the narratives in the book America referenced this large content and kingdom Uraba. Yet I had NEVER heard of this long forgotten lost continent in any other history book I had ever read! What was this Uraba?

And so my tiny brain began to churn that night to the following questions, conclusions and theories?

  • Could this have also been pronounced like the Yoruba on the continent we know today called Africa in the country Nigeria?
  • Perhaps Uraba could also be pronounced or “Aruba”! A-R-U-B-A
  • Was the continent once called “Uraba” U-R-A-B-A by the autochthonous inhabitants downsized through colonization and war replaced by the name New Andalusia and New Grenada then later renamed South America?
  • Could the once large continent have also been long forgotten and erased from the history books (and minds) been relabeled onto a much smaller piece of land what we call today “Aruba” sharing a very ancient name we knew very little about?

(I’ve got a lot more on the Uraba reference I will share later. )

(Citation to come )

Or that in the book America disclosed sightings and visitation of a region of giants (or Nephilim) in the Americas?

“Strange Adventures of Nine Spaniards meeting with Great Giants” (Olgiby, 1671).

Or that prior to Columbus’ arrival it was well noted by the autochthonous island inhabitants and their neighbors that Caribbean people lived to be over 160 years old and their women to bare children at 80 years old?

“The Caribbeeans attain to an exceeding great Age: Charles de Rotchfort witnessed, That in time there liv’d Men who remembered the first arrival of the  Spaniards under the Command of Christopher Columbus, which considered, they could not belief the each of them a hundred and sixty years old. Many Women also were found there, who bare Children after they were eighty years of age: yet nevertheless they are not free from sickness and distempers which cannot just be attributed to Climate,” 

(Olgiby, 1671, 361).

Where Can YOU Read this?

Smithsonian Online Book (Kindle, PDF, ePub, download)

Citation (APA Style): 

Ogilby, John. (1671). America. Printed by the author. Retrieved from https://biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/62761

Other books:

Budge, E. A. W., & Romer, J. (2008). The Egyptian book· of the dead·. London, England: Penguin Group.

Budge, E. A. W. (1908). The Book on Egypt and Chaldea, The Book of Kings. London, England.
 Kegan Paul , Trench, Trübner & Company, Limited.

Photos from the Book America (Olgiby) and the website: www.realhistoryww.com for educational and research purposes only.

Books to Study, Read, Note and Contemplate

I wouldn’t say I’m an avid reader, but I do read books in this day and age of information overload. In addition, I don’t just read, I listen to YouTube lectures. But, I don’t just listen to Youtube lectures or uploads for mere entertainment without taking notes — either in my head (brain), on old fashioned paper via a journal, or computer. Today was one of those days, I’m flipping through Ivan Van Sertima’s books via Scribd and here it is Runoko Rashidi‘s chapter, African Goddesses Mothers of Civilization, in Black Women in Antiquity (1984). My personal notes and theories are confirmed! Again I had been stumped after listening last week or so to Mama Zogbe‘s lectures and seeking “The Why.”

I had been watching a lecture with Dr. Phil Valentine and inspired by opening comments by wife and husband team Mfundishi Jhutyms Hasan Salim (Kupigana Ngumi, 1994) and Seshatms MaatNefert El-Salim. I was astonished at their opening ritual of honoring the ancestors globally. (Instinctively I’ve known this and shared my deep “gospel” with close family but hadn’t heard many others with the same (similar) sentiment). Their libations honored the Ancestors from all four corners of the planet and recognized our melinated ancient ones and family ancestors from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. My heart was filled with happiness and I exhaled. I had cut the video short — while reading Van Sertima’s, Black Women in Antiquity (1984) and The Golden Age of the Moor (1991) when I stumbled on a Bobby Hemmitt video which put some of these fragmented histories into proper perspective (for me!!!).

Synchronicities and Studies

Sometimes the magic happens where one YouTuber (in this case Blue Pill and Red Pill) will spark a note of data that connects to a plethora of notes I’ve been gathering from many sources that seem, somehow, scattered and unconnected but obsessively interwoven from the most inner passages of my DNA only to find a truths ( or synchronicities) from master scholars like Bobby Hemmitt point to books while seemingly roll missing (lost) histories right off the tongue! These are the “Aha” moments that bring me to shaking my head in understanding and in agreement based on my own fragmented notes. Surely, I had heard this lecture before but how did all this information seem to float above my head without me truly “knowing” that this mythology (story) was also cloaked from our incredible human history- our black history.

A Few Books to Read, Study, Take Notes, and Contemplate:

Black Women in Antiquity (Ivan Van Sertima)

Golden Age of the Moors (Ivan Van Sertima)

Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire (Drusilla Dunjee Houston)

Ye are Gods (Annalise Scranton) 

The Sibyls, The Prophetess of Mami Wata (Mama Zogbe)

Mami Wata Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled (Mama Zogbe)

Egyptian-Maya Panthers in the Two Lands, America and Egypt

STATUES - Pre-Columbian/Olmec
Pre Columbian Olmec brown jade kneeling anthropomorphic figure

Begin to See Yourself and Your Ancestors as Global!

