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As the saying goes “bring receipts!” Well, I’m not a fan of DNA companies honestly, nor Henry Louise Gates, Jr. who’s Black mantra is “Ooh, someone was creeping in the slave quarters!” (Something to that condescending tone) Mr. Harvard Professor what about the myriad of “Black” Kingdoms and Civilizations; the ones in Africa, the Americas, and Asia (we call Europe)? Hmmm ok. Back in July I discovered and announced that my Creole family oral history revealed that I have both AmerIndian and Noble “French” European bloodlines but there’s been new discoveries much to my surprise (excerpt from my last post, below):

In fact, my own genealogy has proven my initial claim that I do indeed come from Amerindian Carib ancestors. Further research in my mother’s father’s lineage proved that I come from French European Basque royalty (Giraud du Poyet, Giraud du Poyet d’Orzon, Giraud du Poyet de Crezol (Cursolle) Giraud du Poyet de la Charbonniere). Quite remarkably, the direct Giraud – Girault lineage kept my direct descendants from slavery on the island of Guadeloupe resulting in the Giraud du Poyet to lose his inheritance and family name (Giraud du Poyet to Girault). While other ancestors who married into the Girault bloodline where engrossed in slavery, code noir, miscegenation laws  between ‘whites’ and mulattos, brown and african blood until the 1800s.

Well, since then, I’ve researched and discovered with the assistance of both Brother Aseer Duke of Tiers and Brother Kurimeo Ahau that Europeans were first an amalgamation of autocthonic (aboriginal) bloodlines and other bloodlines. In my own research I found that these earliest European nations, communities and kingdoms were not only derived first from Autocthonic Aboriginal bloodlines but very specific ancient “out of Africa” bloodlines that migrated from Central and Southeast African regions into North Africa through to Europe and other nations (regions). I have so many questions still to answer and don’t take the same position as most of my family for one who are these unknown unnamed autocthonic indigenous AmerIndians? What is the bloodline of the so called European bloodlines? Who did they marry? What is the real history of those nations and kingdoms? Who are these people truly?

It amazes me that my overwhelming mantras “goddess,” “royal,” “ancient,” feelings have come to pass with genealogical confirmation and DNA records to further support these claims I always joked about yet felt with conviction.

According to another DNA company, matching DNA with timelines and historical periods through DNA samples from Vikings, Royal Egyptian Mummies, Indigenous Americans, African Pygmies, Royal European families, etc. The company compares ‘like’ DNA samples and matches to these to people, regions, and timelines in global history. Well, what did they find?

I will not divulge “all” of the findings in this post but add to where I left off from my last Yucatan Peninsula, Central American DNA post from my discovery from Ancestry [dotcom]. For the many of us non-believers in ancestry com and other websites, as Ive stated in other posts they do share ‘some’ information on DNA even if they refuse to disclose complete DNA data due to a collusion of institutional racism and indoctrination of a false global history — I get it! But I’m not complaining here, I’m rather thankful that all of these “awakenings” feel like pieces to a puzzle that continues to point toward deep internal truths and self-realization. So here we go!

E1b1b = E-M125 ( Paleolithic Red Sea Region)

This company not only confirmed that I do indeed have said “noble” and “royal” blood lineage but that my DNA is linked to the infamous Rameses III. I almost passed out when I saw this again dreams and communication with so called Egypt for decades and one in particular most recently about Rameses III specifically I mentioned to Brother Dr. Alim Bey upon returning from Mexico!

Fascinating Facts!

  • **What is also fascinating is also having 2 royal or noble Ancient Egyptian DNA matches; E1b1a (Subsaharan-Ancient African) , and E1b1b (Paleolithic Red Sea Region).
  • I also have Haplogroup R1b (R1b1) and Haplogroup H with almost a dozen matches to almost all European Royal family houses! This includes the following European Royal Families DNA matches;
  • Romanovs Royalty
  • Greek Royalty 
  • Austrian Royalty 
  • Swedish Royalty 
  • Norwegian Royalty
  • Danish Royalty 
  • English Royalty
  • Austrian Royalty
  • Romanian Royalty
  • Polish Royalty
  • Portuguese Royalty
  • Spanish Royalty
  • Sardinian Royalty
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany
  • French Royalty 
  • Belgian Royalty
  • Prussian Royalty
  • Bohemian Royalty
H– H1, H2, H, HV Haplogroup — Connected to Southwest Asia — European Royalty Bloodlines

