Metaphysical Studies – Akashic Teachers

As I stated so much has been happening tuning out of social media to tune into Singing Bowls, “Prayers,” Rituals, Dreams, Tarot Divination and other Metaphysical Studies! My Ix’chel Oracle Card reading was a major milestone ushering in my Heart Chakra healing (even on some level) it was a major breakthrough showing me HOW these metaphysical tools can be used by anyone to heal and let go of old stagnant energy (and Elevate)!

I keep hearing so many people say “do the work!” Surely it’s great and “honorable” to follow these Instagram, YouTube ‘scholars’ and there are a few (handful) that are true scholars in this movement (if you call it that at all) but nevertheless it’s always about YOU doing YOUR work. I’m very thankful for all the insane humanity I’ve experienced and almost got swallowed up in. But I’m here … 🙂 (I survived that shyt!)

And my recent readings say it was all a part of my spiritual path to endure such harsh human experiences to get here and I’m still unpacking that under-[inner] standing. That all the fuckshit I endured in my life in this life was a necessary component to my Teacher Training. I had to tiptoe back to my days on Facebook as Ria Sweetraw back in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 — that I was dropping jewels and prophecy back then that is relevant to this day! Trust me when I share I am not ego-tripping in any way, I had to literally forget, listen to some of these brothers and re+member I said almost the same shyt almost 10 years ago! For the Love of Self+Love, I have to acknowledge my Self, realize who I am and what I bring to this realm. (smiling like a child)

Child Musings – the Old Soul Teachings

I taught myself to meditate (breathe and look within) when I was eight years old in Woodbridge Virginia (Marumsco, Powhatan Territory). I played in the backyard creeks of Quantico catching tadpoles and garden snakes; climbing sacred trees, and as an adult praying at the rivers of Occoquan, at the Potomac River, off the Atlantic Ocean! Those lands were always Sacred to me! And I never knew why! As a child, I would run through the woods with my eyes closed or keep my eyes focused at eye level and think or whisper “See, through Feeling, like the Old Ways!” What “old ways” was my pubescent and adolescent self knowing about?

I will share that one of my earliest meditation times, I was in Bayview and meditating outside when I found myself floating above the clouds! I floated for miles through many different terrains and lands. It was liberating — I could fly like a bird! (to this day I have vidid details as if it was a movies!) Then I found a tunnel full of darkness it was dark for some time and followed through this tunnel to find a tiny hole which I flew through and entered the inside of my own body. I could see blood, organs, cells, and hear my heart and this inner movement intimately. Years later, I shared this with my Aunt who said it sounded like one of the stories she had read from Don Juan, a shaman’s journey.

Many years later, I did find and confirm many shamans have had similar experiences and dream voyages. Because I was raised (indoctrinated) as a “Christian” and “black” “African American” for so many years, the teachings, memories, and psycho-spiritual shamanic (clairvoyant) experiences I was learning and awakening was a deep internal conflict for many years! No one around me – no familial adults– could guide me or confirm my experiences!

You can communicate with any of our deceased “Ancestors!”

But let me get back to the point of Akashic Teachers! I learned through a dream that you can access Akashic Teachers or contact any deceased person (being) using the Akashic realm. Right after my Ix’chel reading and Heart Healing, I had a dream of Empress Tunica El Bey of the Washitaw Nation. It was strange and still feels strange because it was immediately after my Heart Healing and for 2 days or more I was completely in this very ‘giddy’ light-hearted energy which felt very childlike. I have no idea how I returned to my “child” heart but it was a powerful energy!

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In this dream, I was introduced to the Empress of the Washitaw by Dr. Alim Bey and his Wife! The Empress Washitaw sat me down in a room and we talked almost like family; very much like an elder grandmother to a daughter! She was old but youthful and spiritually strong! She told me many things for a long time, we talked in this room for a long time. Her words were sober and subtle. So subtle that I wondered if this ‘dream’ was real at all. Her words long but seemed to reach not my ears but my subconscious mind! It was unlike other dreams I have had before so it felt strange and although I was light hearted in the dream I felt more guarded in my waking state. But it moved me to create for her living memory, a small shrine of thanks – An Altar!

And it hit me B’ING — You can communicate with any of our deceased “Ancestors!”

I know I’ve said this before (I’ve written this before), but this dream showed me or ignited within me this particular understanding (not just deities or so called mythological gods), but Ancestors, or the Dead.

Akashic + Psychic Metaphysical Studies

It further prompted me to start reading and researching Akashic, Psychic, Clairvoyance books that deal with and teaches this kind of sacred communication! In all my years, I had never really taken this ‘gift’ seriously. I either ignored it or took it for granted based upon external conditioning and programs; mainstream cultural definitions, ideologies, indoctrination (religious and psychological).

But I know that our Ancient Way was always to give Honor to the Dead! Honor the Dead! That our Ancestors are capable of speaking to us through dreams! Last night, I read through Rudolf Steiner‘s, Cosmic Memory, and found a passage about the Atlanteans and the Lemurians! Graham Hancock’s “Messenger of the Gods” title found in the passage about how these ancient Atlanteans taught, learned, and remembered. For a few, (I know now), this was never forgotten but embedded in the DNA!

So Thankful for this Teaching!

Short Definition:

Empress Verdiacee “Tiari” WashitawTurner Goston ElBey of the The Washitaw Nation (Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah) Indigenous Moor recognized tribe lineage of the Ancient The Mound Builders.