Quick note:

As you read and research this information yourself you will begin to find your face and your ancestor lineage all along this globe we call earth! We can not continue to keep the small-minded 'minority' pseudo theory we were indoctrinated in the educational system.  This is not only NOT your (our) history but its deceptive, misleading, and leaves the mind fragmented and scattered. You are NOT a minority!  When you research and discover Egyptian kingdoms reorient your mind  from merely one continent to the Americas (for a start). 

Cats, Deities, Dreams – Sacred Communication with the Spirit

Ancestors always speak to you, if you just listen. Through dreams, there is a gateway and platform for mystical teachings from Ancestors, Guides, Deities, the Higher Mind, the Universe, whatever you wish to call the higher forms of consciousness that are within you and around you. Cats have always been a significant part of my incarnation. In Queen Afua’s, Sacred Women initiation the goddess Sekhmet was my guardian while my communication and pull has always been the god Ptah in his many forms. As a child, I had a cat I named Shawnee not realizing how key this name was to my own familial genealogy.

Image result for sekhmet and bast
Egyptian Goddess and Deity Sekhmet

On a Quintana Roo, Cancun morning, the day I’d visit my first Mayan jungle in Tulum cats both showed themselves physically and orally. One strange-looking cat came out of nowhere had a black coat which appeared to have another coat of spots underneath then disappeared just as quickly as it showed itself. While in the jungle I heard a panther’s roar never looking back as my bike zoomed over the ancient terrain. These supernatural occurrences were powerful in Mexico.

Image result for bast statue
Bast, Egyptian Goddess holding Sistrum instrument

Modern Native Americans call these animal totems spirit animals having the power and direct communication to not only protect, but teach important information, individual and collective information. Long before, the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, the goddess Bast both intrigued me and was my familiar. Would she, however, be the domesticated house cat or in other states or dimensions be displayed as a ferocious panthera species?

Facebook Post and Species Debate

With all respects, I don’t debate. It’s big business I get it providing huge Twitter, Instagram and YouTube attention and revenue but on a deeper level in my opinion, it’s full of theatrics, entertainment, and Ego. I take an occult or gnostic view that every side is the truth. That our world, planet Earth, this Universe, these quantum dimensions are not only holographic and perceptual and dependent on ones individual experience, incarnation, purpose and lifetime consciousness that we ‘should be’ beyond the triviality of human debate and bias we think is fact or fiction. The Mind makes things real and everything is mental.

Facebook post, 9-2018

Nevertheless, in one Facebook post I had a small disagreement with another researcher and student who said that my post about Egyptian panthers was not only incorrect by a gross error. “There were no leopards in America” so my statement about leopards was wrong, they ONLY existed in Africa, while jaguars only existed in Central America to be exact. We went back and forth until we finally departed and unfollowed each other. I was convinced that Egypt and the word Panther did at one time in our massive global historical timeline exist! Only at the time I couldn’t prove it. I laughed in our departure. In my heart, the melanated panthera in my opinion was the Bast worshipped in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and spilled over into the Americas. Well in all ‘truth’ the brother was right, but so was I.

The American Cheetah originated in North America-Facts!

Thanks to a super researcher on YouTube named Kurimeo Ahu who has documented and supported the theories of Horace Butler, Ivan Van Sertima, Churchward and other scholars who have proved that not only were the original Native Americans Black but the descendants of these people in part largely the very African Americans walking on this planet to date! He was one of the first researchers I saw to show and prove the Hebrew lineage are Aboriginal Black Indians and Native Tribes that I was able to confirm through my own studies. Kurimeo also provided data on the Americas being the “real old world” and the hidden histories locked in history books of European scholars, explorers, conquistadors, conquerors, Jesuits, and others who recorded physical traits, cities, tribal mannerisms, oral legends, histories, and behaviors, of the first Americans throughout North, Central and South America. In on video Kurimeo showed and proved that many of the animals we associated and were taught came from Africa originally came from North America.

Thanks to Brother Kurimeo’s research I will present to you the American Cheetah!

Unfortunately Linnaeus (a member of Darwin’s scholarly peers (philosophy) and formed The Linnean Society) , did a great job fragmenting and grouping the very complex species of felidae cat species around the world providing each region of cat with a different name so even if a cat similar in size, shape, characteristics is found in one continent it would absolutely be classified as a different cat species based on geography. This is why you have species in North America, different from New Hampshire species, different from African species different from Asian species; panthera onca (jaguar), Acinonyx jubatus  (cheetah), Prionailurus bengalensis (leopard cat), Panthera pardus (leopard), etc. In all due respect and science, these cats ARE different in many ways.

Critical Thinking Question: Origin of the Mayan felidae

So can we say that the Olmec Mayan brought the African Cheetah to the Americas? Or was the North American Cheetah already here? Is the Mayan Olmec Egyptian kings venerating and wearing the fur of the Jaguar or early North American Cheetah, or African Cheetah that later became reclassified as the Jaguar? Perhaps that another time for research and post.