R1b Haplogroup — Connected to Congo Bloodline [Ancient Caribbean Autochthonous Indigenous Kar] and European Royalty Bloodlines
  • Moreover, I have both Subsaharan -Ancient African- (E1b1a)  and Paleolithic Red Sea – Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches!
  • Furthermore, the DNA marker matches show direct links to Mexico and Central America where skin color and ancestral heritage in that region where under attack by alien power. I will have to investigate this history further! Mexico City is near the Teotihuacán ruins and temple mounds. E1b1b1b1a (M81). The map details DNA matches to North, South, Central Americas, as well as, the Caribbean Islands.
  • R1b1 and R1b1c-V88 is very significant! Here is where we put on the detective hat or rather feathers and get to undo what we’ve been taught! — It is my “greater understanding” in research that this bloodline is a missing link to the so called “Natives” “Indigenous AmerIndians” in the Caribbean prior to the 1700s! In the book America and Coba and other resources which I will come back to in another article post, I will show evidence that both the so called “pygmies” spoken about as ancient ancestors of the Olmec and Mayan lineage were the Subsaharan and Congo tribes who had the same practice of “sharpening their teeth” among the Precolumbian AmerIndians, particularly the original Guadalupe — Carricueira. Many tales include tribes of small brown ‘canibals’ who sharpened and chiseled their teeth as a ritualistic and cultural practice. In America (Ogilby, 1671) it named Guadeloupe (Guadelupe) island as the “noble” and most “abundant” of all the islands in the Caribbean. Why is this? I don’t for a second believe that this was due to the flora, agriculture or amount of lizards on the island! It is also to mention that in Christopher Columbus’ journals he mentioned that one island where the women and men were separated, where Columbus and others sought these specific islands out for legends of their gold and pearls, where the island was known for its viscous tribal combat and warriors, other myths included tribes of Cannibalism with sharp teeth who guarded the gold and pearls. The islands mentioned were both Guadelupe (Guadeloupe) and Matanino (Martinque) where the women cohabited on a separate island. Legend has it that the Amazons also mentioned among Columbus’ journals were not only in Africa or in the mythological Mediterranean, but among ancient tribes among nations in the America, specifically the Caribbean. Cannibalism, however, was not practiced but the legend proved worth keeping for the autochonous warrior tribes to safeguard and keep order! For the Carricueira and Matanino, who among them practiced teeth filing? If not the whole tribe, what tribe did? I don’t believe this practice was exclusive to so called “African” sub-Saharan pygmies! If R1b has a European (Eurasian) Noble bloodline surely the root is from these so called Sub-Saharan Pygmies who were also the same ancient bloodlines of AmerIndian Autochthonous Caribbean Americans!

More DNA Marker Matches to Regions of North, South, Central America:
*AmerIndians along the Gulf of California (Baha California) also called the Red Sea on older maps! *AmerIndians Aztec- Mayan near Mexico City. * Aztec AmerIndian DNA match. *Suriname, South America DNA. *2 markers in the Caribbean Island (which overlap indecipherable). *AmerIndians of the modern 4 Corner region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah region. *AmerIndians of the South East (Florida-Georgia-South Carolina-North Carolina-Virginia)
and Northeast DC – Delaware -New York region.
  • Ancient Subsaharan (Ancient African) (E1b1a)  and Arabian E Y-DNA (E1b1 – E1b1b1b1a (M81)) branches are linked to the following (below) E-M81, Ancient Libya Magreb, Tunisia, Morocco, North Africa and Northwest Africa Berber groups and European specifically Spain, here goes the Basque connection again, Andalusia and here’s a new one Canary Islands (which is VERY important and I will add more about later):

E-M81 is found at an average frequency of 45% in the Maghreb and Libya, with peaks at over 60% in Tunisia as well as central and southern Morocco. It is especially common among Berber populations all over Northwest Africa, including the Tuaregs. Frequencies of over 75% have been reported among the Tuaregs of Burkina Faso and Mali.

