nommo_dogonDraft Journal Notes:

I have sketched out my thoughts and plan to come back to provide more detailed and in-depth citations, photos with descriptions, and direct resources for your studies. These are my thoughts I had to let flow that I had been holding onto since before Thanksgiving 2018. I thought it was “time” I let some of this flow through as its been a highly beautiful healing and synchronistic flow where research, meets art, myth, and ancient truth-telling (through my lens, of course).

I am deep into research about the Dogon, the Dagon, Dogu, the Sirian origins, Sirius star systems, African mythologies, and the African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. Why?

Since my return from Mexico, I’ve been fascinated with the serpent mythology, symbology, iconography and dualistic characteristics this animal totem seems to hold in our collective human psyche.   There is a split in consciousness, rhetoric, and belief about who and what these creatures have been. Those who see this alien serpent creature as the evil Dracos who control the ills of the illuminati vs the ancient adage Quetzalcoatl Kundalini white light god who raises humanity from its ignorant demise.

I was utterly confused! Who are these snake creatures, these amphibian beings, this feathered serpent saviour that were once primal beings on this planet Earth?

Hopi Native American Tribe South West United States, descendents of the Anasazi – Mayan clans



Dogon of Mali, West Africa, linked to Egyptian and Olmec Mayan mysteries

There seem to be not only great division, but confusion on who and what is controlling our world and our minds. I had been in and out of several of Brother Dr. Alim Bey’s lectures on everything from chakras and pranic healing to Moor and Freemanson histories, to Light Beings to revisiting his Ancient Aliens, Sirius, Sebek lecture he sent me this morning. Little did I remember in my plethora of research, YouTubes last-view feature would set me on a research frenzy! Igniting the night before where a Kemetic Yogi Martial artist Teacher Brother had literally tickled my ajna (brow chakra) into revisiting the Dreamspell Mayan glyphs and “time is art” frequency! It was the perfect prelude to Dr. Alim’s lecture on the Sirians, and the Dogon! I immediately thought of the Lemba (South African-Zimbabwe) tribal people and their played-down ancient Semetic past hidden in their male DNA who European Semetic Jews talk away as “slaves of their ancestors!”  (For now I will leave that confused and confusing explanation alone!)

Hopi Tribe, Southwest Arizona, Kachina Doll of the Sky People


Hopi Tribe, Ancient Pueblo of the  Four Corners region of the United States, comprising southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado.

These would all seem like dissociated parts of our human timeline puzzle but they are in reality very vital details to our overall hidden history on this planet. Sadly however, these pieces or clues are usually for the more advanced seeker contemplating the truth of our human origins and these “clues” are usually hidden in the annals of the Vatican, Smithsonian, and University vaults, libraries, and basements (literally I have proof of this being the case and will share in my revision!).

These clues to our puzzle are labeled psuedo-anthropology, psuedo-archeology, and psuedu-history propagandized as either myth, legend, or marvel comic fictional sci-fi novels made into blockbuster million dollar movies. And herein lies the great confusion and internal battle we face today.  Ironically, these psuedo histories, mythologies, and artifacts are hidden and paradoxically worshipped and taken on new identities as secret gods worshiped by the elite and secret orders of illuminiti, masons, royalty, and governmental banking powers while the millions of masses are subjugated under the The Papal Bull “Inter Caetera,” issued by Pope Alexander VI (May 4, 1493) to date in the form of accepted mainstream religion.


This past Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself in the theatres watching the marvel debut of Aquaman (Marvel, 2018) which further illustrates our confused inner-outer war with the aquarian fish creatures of our ancient Atlantean earth-cosmic past. The good vs evil heroic theme is as ancient as Heru vs Set and in every Hollywood story yet rarely if ever tells the accurate truth-telling to our historical-mythological past. Watching the (Hawaiian) Aquaman blast his (African-American) antithesis Black Manta was difficult and uneasy to watch and maybe I’m sensitive with good reason. For one, I knew enough to roll my eyes at the Hollywood whitewash of our global mythical past and who once again turned “black” into a demonizing energy when in the actual mythology the tables were turned.

Black Mantas and Aquaman (Marvel Comics, 2018)

When I saw the warrior suit Black Manta had created from the royal Atlantean aquatic-alien technology, I gasped and remembered the screenshots I had saved in my research folder about the Japanese Dogu figurines I had found researching the Dogon, Sirius, and alien water beings called the Nommo weeks before. The similarities were uncanny and could not have been coincidence but rather intentional probing of the subconscious mind and poking at our human alien African global mythology.


After all, I have seen images of very negroid (African) ancient Sumerians and Akkadians (Cretans, Libyans, Eustrians and Minoans) who told the tales of the ancient mermen and merwoman; Ea, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag primordial creation beings. These older Sumerian, Babylonian, Mesopotamia tribes being the ancestors to the Chaldeans who are the fathers of the Jewish Kabbalah.






Furthermore, I had heard of the Dogon Sirius constellation myths speaking of “amphibious” creator beings from the stars who were fish beings called the Nommo. I had just researched Lemuria, Atlantean, and Freemason (Egyptian) mythology and historical origins from authors like Frank Joseph, Albert Churchward, David Childress, Ignatius Donnelly, and Gerald Massey and my mind was both open and blown! 

No matter if the original Black Manta suit was graphically created in 1967 or 2018, surely these comic artists and storytellers were linked to the hidden global history many of our miseducated enculturated population was less than privy of knowing or accepting.



I feel that the information often comes so fast I don’t always have enough time to take the properly detailed notes I desire to compile for these kind of posts. They are more of mix of graphic visuals (symbology) speaking above my comments at this point of time. But I will come back to explain my thoughts and findings in detail❤️.  Hopefully, these images and thoughts make you go “Hmmm.” Perhaps you will be motivated to start your own research and know the ‘truth’ of our global history. I pray that you will expand your consciousness and explore your face history on probe these many continents, counties, nations, and tribes around the world!

Looking forward to completing this .. until then be well, be empowered and expand consciousness and love! ❤️

~ Daria (Ria)

things that make you go “hmmm”

from the




Retouched visual depictions of ancient ‘races’ of Libyans, Nubians, Asiatiacs, and Egyptians
Untouched depictions of ‘races’ of Libyans, Syrians, Nubians




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Pope VI A. (n.d.). The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Retrieved from The Doctrine of Discovery , 1493, A Spotlight on a Primary Source by Pope Alexander VI.

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