Researchers dated the first· known M. inexpectatus fossil , found in modern-day Texas , to the Pliocene , between 3.2 million and 2.5 million years· ago , according to the zoo· . They went extinct about 12 , 000 years· ago ( Geggel, 2015).


The African cheetah is commonly recognized as the world’s fastest land· mammal — but few people· have· heard of the American cheetah ( Miracinonyx ) , an extinct genus of two· feline·species that were endemic· to North America during the Pleistocene period .  

Ellis, 2019

Cat – Gods, Deities, Supernatural Beings of the Ancient Mayan Olmec Egyptian Kings

Ek Balam, The Black Jaguar

Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Ek Balam, The Black Jaguar (Panthera onca)

Egyptians in Africa and the Americas

Then I came upon Horace Butlers’, When Rocks Cry Out book and which confirmed my visions, dreams and independent research; The Egyptians were in the Americas. Not only were the Egyptians in the Americas after the fall of Atlantis, their lands, i.e., kingdoms were in the two lands of Africa on the Nile and the Americas (North, South and Central)!

Meriamom-Piankhi, of the Two Lands, Eastern Brazil on the Amazon Orinoco River, and Egypt on the Nile

Egyptian Pharaohs had the kingdoms of the Upper and Lower Egypt united! How many times have you read about this uniting of the upper and lower lands of Egypt? One of the lands was called “Tameri, the Beloved Land” referenced to be in the West.

Butler had found two antique maps dated in the 1800s of Brazil and South America. One was very detailed with the words “Maranham Piauhi” on the eastern geography of Brazil in the Americas. While the second map, displayed “Seregipe Del Rey.”

Image result for Seregipe Del Rey
two antique maps dated in the 1800s of Brazil and South America

The excerpt from Butler’s book reveals: “The map showed the name “Egypt” on the area right below Piauhi’s name! It was written “Seregipe Del Rey.” My comprehension quickly pushed the prefix “Ser” away from “egipe.” When I looked again, at the first map, Seregipe, was printed on it too.” (Butler, 2009,p.19-110). Egipe (Egypt) perhaps but “Del Rey” means “Of the King.” Most of the old maps provide truth hidden beneath foreign names. Truth in plain sight!

Image result for Seregipe Del Rey
South American Map

“How would I prove that I had seen the old, rare maps that showed a land called Egypt, in South America?”

Butler, 2009, p. 110 (When Rocks Cry Out)

Reading The Piankhi Victory Stele

This got me to thinking. Had I ever read the Piankhi stele? The answer was a solid no. So I googled it. The Victory Stele of Piye I found on Real History. The translation, however, omits specific geographic locations, and I’m not sure if this was merely copied from other translations. Piankhi travels from Kush to Memphis and other cities or nomes in the West.

source: Realhistory

Piye goes north himself

They sent to report· to the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt , Meriamon-Piankhi , given life· , on every conflict· which they had fought , and on every victory· of his majesty .

Then his majesty was enraged thereat like a panther (saying): “Have they allowed a remnant of the army of the Northland to remain· ? allowing him that went forth· of them to go· forth· , to tell· of his campaign ? not causing their death· , in order· to destroy· the last· of them ? I swear: as Re loves me ! I will myself go· northward , that I may destroy· that which he has done , that I may make· him turn· back from fighting , forever . ”

Then his majesty went forth· . . . . . . . . to hate· his soldiers , enraged at them like a panther (saying): “Is the steadfastness of your fighting this slackness· in my affairs ? Has the year reached its end· , when the fear· of me has been inspired in the Northland ? A great· and evil· blow· shall be· smitten them . ” (Capture of Oxyrhynchus, Tetehen, Hatbenua)

When day broke , at early morning , his majesty reached Memphis . When he landed on the north of it , he found that the water· had approached to the walls , the ships mooring at [the walls of] Memphis . Then his majesty saw it was strong· , and that the wall· was raised by a new rampart·, and battlements manned with mighty men· . There was found no way· of attacking it . Every man· told his opinion· among the army of his majesty , according to every rule· of war . Every man· said; “Let us besiege· [it] . . . . ; lo , its troops are numerous . ” Others said: “Let a causeway be· made against it , let· us elevate· the ground· to its walls . Let us bind together a tower; let· us erect masts and make· the spars into a bridge to it . We will divide· it on this (plan) on every side· of it , on the high· ground· and . . . . . on the north of it , in order· to elevate· the ground· at its walls , that we may find· a way· for our feet .