In Europe, M81 is most common in Portugal (8%), Spain (4%), as well as in France (0-6%) and Italy (0-4%), where strong regional variations are observed. M81 is especially common in western Iberia, notably Extremadura (15.5%), Andalusia (13.5%), southern Portugal (11%), the Canary Islands (11%), north-west Castille (10%) and Galicia (10%). The highest percentage of E-M81 in Europe is found among the Pasiegos (30%, n=101), an isolated community living in the mountains of Cantabria. Note the resemblance between the distribution of E-M81 and the African admixture from the Dodecad project (citation).

 More About Het-Ka-Ptah Rameses III

#44 Mystery Ancient Egyptian DNA — Khnum-N’Ankh

I will add, I have a 2nd [Mystery] Egyptian lineage [#44 DNA Lineage] which I haven’t confirmed yet which I believe is the Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) (4-thousand year old mummy), Middle Egypt and originates from the 12th Dynasty (c.1985-1773 BC), son of governorson of the son of a governor and waab-priest of Khnum. Each man was described as the son of a woman named Khnum-aa. Most likely during the Ptolemy Period. Which follows with other ancestors involved in the Crusades, Moorish, and North Africa DNA lineage to name a few.

What makes things even more interesting and weird at the same time is that I have mention of DNA matches to what appears to be a ‘modern’ subsaharan pygmy which boggles my mind! Why? Because both the Caribbean, Arawak-Kalinago Indigenous of the Antilles — Karukera (Guadeloupe) and the Autocthonic Indigenous Canary Islanders are markers in my DNA lineage — Indigenous (Aboriginal) AmerIndians on both sides of the Atlantic! Again my mind was and is blown away!

Chest from Khnum-nakht (Khnum N’Ankh) tomb.

I will stop today with this but I will close to add that the above image of the chest found in the tomb of Khnum N’ankh immediately brought me back to my childhood visiting my favorite Aunt and Uncle in the Bronx, New York! Why? My Aunt Tiye had an afro pick carved in beautiful detailed color with the eyes you see above from the chest. So many amazing sychronicities to mention but I had to share this one!

Peace, Love, and Empowerment Family!

Yucatan Peninsula – Central American Lineage – Ancestry [dot com] + Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx — [research & notes]

Greetings and Salutations

So much has been happening family! Will be so glad when I’m done with this degree to devote some full time research with my genealogy and do some much needed travel along with these discoveries. [First—Peace Love Healing and Empowerment to You All during these times and always!] ⚜️💛 and the most sacred forms of rainbow and high frequency.

Ancestry and Updates (swapped regions)

Just a tidbit on sharing my “latest updates from Ancestry [dot com] — this website often irks me on so many levels! As I’ve stated prior they refuse to add my Caribbean DNA when I have a whole island off the main island of cousins and bloodlines! Nevertheless, my oral story stands and my recent cousins who reside in the Les Saintes have contacted me reminding me of the Oral Genealogy with emailed family genealogy trees surnames, etc. I plan to take a personal trip to confirm more names and complete this side of my Family Genealogy Tree! I’m not merely concerned with the “Royal” side of my bloodline from those European Patrilineal bloodlines but equally eager to confirm, names and locate the Patrilineal Indigenous Caribbean bloodline. Some of my family in Guadeloupe appear to think one is more valid or important over the other where I could never agree as I’ve always felt most connected to the heavily melinated and indigenous side of my family and thus considered my Self as such even when my physical avatar is a caramel, copper-colored hue. I want all of my Ancestors to be treated equal none above the other. And perhaps that’s part of the Healing we all need on this planet, especially right now! But I must add this is but one small aspect of my DNA marker and it gets crazier which I will share in a later post!

I could never have any oppressive judgement over one side of my family line over the other because these genealogy trees are not what they seem! I see it similar to the dilemma we are experiencing right now between the moorish lineage. The rift when one hears the word “moors” brings a host of emotion and distorted history. “Moors” betrayed my Aboriginal Indian ancestors! Phrases like, “The Dirty Moors,” or “Blackamoors” only means a color of the time not a religion, not a nation, etc! What about the word “Black” used today? Who and what is that people? How on earth could the Blacks be classified as one way or the other? It’s like family members where one sister of the same mother may be ‘woke’ while the other not, one wishing her skin was white and grabbing sun screen, while the other rubbing cocoa butter on her skin to active vitamin D under the extreme heat of the sun, one sister wrapping her head with cloth and wearing nappy locs while the other wears straight wigs; two sisters born of the same mother in the same family but with very different hearts, actions, and memory of self! How can we say all this or that was this or that? It’s impossible and infantile. This shit gets real deep and complex and thus my own DNA lineage is complex as hell! No matter what the outcome I continue to dig deep to find out “the truth” as best as I can perceive it to be and ask for forgiveness, empowerment, peace, love, and healing for everyone! This is the only way I can make peace and be at peace with my self!

So how did I get this Yucatan lineage from Ancestry.com? In their update, they swapped out the Basque but added Scottish, took out my African Hunter Gatherer with a higher percentage of Yoruba and pushed Yoruba 2nd to Cameroon! But I googled Cameroon which is just another “Mystery Ancient DNA” label, I will revisit this later. Because parts of my DNA have been swapped doesn’t mean they didn’t or don’t exist. My theory is that they absolutely exist to date only there are too many to place on the timeline that Ancestry is willing to reveal. Why? Because so called “African Americans” are some of the Oldest Humans on this planet earth! We are not 6000 years old, family. We are hundreds of thousands of years old and even millions of years old! I have new data I will share in a new post that proves almost everything I’ve ever felt in my bones is coming to pass and confirmed in this DNA data! It gets more exciting family!

Lizards, Turtles, and the Ancient Snake Klans of the Americas in the Yucatan and the Americas

No one can tell you who or what you are!
You just know. You can feel it deep in your bones.
From your Dreams! From Visions!
Your preoccupations and obsessions with the past and your people! Don’t believe the lies they tell you, because your history has been kept from you! Honor Your Ancestors, Accept Your Truth!
And Love All—Your Heart is Yours!

When I went to Mexico in 2018, I immediately had a deep connection to this region! I had dreamed of Mexico years prior swimming in secret healing cenotes where more modern Native American Maya secretly showed me through caves and lakes the magical healing properties of the trees and plants there in those regions. When I finally visited Mexico, particularly the Yucatan, I was blown away by the deeply spiritual “kinnection” I had and dreams and visions that quickly escalated while in this region. First, there were lizards everywhere! Small lizards in my AirBnB in the courtyard, in Tulum at the Mayan Ruins the larger lizards were like ancestral guardians watching over the physical temple. They seemed to have a kind of royal animism pointing to the invisible world. These lizards, Black Spiny Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura similis), had a “weight” about them, a kind of subtle power. They spoke to me saying they were the guardians of this old world region and I could feel the presence of the gods mighty past in the faint


It felt similar to a dream I had about my family in Georgia—a distant Ancestor met me on the shores of Coastal Georgia when a huge Turtle swam from the Atlantic Ocean and walked upon the salt of the Earth. This ancient Ancestor informed me with no words at all (telepathically) that our people were here before any other people came to the land or shores! This ancient Ancestor looked similar to a male cousin on my father’s mothers side of the family I found on Ancestry. I discovered this Paternal Matrilineal cousin only after my dream and was again surprised that this kind of mystical synchronicity happens in our realities! This is when I learned that so called “Black” African Americans are the true Indigenous Americans, the Paleo AmerIndians of the Americas! But back to Mexico and the Yucatan, I had a very incredible magical synergy with the environment in the Mayan Yucatan region. Just as I had in the Arizona (4 corners) mesa and Sedona regions I felt very much at “home!” My journal stamped with the Montezuma Castle National Monument, Camp Verde, Arizona with notes, poetry, and the word “Home” sketched in the black ink which both bewildered me and amazed me. Below is a photo my 2005 Sedona, Phoenix, Arizona quest out west from Washington, DC wearing my homemade turquoise and copper jewelry. Again I visited Arizona based on a dream of the black mesas and other amazing details I almost wouldn’t believe but saw the very sites (I saw in my dream) on a tour bus in Sedona!

Recent 2020 — Ancestry.com – DNA Update showing Yucatan Peninsula, Central America DNA

Yakub the Father of Mankind Book
(researching man-kind origins)

So during this time I also read and reread many books. I read Yakub: the Father of Mankind (Elijah Muhammad, 2002) and reread it to myself and my sun a few weeks later! The timing was perfect– unfortunately California had been burning, fires spilled up into Oregon, to Idaho and through part of Washington State leaving the worst air quality in the world for weeks!