Then his majesty was enraged against it like a panther; he said: “I swear· , as Re loves me , as my father· , Amon [who fashioned me] , favors me , this shall befall it , according to the command· of Amon . This is what men· say: ‘[The Northland] and the nomes of the South , they opened to him from afar , they did not set Amon in their heart· , they knew not what he commanded . He (i . e . Amon) made him (i . e . Piankhi) to show·forth· his fame· , to cause· his might to be· seen . ‘ I will take· it like a flood· of water· . I have· commanded . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “(The Storming of Memphis)

Mayan Olmec – Egyptian Pre Columbian Art

Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Image result for jaguar kings in mayan
Bonampak Mural Art
Bonampak is an ancient Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas, border of Guatemala
Image result for jaguars in mayan art
Justin Kerr. Photograph. (For educational purposes only).
supernatural jaguar god of drum and offering
Justin Kerr. Photograph. (For educational purposes only).


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The Seeds we plant (excerpt from NaturalSelfGoddess blog)



Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I rarely “speak” on politics or world events because, 1. I’m an observer,
2. I realize the relationship between my Commodity (Attention) and Emotions as fuel, energy and magic for the very things/actions I don’t agree with,
3. I hate giving away my power …. but I’m compelled to share just a bit of information as my critical thinking 🤔 cap sees these absurd shenanigans playing out during these times in our world history.

When there is No knowledge of Self (Historical Accountability) Humans will co-sign and act out pure absurdity…

Everything is kinnected (remember these words).

The Government of Brazil is in bed w the Very American Corporations who want to Grow MORE cattle and chicken (monoculture) farms while putting the World at Risk for greater Climate Disasters due to our current  Environmental Crisis. There is also a spiritual side of side of things that remain hidden that most do not know, see, or care to even research.

“Intensive monoculture depletes soil· and leaves it vulnerable to erosion· . Chemical fertilizer runoff and CAFO wastes add· to global warming emissions and create·oxygen-deprived “dead zones” at the mouths of major waterways . Herbicides and insecticides harm· wildlife and can pose· human health risks as well . Biodiversity in and near monoculture fields takes a hit· , as populations of birds and beneficial·insects decline (U. of C. S. (n. d.).”

The Amazon Rainforest ADEs (is) was a deeply rich manmade soil (Biodiversity) developed and constructed by the Ancient African Aboriginal Indigenous Mayans (Olmecs) [quick History Lesson: who btw were from “Egypt” ie Egyptian And Hebrew Pharaohs (Butler, 2009), the United Upper and Lower Egyptian Lands referenced on the hieroglyphs were in the East, ie (Africa) AND the West, ie (the Americas). I will leave that right there to marinate if anyone wants receipts I’ve got a dozen or more books 📚 you can research and confirm.]

ASEs are called Amazonian Dark Earths, Archaeologic Dark Earths, or Anthropogenic Dark Earths (Churchman & Landa, 2014).

These Egyptian Olmec Xia Hebrew Kings residing in the Kingdoms of the Americas (Churchward,1910)  ie Mexico, Guatemala, (Peru), Belize, El Salvador, Brazil used “high science” chemistry, agriculture and architecture to CREATE the sacred land (ancient ecosystem) of the Amazon Rainforest what we call today “The Lungs” of the Planet” (BBC, 2014). As we sit back and watch this land burn without truly knowing our direct kinnection to the land, we ignorantly allow our energy to be used and swayed by propaganda and brands. (Smh)

“The Amazon Basin is of continental size, about the size of the lower 48 states of the U.S.A., and consists mostly of Brazilian territory, but also extends into neighboring Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas” (Churchman & Landa, 2014, p.238).

The Amazon soil is called Terra  Preta  also known as “Black Soil” “Indigenous Soil” “Dark Earth” “Black Earth” is unique anthropogenic  CARBON RICH SOIL FERTILITY These great ancient ancestors (the Egyptian Olmecs) knew intrinsically (naturally) .the vital relationship between soil-health ie land fertility and mans-health ie human fertility. The direct “kinnection” between the Earth and Agriculture and Human  Life and to not only use technology to preserve and create sustainable systems that safeguard the natural balance and order of such natural systems but enhance and provide solutions for generations thereafter. Because to go against these “natural systems and orders” for “new world orders or systems” that oppose nature is genocide against humanity itself, ie the universal law of cause and effect (reaping what you sow).

Just food for thought albeit controversial.

(I’d love to write more on this subject ….) Until then, Love you Global Family!


Check it out for yourself!

Below is a small list of books and articles you can read fully to create your own opinions, thoughts, facts and ideas. Although we are in a time and age where information is abundant many are starved from the lack of  the truth, facts, real news, and real history of our planet and human family. This worldview perception causes a great disparity of consciousness and allows others to control realities. So read, read,  and read some more! Continue to awaken ….

In Love, Truth, and Empowerment! 


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Mississippi Mound Builders Project

I’m just 24 hours after “completing” my Mississippi Mound builder archeology project and I use that word loosely these days, because I am always finding (discovering) new information that expands my perspective, knowledge, and understanding of our human past and familial lineage. What turned out to be only 12 pages turned into a whooping 50 pages leaving my Lyft driver to question if i was in a graduate degree program or undergrad program. What happened is the more I ‘dug’, the more I found, and had to add to the project! (And I wanted to add MORE!! but time and technology wouldn’t permit me to do so!)