During this time it was reported that Satellite Laser Weapons had also struck California causing these fires – simultaneously I had seen a video from a meteorologist YouTuber Duchinese AND brother Dr. Alim Bey who also mentioned it in his video! The dates had overlapped and although both of these men had the same news their distribution or post dates varied between my own book reading, spiritual realizations, and finally watching and hearing this data. Ironically brother Dr. Alim Bey had mentioned the Yakub story [from National Geographic] but only after I had watched Baba Bobby Hemmitt’s Human Artificial I and II , watching Human Artificial II – 2 to 3 times! Then reading the Yakub book on Scribd! Then listening to Dr. Alim, then Duchinese, and Dr. Alim again as he had a few new videos with new and deeper information that was absolutely synchronistic! The Brother is a Master Teacher and highly respected I have to honor and celebrate his genius and teachings! I will go deeper in on this and share some photos in the next short article.

Revisiting Mayan Dreams September 2018

Mayan Dreams — Youtube Video – While visiting Mexico I wrote pages of notes about the mythology and history of that region. It is one of favorite places to visit and deeply spiritual.
Ha! Now I know why — I’m sure my family thought I was bonkers but then it only took 2020 to reveal that “we” do have Central American family lineage. Furthermore, in my next reading I reread Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Le Plongeon, MD.

YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/MkiKPZYC7Ak

This is a small video about my esoteric dreams while in Mexico about Lizards and Family in the “Land of the Gold Snakes” Cancun “Kankun” (Khan Kun) where I later visited Tulum the pyramid of Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent) Wind God, climbed Coba Ixmoja (Ximoja/ Xiamoja/Xaimoja) Pyramid, and swam the 130 foot deep Cenote, Multum – Ha.

Campeche, Quantana Roo, Mar Caribe Map (2018)
Tulum Ruins Temples. El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulcan, is a Mesoamerican step-pyramid that dominates the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán.
Coba, Tulum, Mexico

Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx by Augustus Le Plongeon — Book

I read the Queen Moo and The Egyptian Sphinx the last few weeks and will share more on this—Ohh I actually added this to my presentation! I will share more below as cited. While Atlantis was the “The Land of Moo,” the ancient Mayan Yucatan Peninsula was called “Mayach,” “The Land of the Beb — “Mulberry Tree” the Mayan Empire,” and the Caribbean was mapped and called the Antilles, “Zinaan,” “Land of the Scorpion” (Plongeon, xli), the “Lands of the West” was called “Atlan. ”

Queen Moo as Plongeon tells it in his book came to the Yucatan by way of the cataclysmic Atlantis and Lemuria sank below the sea! She wandered through many lands before coming to the Yucatan and Egypt where she was called “the Little Sister,” “Isis” or “Ast” as she would have been called in ancient Kemet.

Now I was extremely kinencted to the Ixmoja temple in Coba the giant one many people actually climb. It is left obscure by way of very little information provided by archeologists via the site, its tour guides, and online websites which say very little about its ancient Mayan function or provide true name etymology. Yet how could such a site be omitted from the other ruins? While it stands as the highest of all temples in Mexico? I was struck with the site because it felt ‘feminine,’ i.e., gave off “divine feminine energy” equally obscure by the collective ‘silence’ the temple seemed overshadowed by Chichan Itza and it perplexed me. This is NOT how ancient Indigenous or African nations and kingdoms functioned mentally! For one, each temple had its sacred name or title, and high function that was part of a whole of the united Kingdom just as above the cosmos has the stars, constellations and planets where each has its signature and energy functioning within a complete and connected natural cosmic system. Ancient Indigenous Ancestors upheld their women, daughter, mothers, and the concept of the divine feminine as halves of the complete “one” of and within themselves. Nature itself both Male and Female and this was intrinsically understood through science, magic, religion, daily life and so on. Any perversion of this ‘whole mind’ would inevitably produce a schism or ‘duality’ within the psyche and thus destroy or fragment the nation first from within then without through conquered domination of other nations who further indoctrinated the fall of woman as god (goddess), deity, divine, or sacred equal to man as god, sacred, noble, etc.