I am so thankful I went through the ups and downs in this class. As I reached the end, my Mac gained incredible supernatural-paranormal powers which seemed to interfere with even editing these PowerPoint and Word documents. In the end, however, I got a whooping B+ (only because I turned it in late with all the issues I had). Nevertheless, it like my first and second anthropology courses have enriched my life in such a way that I no longer see our world, history, or our story the same! I plan to share more… will keep you posted!

Draft Journal Notes: the dogon, feathered serpents, and amphibian mythologies

nommo_dogonDraft Journal Notes:

I have sketched out my thoughts and plan to come back to provide more detailed and in-depth citations, photos with descriptions, and direct resources for your studies. These are my thoughts I had to let flow that I had been holding onto since before Thanksgiving 2018. I thought it was “time” I let some of this flow through as its been a highly beautiful healing and synchronistic flow where research, meets art, myth, and ancient truth-telling (through my lens, of course).

I am deep into research about the Dogon, the Dagon, Dogu, the Sirian origins, Sirius star systems, African mythologies, and the African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. Why?

Since my return from Mexico, I’ve been fascinated with the serpent mythology, symbology, iconography and dualistic characteristics this animal totem seems to hold in our collective human psyche.   There is a split in consciousness, rhetoric, and belief about who and what these creatures have been. Those who see this alien serpent creature as the evil Dracos who control the ills of the illuminati vs the ancient adage Quetzalcoatl Kundalini white light god who raises humanity from its ignorant demise.

I was utterly confused! Who are these snake creatures, these amphibian beings, this feathered serpent saviour that were once primal beings on this planet Earth?

Hopi Native American Tribe South West United States, descendents of the Anasazi – Mayan clans



Dogon of Mali, West Africa, linked to Egyptian and Olmec Mayan mysteries

There seem to be not only great division, but confusion on who and what is controlling our world and our minds. I had been in and out of several of Brother Dr. Alim Bey’s lectures on everything from chakras and pranic healing to Moor and Freemanson histories, to Light Beings to revisiting his Ancient Aliens, Sirius, Sebek lecture he sent me this morning. Little did I remember in my plethora of research, YouTubes last-view feature would set me on a research frenzy! Igniting the night before where a Kemetic Yogi Martial artist Teacher Brother had literally tickled my ajna (brow chakra) into revisiting the Dreamspell Mayan glyphs and “time is art” frequency! It was the perfect prelude to Dr. Alim’s lecture on the Sirians, and the Dogon! I immediately thought of the Lemba (South African-Zimbabwe) tribal people and their played-down ancient Semetic past hidden in their male DNA who European Semetic Jews talk away as “slaves of their ancestors!”  (For now I will leave that confused and confusing explanation alone!)

Hopi Tribe, Southwest Arizona, Kachina Doll of the Sky People


Hopi Tribe, Ancient Pueblo of the  Four Corners region of the United States, comprising southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado.

These would all seem like dissociated parts of our human timeline puzzle but they are in reality very vital details to our overall hidden history on this planet. Sadly however, these pieces or clues are usually for the more advanced seeker contemplating the truth of our human origins and these “clues” are usually hidden in the annals of the Vatican, Smithsonian, and University vaults, libraries, and basements (literally I have proof of this being the case and will share in my revision!).

These clues to our puzzle are labeled psuedo-anthropology, psuedo-archeology, and psuedu-history propagandized as either myth, legend, or marvel comic fictional sci-fi novels made into blockbuster million dollar movies. And herein lies the great confusion and internal battle we face today.  Ironically, these psuedo histories, mythologies, and artifacts are hidden and paradoxically worshipped and taken on new identities as secret gods worshiped by the elite and secret orders of illuminiti, masons, royalty, and governmental banking powers while the millions of masses are subjugated under the The Papal Bull “Inter Caetera,” issued by Pope Alexander VI (May 4, 1493) to date in the form of accepted mainstream religion.


This past Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself in the theatres watching the marvel debut of Aquaman (Marvel, 2018) which further illustrates our confused inner-outer war with the aquarian fish creatures of our ancient Atlantean earth-cosmic past. The good vs evil heroic theme is as ancient as Heru vs Set and in every Hollywood story yet rarely if ever tells the accurate truth-telling to our historical-mythological past. Watching the (Hawaiian) Aquaman blast his (African-American) antithesis Black Manta was difficult and uneasy to watch and maybe I’m sensitive with good reason. For one, I knew enough to roll my eyes at the Hollywood whitewash of our global mythical past and who once again turned “black” into a demonizing energy when in the actual mythology the tables were turned.

Black Mantas and Aquaman (Marvel Comics, 2018)

When I saw the warrior suit Black Manta had created from the royal Atlantean aquatic-alien technology, I gasped and remembered the screenshots I had saved in my research folder about the Japanese Dogu figurines I had found researching the Dogon, Sirius, and alien water beings called the Nommo weeks before. The similarities were uncanny and could not have been coincidence but rather intentional probing of the subconscious mind and poking at our human alien African global mythology.