Xia, Xi, Ix, Itza — Names of Ixmoja Temple and Its Function

The name also made me think of the Xia people who claim to be the ancient Olmec Asiatic Ancestors who also civilized ancient China and whose statues and temples are quite similar or identical. The Xia or Xi names and the Xi or Ix names in Mayan language, the left to right, right to left brained reading of the ancient Egyptians and practiced in Islamic language today. When I discovered the temple was Ixmoja all of the etymology of language came to mind. Also Ixmoja brings (Brazilian) orixá Iemanjá and Yoruba (Yemọja) to mind if we take into account that Queen Moo was called “little Sister, little Isis.” Isis is the equivalent to the goddess Yemaya (Yoruba) and Iemanja (Candomblé). Let alone the name Maia (which sounds similar to Maya) is one of the Pleiades Sisters.

Research proved that the Mayan of the Yucatan had incredible ancient Trade routes as masters of commerce, status, and prowess within this region and temples. These temples were dedicated to Deities and were both Deity – “Nomes” (where Kings became Gods) with particular rites performed at said temples. Among some of the trade currency was honey, wax, cloth, cocoa, feathers, pottery, jade and obsidian.

What I find most striking is that most scholars and researchers won’t divulge the entire contents or truth of the Queen Moo and the Sphinx story theorized in Augustus Le Plongeon book! The book reveals much historical data about timelines and culture. There are similarities and geographic, religious, cultural connections that are also omitted from the Cultural Dialogue altogether. Ancient Maya called the peninsula the Mayach “the Land the Emerged from the Bottom the Deep” (Plongeon, 52).

The land mass included the whole of the Caribbean Islands which represented a scorpion, the whole continent of the Americas (north, south and central), the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea was the symbol of the number 8 which is designated as “the snake and the tree” (Plongeon, 47).

The Egyptians themselves claimed their Ancestors were strangers who, in very remote ages settled on the banks of the Nile, bringing there, with the civilization of their Mother Country, the art of writing and a polished language; that they had come from the direction of the setting sun and that they were the “most ancient of men.” (Plongeon, 52).

According to Plongeon the original Maya people traveled through lands to the Nile in Egypt to the District of Nubia settling to call their kingdom Maiu (Ma’i-oo) in temperance of their birthplace. He further states, ”

Coba: A Classic Maya Metropolis by William J. Folon — Book

Another book I found about Coba is through the book Coba: A Classic Maya Metropolis by William J. Folon. It references the Coba pyramid and the ancient ruins in Tulum, original names, identifying original humans who birthed and raised the civilization and lost civilizations, and temple (mound) cultural usage of the time.

This book spoke about the Pre columbian Mayan civilization or empire who actually built the pyramids called the Olmecs as the Moors have claimed as their own lineage and heritage. Their oral and written historical accounts also reveal that these Olmecs were from the ancient race of pygmies who at one point in time were ‘giants’ when the air held both a different chemistry and age or timeline.

Let’s go back to the Coba region and the map

The Mound in the Middle of the Lake

Notice the statement in the passage above about the mound I the middle of the lake that was reported by Don Rafael Regil of Merida visiting Coba in 1897. Note that in Coba Classic Maya Metropolis book, a “Sacbeob” structure is a temple or a mayan ruin called today. In my tiny library, I grabbed the book When Rocks Cry Out, page 90, I have to add a passage that seems to fit here with the passage above about the “mound in the middle of the lake.”

“A crocodile in the Lake of the Moon” — Egypt’s priests had revealed to Herodotus how the flood-prone, swampy site in the Valley of Mexico had been drained; how the land was dug out to form artificial lakes; and how a mound of land was left standing to create the manmade island that became Memphis. Here was the great and secret “primeval mound” that had eluded the puzzled scholars for centuries.

Further references suggest the mound was in the shape of a crocodile could this also be considered the “lizard” noted in the Coba book that lives at the bottom of the Coba Lake?

The Tutelary deity of Coba is thought to be “Ah Muzen Cab. This individual is related mainly to the production of honey and is depicted in Coba by the Diving God adorning the upper facade of the Ixmoja Temple in the core area and on at least one urn. Here, honey producers of the region gathered in the past to give thanks for their production.