After all, I have seen images of very negroid (African) ancient Sumerians and Akkadians (Cretans, Libyans, Eustrians and Minoans) who told the tales of the ancient mermen and merwoman; Ea, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag primordial creation beings. These older Sumerian, Babylonian, Mesopotamia tribes being the ancestors to the Chaldeans who are the fathers of the Jewish Kabbalah.






Furthermore, I had heard of the Dogon Sirius constellation myths speaking of “amphibious” creator beings from the stars who were fish beings called the Nommo. I had just researched Lemuria, Atlantean, and Freemason (Egyptian) mythology and historical origins from authors like Frank Joseph, Albert Churchward, David Childress, Ignatius Donnelly, and Gerald Massey and my mind was both open and blown! 

No matter if the original Black Manta suit was graphically created in 1967 or 2018, surely these comic artists and storytellers were linked to the hidden global history many of our miseducated enculturated population was less than privy of knowing or accepting.



I feel that the information often comes so fast I don’t always have enough time to take the properly detailed notes I desire to compile for these kind of posts. They are more of mix of graphic visuals (symbology) speaking above my comments at this point of time. But I will come back to explain my thoughts and findings in detail❤️.  Hopefully, these images and thoughts make you go “Hmmm.” Perhaps you will be motivated to start your own research and know the ‘truth’ of our global history. I pray that you will expand your consciousness and explore your face history on probe these many continents, counties, nations, and tribes around the world!

Looking forward to completing this .. until then be well, be empowered and expand consciousness and love! ❤️

~ Daria (Ria)

things that make you go “hmmm”

from the realhistoryww.com




Retouched visual depictions of ancient ‘races’ of Libyans, Nubians, Asiatiacs, and Egyptians

Untouched depictions of ‘races’ of Libyans, Syrians, Nubians




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More Information from: www.realhistoryww.com


Masters of the Sea, Navigation, & Trade

A Few Notes:

I actually posted a few weeks ago on my Facebook page about finding an astrolobe (ancient Egyptian)  navigational technology artifact. I didn’t find it literally, I simply discovered that our ancient ancestors had such technology and used this to navigate from the African contingent (Verde Islands)  to the Americas including (Cuba, Central America, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, the Southern Gulf Coast, Mexico, the Yucatan, the Azore Islands, Bermuda regions). I will provide a new post connecting the mastery of trade as I learn more. I have read in several books how our ancestors were trading in the orient along the Silk Road,  as well as in the Americas from the Gulf Coast. When I visited Mexico, the archeology sites noted this was historical evidence. So I will in a later post provide research that link these ancient African and American civilizations to trade and commerce.

Sternenscheibe von Sangerhausen
Neibra (Nebra) Disk Ancient Maritime Aeronautical Technology and Discovery of the West (the Americas, ie Transatlantic Navigational Routes) Bronze Age. 

I was astounded that this was discovered and yet not in any of my anthropological books! I was reading a book called, “Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America” by Joseph Frank and was purely astounded at what our American and foreign academic institutions seem to suppress, omit, and hide from our scholarship. This must be on purpose! To discredit, deny and hide the genius of the dark colored race on this planet. Why else would this be hidden? Sad but truth!

Ancient Egyptian (Nubian) boats and African navigation. British Museum. 


We are instead left in the dark about our place in global history and the genius our many tribal people had on this planet.  Instead we are taught a narrative that is negative from its conception that denote the “black” in the Americas and abroad as inferior, and incapable of governing themselves or managing their resources and land! This does not stop with only the “white” or caucasian race, but as much as part of the “black” and pan African mind. Today there is a huge divide in consciousness about our origins, our global history, our human history, our American – African history to the Americas.  The old narrative is beginning to break up and many people of awakening to not only the truth but the evidence that is readily available to all who dare to pick up a book and read. Maybe this is why it was against the law in America for “blacks’ and slaves to read!


Personally, I’ve had “black” African “Facebook friends” feel offended by my posting of any evidence or facts on America’s autochthonic roots, i.e., that we were here before Columbus and that we were not solely brought to the Americas by slave ship. I often ask and wonder “why” is this so offensive to other so called black people?


We must begin to expand our consciousness on this planet. We have to begin to acknowledge that we have a complex history on this planet that also include star or planetary origins, which pushes the scope of consciousness even further out of the normal sphere of understanding or acceptance. Many tribes around the globe attest to our ancient cosmic origins like the Hopi, Dogon, the Zulus, Egyptians, Mayans, aboriginals of Australia, and many, many more.

Tomb of Sennefer, showing ancient African row and sail around the 18th Dynasty (Bronze Age). 

Focus on evidence

Perhaps this cosmic origin  is for another post, at this moment I will concentrate my focus on this one ‘find’ that our ancestors did indeed navigate these waters, the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, etc and brought civilization, writing, astronomy, cosmology, religion, spirituality, metallurgy, the sciences, yoga, the arts, medicine, architecture, magic, technology, and agriculture to these regions. They were the first to inhabit the corners of the world and I’m astounded as I continue independent studies at just how vast and deep these autochthonic cultures existed and the very regions (continents) they inhabited.  For now, I will focus on the astrolobe and share my findings with the family.

Ancient Egyptian Aeronautical Astrolabe Technology – (Joseph, 2006)

Neibra (Nebra) Disk Ancient Maritime Aeronautical Technology and Discovery of the West (the Americas, ie Transatlantic Navigational Routes)

Bronze Age – 18th Dynasty


Digital StillCamera
The Nebra sky disk is a bronze disk of around 30 centimeters (12 in) diameter and a weight of 2.2 kilograms (4.9 lb), with a blue-green patina and inlaid with gold symbols. These are interpreted generally as a sun or full moon, a lunar crescent, and stars (including a cluster interpreted as the Pleiades). Two golden arcs along the sides, marking the angle between the solstices, were added later. A final addition was another arc at the bottom surrounded with multiple strokes (of uncertain meaning, variously interpreted as a Solar Barge with numerous oars, as the Milky Way, or as a rainbow). Source: Wikipedia, Nebra Sky Disk

Through the use of encoded latitudes such as these, the Niebra Disc reveals itself as an ancient astrolabe. It was a navigational instrument that enabled Bronze Age sea-farers to complete their transatlantic voyages to and from America millennia before this device was reinvented in the High Middle Ages. The discovery of this sin gular artifact shows that pre-Classical sailors were, in fact, aided by a maritime technology sufficiently advanced to allow successful round-trip expeditions between the Old and New Worlds many centuries before Columbus.



Let us assume that the “boat” is upright on the ocean, with the moon near the eastern horizon, and the Sun moving toward the west. Usually, in megalithic petroglyphs, the center of the eastern horizon is the Straits of Gibraltar, on the coast of the Old World. The Tropic of Cancer leaves the continent of Africa at 23 degrees North, synonymous for the disc’s 23 stars. This is the historic place they wanted to cross the ocean in honor of the sun-god, Ra.




In the bowl, or “boat” image

on the Niebra Disc are three

stars (1, 2, 3) which correspond

to the three island groups of

the Cape Verde Islands, off the

West African coast. Below the

centers of the Sun and the

Moon are 15 stars, the latitude

of the most southern Cape

Verde Islands (15 degrees

north), and the sailing direction

from there, 15 degrees west

south west, to South America,

as well as Cape Gracias-a-Dios,

the east Cape of Honduras,

also at 15 degrees north.




15 degrees north, 15 degrees West, 15 degrees north

The 15th star touches the western

horizon, where the culture of

Central America begins.

30 STARS — CORRECT LENGTH OF SOUTHERN CROSSING (30dl, 39 degrees = 3,333 kilometers

The Disc’s 30 stars comprise the

correct length of the Southern

Crossing, 30dl (distance lines),

or 30 degrees, equal to 3,333 kilometers.

boat 5
British Museum


STARS #16, #17 – OLMEC CIVILIZATION@ Gulf of Campeche at 18 degrees north.

On the left side of the Sun is

another star (15), the position

of which is associated with

Maya ceremonial centers along

the North Coast of Honduras,

Belize, and Guatemala at 16 de-

grees north.

Above them are two more stars (17, 18) at the center of Olmec Civilization near the southern basin of the Gulf of Campeche at 18 degrees north.

STARS #19,#20  – NORTH BORDER OLMEC CIVILIZATION @ Southern Coast Gulf Campeche (i.e.,

Gibraltar at 36 degrees north)

Above these, are two

more stars (19, 20), bordering

the northern border of the

Olmec world at 20 degrees

north. The center of the western

horizon (formerly in gold on

the Niebra Disc) corresponds

to the southern coast of the

Gulf of Campeche and is clearly

situated on the artifact west

south west of the center on the

eastern horizon. It thus agrees

with latitudes for Gibraltar at 36

degrees north, confirming the

discovery of America before the

1600 B.C. date for the Niebra



21 degrees North

At its top appears the 21st

star (21) corresponding to the

northeast Cape of Yucatan at 21

degrees north.

#22 STAR – CUBA (22degrees North)

The 22nd star gives the latitude of southwest Cuba at 22 degrees north. If the group of seven stars did, in

fact, signify the Constellation of

the Pleiades, their appearance

in the sky may have coincided

the end of the sailing season

each late autumn.


#32 —- BERMUDA *** 😉 32 degrees North

They likewise join two more adjacent stars (22, 23) to form the Azore Islands. The moon on the Disc then corresponds to Madeira. If we count two more stars be-

hind the eastern horizon of the

gold object (15, 16), their total

number would be 32, encoding

the latitude of Bermuda at 32

degrees North.



The disk, two bronze swords, two hatchets, a chisel, and fragments of spiral bracelets were discovered in 1999 by Henry Westphal and Mario Renner.