The Maya Merchant God M, known as Ek Chuah, is represented on murals within the city and on ceramic figures. He is closely associated with the Itza. This deity is often times depicted in the Maya codices as a traveler carrying a bag of copal [ incense]. In addition to commerce, he is strongly associated with cacao, an article of trade for which the Coba area was once well known. Chiribiras, a goddess possibly known as Itza, is presently associated with the large temple mound at the western edge of Lake Coba. Better known to the prehispanic Maya as IX CHEBEL YAX (Ix Chebel Yax), she is wife of the Itxamna, the Creator God, who may be represented by the large largarto “lizard” said to reside in Lake Coba (William J. Folon, 12).

Horace Butler further writes in When Rocks Cry Out about crocodiles in ancient Egypt by way of the Aztec (Maya) moorish descendants in Mexico:

“Looking at Prescott’s map, it was obvious that a the great lakes arrow the island were intentionally drug out to create the likeness of a crocodile. The lake at the north end formed the head of the crocodile. The lake called Texcoco formed the body of the crocodile, while the Lake Xochimilco was channel into the likeness of a crocodile’s tail.The Reason for the crocodile design of the lakes around this island was this: “The worship of the gods, the temple services, and the cult of Apis were introduced by Menes, who is said to have been devoured by a crocodile.” The builder of Memphis had been killed and eaten by a crocodile.”


Sobek Heru Ancient Egypt

It was amazing to see the Aztec histories also remember this disastrous attack by a crocodile on the ruler who had bile this island city in Mexico. The Aztecs gave this Amn the name “Tezcatilpoca” and they said of the this king: “The most powerful of the earthly spirits was Tezcatlipoca … In the night sky the symbol of he god Tezcatlipoca could be seen as the group of stars we call the Great Bear. To the Aztecs, this was the single foot print of the god who had lost his other foot when he drew the earth out of the waters in the titanic struggle before mankind was created. The god tempted the Earth Monster to come tot the surface of the waters and drew her on his enormous foot. The gigantic monster snapped off his foot, but he in turn tore off her lower jaw, and she never again sank back into the waters. On there rugged back all the tribes of the were created and lived.” 

It was this island— which appears to float on the “back” of the crocodile-shaped lake — that was meant by the Aztec expression, “on her rugged back all the tribes of men were created and lived.” The history of the Menes-Tezcatlipoca and the crocodile could explain why the district of Memphis was known as “Crocodilopolis” The history of the Aztec’s Tezcatlipoca mirror the history of Egypt’s Menes, just as the Aztec island city mirrored descriptions of Memphis. 

Sobek God of Egypt

Again according to the Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx, “The Egyptians themselves claimed that their ancestors were strangers who in remote ages, settled on the Nile, bring their civilization of their Mother Country, the art of writing and polished language; that they came from the direction of the setting sun, and that they were the “most ancient of men.”

It is however, easily explained if the Egyptians held “Mayach” “the Land first emerged from the bosom of the deep” as the cradle of their race. This statement, that the Egyptians pointed to the West as (more) . — The Mayas and the Egyptians did not teach one another the arts or civilization, they both learned them from the same Masters, at the same schools? And if Professor Max Muller’s assertion is true, that particularly in the early history of the human intellect there existed the most intimate relationship between language, religion, and nationality then there can be no doubt that the Egyptians and Mayas were branches of the same stem firmly roots in the soil of the “Land of Kui” in the Western Continent.

So they naturally called the country, “the Place of Crocodiles,” “Ain” which word is the name of Egypt on the monuments; and in the hieroglyphs the tail of the animal stood for it. But “Ain” is the Maya word for “Crocodile” (Plungeon, 45).

This book is rich with data and I haven’t touched the surface! But I have to quickly share more on the Coba people! The original people or ancient ones who were said to have constructed the amazing cities and kingdoms of the Mayach (ancient Maya). They were called the Olmec and Xi. Coba, Classic Maya Metropolis (Folon), “that a group of people referred to as the Pus’ob, or drawfs, are responsible for the stelae that dot the core area of the city. ”

I will stop here for before midnight! I am fascinated by this subject and will share more about these “original” pus’ob of Coba. Until then! Peace and Love Family!