Swords found with Nebra Disc made of bronze. The precise dating of the Nebra sky disk depended upon the dating of a number of Bronze Age weapons, which were offered for sale with the disk and said to be from the same site. These axes and swords can be dated typologically to the mid 2nd millennium BC. Radiocarbon dating of a birchbark particle found on one of the swords to between 1600 and 1560 BC confirmed this estimate. This corresponds to the date of burial, at which time the disk had likely been in existence for several generations. Source: Wikipedia, Nebra Sky Disks





Joseph, Frank. (2006). Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America: Lost History and Legends, Unearthed and Explored. Franklin Lakes, NJ. New Page Books.

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Roots was a Lie! – It’s Okay, we were here…

Roots Hollywood Plagiarism story is a well known fact, or is it….



Peace and Blessings Global Family,

I have to write a quick post as a response to a bit of backlash I just received from someone on YouTube. My feed popped up a 1970s Roots clip where the black male slave had left his copper-colored wife at home alone only to find the white slave master in minutes of taking advantage of her, i.e, rape. After insults the black male slave was forced to fight the slave master and thus take his life. I commented that

“Roots is a lie, but the scene is life… Alpha Males ♡♡♡”


Surprisingly,  someone felt offended by my comment saying it was Alex Haley’s family depiction on screen. This was shocking! I thought by now with so many of our so called “African American” family awaking to their true indigenous roots and kinship to the Americas (as well as Africa/for some) that the Roots Hollywood Plagiarism story was a well known fact. Well I guess based on this response it is not.


So here is the evidence.

  • The Pulitzer-Prize winning Roots was not written by Alex Haley.
  • Roots is not the fictional depiction of Alex Haley’s true family history.
  • Root’s, the story was coopted and stolen from a white author named Harold Courlander, an anthropologist, novelist and folklorist.
  • Harold Couralander’s book was called, “The African” in 1967.
  • Harold Courlander sued Alex Haley in Federal District Court in Manhattan in 1978.
  • Courlander claimed Haley plagarised at least 81 passages of his book, The African.


From Wikipedia, 

Defendant Haley had access to and substantially copied from The African. Without The AfricanRoots would have been a very different and less successful novel, and indeed it is doubtful that Mr. Haley could have written Roots without The African. … Mr. Haley copied language, thoughts, attitudes, incidents, situations, plot and character.
– Pre-trial memorandum 

The evidence of copying from The African in both the novel and the television dramatization of Rootsis clear and irrefutable. The copying is significant and extensive. … Roots … plainly uses The Africanas a model: as something to be copied at some times, and at other times to be modified, but always it seems, to be consulted. … Roots takes from The African phrases, situations, ideas, aspects of style and plot. Roots finds in The African essential elements for its depiction of such things as a slave’s thoughts of escape, the psychology of an old slave, the habits of mind of the hero, and the whole sense of life on an infamous slave ship. Such things are the life of a novel; and when they appear in Roots, they are the life of someone else’s novel.
– Michael Wood, Columbia University


Courlander, The African Haley, Roots
To the damp sick foulness in the belly of the ship there came to be added another torture—lice. … They crawled on the face and drank at the corners of the eyes. … If the fingers caught the predator, it was killed between the fingernails.[6]:23 But the lice preferred to bite him on the face, and they would suck at the liquids in the corners of Kunta’s eyes, or the snot draining from his nostrils. He would squirm his body, with his fingers darting and pinching to crush any lice that he might trap between his nails.[7]:226

Source: Wikipedia, Harold Courlander, retrieved from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Courlander

More Plagiarism from Margaret Walker Alexander author of Jubilee

That’s right not only did Haley plagarize Roots from Courlander’s, “The African” he had another law suit from Margaret Walker Alexander a professor at Jackson State College in Mississippi who stated that her novel, “Jubilee” written in 1966 was also stolen by Haley.

Fact – Check EVERYTHING and do Your Own Research Family

Don’t take my word for it or anyone else! When I come up across ‘ignorant’ people on these platforms (of any race) I softly say “beloved” it’s not about you, we’re all learning here. Do your own research.” And then I leave a small quote and ‘basic’ book list.



Blacks in America Quote by Jean Baptiste Durand



The Blacks are a kind of men destined by Nature to inhabit Africa and America; she has created them for burning regions; let us, therefore, take care not to oppose views, or overthrow the barrier which she has established; but let us preserver their races in their natural purity, and not permit the Negroes to inhabit Europe. This mixture of black and white is dangerous to our population, and in time may change, and even destroy it.

~ Remarks on Sierra Leone, page 90, Voyage ou Senegal, Jean Baptiste Leonard Durand



Mini Basic Book List for “black” History Research in the Americas:

Brown University. (2016, October 05). YouTube: Indian Slavery: An Unspoken History. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ8A52AC2LI

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Sertima, I. V. (2003). They came before Columbus: The African presence in ancient America. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks.

They Came Before Columbus – Ivan Van Sertima

Early America Revisited – Ivan Van Sertima

African Presence in Early Asia – Ivan Van Sertima

African Presence in Early Europe – Ivan Van Sertima

African Presence in Early America – Ivan Van Sertima